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Jeff Q as a Dimension

My primary wiki work is on en:Wikiquote (where I am a sysop) and en:Wikipedia. Please see my user pages there for more information. You can post Wiktionary discussions on my talk page here. Even if I'm not active here, I'll get the message. I reply to issues here on appropriate Wiktionary talk pages, and to Wiktionary users on their talk pages (with a copy on mine for reference).

Lately, I've been spending most of my Wiktionary time on adding sourced, fully cited quotations (preferably as old as I can find) to existing entries. This parallels my sourcing work on both Wikiquote and Wikipedia.

Entries I've created[edit]

Obviously, to paraphrase John Paul Jones, I've not yet begun to write.

Neologisms to watch for[edit]

These are newly-coined terms I find intriguing, but whose reliable evidence for widespread use is inadequate (last time I checked).


  • coulda shoulda woulda (or any of its other 5 permutations)
    • An colloquial interjection expressing regrets over missed opportunities
    • May or may not include commas, creating 12 textual variations
    • Doesn't really belong in any of individual entries for coulda, shoulda, or woulda
    • Doesn't seem to be a single preferred permutation
    • Google Book Search shows 6,200 hits (as of 4 October 2010), including many works whose titles are different permutations, so it's well-established in the English language

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