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Test page for the proposed new Module:pt-conj, as replacement for both Template:pt-conj and Template:pt-conj-2pp.

The template:


The inflection data is stored in:

Below output from the new module and the old template, they should be mostly identical. This is my first wiktionary module, so let me know if anything needs changing.

-aver (old)[edit]
-erir-defective (old)[edit]
- ter2[edit]
- ter2 (old)[edit]
- ir2[edit]
- ir2 (old )[edit]
- ar[edit]
- ar (old)[edit]
- cer[edit]
- cer (old)[edit]
- screver (old)[edit]
-fazer (old)[edit]
-caber (old)[edit]
-car (old)[edit]
-apropinquar (old)[edit]
-perder (old)[edit]
-pôr (old)[edit]
-ir (old)[edit]
colorir (defective)[edit]
colorir (defective) (old)[edit]
remir (defective+obsolete)[edit]
remir (defective+obsolete) (old)[edit]
nevar (?)[edit]
nevar (old)[edit]
falir (missing imperative)[edit]
falir (old)[edit]
ganhar (alternative forms)[edit]
ganhar (alternative forms) (old)[edit]
matar (long/short participle)[edit]
matar (long/short participle) (old)[edit]


beijar (+ compound)[edit]
beijar (+ compound) (old)[edit]
unknown word[edit]

Lua error in Module:User:Jberkel/pt-conj at line 66: No inflection data found

unknown word (old)[edit]

Lua error in Module:pt-conj at line 79: No inflection data found