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cmn-3 該用戶能以熟練官話進行交流。
nan-1 Chit ê iōng-chiá tha̍k-siá Bân-lâm-gú ê lêng-le̍k sī chho͘-kip.
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The state of Wiktionary when I got here: [1]

BAILIFF: Before this gracious court now appear these prisoners to answer for the multiple and grievous savageries of the species. How plead you, criminal?
DATA: If I may, Captain? Objection, your honor. In the year 2036, the new United Nations declared that no Earth citizen could be made to answer for the crimes of his race or forbears.
Q (JUDGE): Objection denied. This is a court of the year 2079, by which time more rapid progress had caused all United Earth nonsense to be abolished.

1,000 Day Plan[edit]

During the next 1,000 days, I plan to add at least one citation to an English language loan word that is derived from a Chinese character transcription system every day (if I am available). These words are so hard for English readers to interpret correctly and a wealth of examples is needed to give people the clarity they need to understand the words correctly. With this act, I hope to open up what would be specialist literature to people who can search Wiktionary. Geographyinitiative (talk) 21:27, 2 January 2021 (UTC)

Lists of romanizations

[2] (1669) Lists of cities

[3] (1701) Provinces, cities

[4] (1870) List

[5] (1876) List of tea growing areas

[6] (1879) The Cities and Towns of China: A Geographical Dictionary by G. M. H. Playfair Wade pre-Giles

[7] List of locations (1896)

[8] (1901) China proper map

[9] (1903) Early list of Japanese names in Taiwan

[10] (1904)

[11] (1904) Map of Manchuria

[12] (1904) Vocabulary (English to Chinese characters)

[13] (1908)

[14] (1913) Telegraph Code List

[15] (1913) The names for the localities of Swatow

[16] (1914/5) Index to the New Map of China

[17] (1914) northwest China map

[18] (1917) Index

[19] (1925 discussion of postal romanizations)

[20] Comacrib Directory of China (1925)

[21] (1933) Turfan Depression Map

[22] [23] (1937) Courts

[24] (1939) Japan- A Gazetteer of Chinese Geographical Names

[25] Reader's Digest Map

[26] (1952) Columbia Lippincott Gazetteer of the World Has Pronunciations

[27] (1958) Index to ROC & to Taiwan

[28] (1964/5) Index of the Map of the Republic of China

[29] (1965) The Times index-gazetteer of the world

[30] (1967) Chinese character-English locations

[31] (1971) Wade-Giles map with details in Central China

[32] (1972) Index of China's Changing Map with Hanyu Pinyin, Wade-Giles and Postal Romanization-type

[33] (1973) Rewi Alley map with South China Sea

[34] (1976) Era names

[35] (1977) Atlas

[36][37] (1977) Sinkiang maps

[38] (1979) The international geographic encyclopedia and atlas has pronunciations

[39] (1979) Place Name Changes Since 1900

[40] (1979)Decision List

[41] (1988) Wade-Giles Pinyin list, etc

[42] (1994) 中华人民共和国地名录

[43] LOC (1999)

[44] List of counties etc (2007)

[45] 西域地名考录 (2008)