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I don't think that this is an uncommon statement among editors: I'm finding more things to do than I have knowledge or time to handle. If I don't hear it directly, I feel it in your posts.

I've now spent some time (a bit, here and there) with some edits, additions, corrections, and so forth, and the more I do the more I find there is to do. This is a huge endeavor. I really appreciate the time and knowledge of the other editors out there. It is inspiring. I just hope I don't get overwhelmed by the detail, as I feel I have a unique perspective on words -- my perspective, and while that might not be the best, might not even be accurate, it is still mine, and therefore has some value to this project.

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I'm starting work on a novel. I've always been a wordsmith of sorts, but this is a new undertaking for me, and a bit intimidating. The more I write, the more there is to correct, and when I close one door, dozens more open in front of me, waiting to be described, lived, loved, laughed at. Daunting.


I am a student of history and language, and am well traveled. However, I am not nearly as proficient (in languages other than English) as I was 20 years ago. I am also an author, software architect, musician, photographer, and father... not that these have anything to do with my love of words, but they may explain how I approach them. I have played the role of moderator and sysop for many years, several years ago (many years ago for those of you under 30).


I am a disabled veteran and spend enormous amounts of time online. I had a sense of humor somewhere around here, but have misplaced it along with my well-used clue. I'm in the market for another one, should you come across a clue that is worth the price.

I am actively working on message, messages and related pages. Please don't hit me too hard until I remove the WT:RFC tag. Thanks!

--Jacecar (talk) 13:26, 10 October 2012 (UTC)