do the nasty

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Alternative forms[edit]


do the nasty

  1. (euphemistic, slang) To engage in sexual intercourse.
    • 1968, Gus Weill, To Bury a Cousin: A Two Act Play, →ISBN, page 59:
      HILDA. But do you remember what you wanted me to do? The nasty—thing I thought was nasty? […] BERT. No, Hilda. Go like you came. Leave this place with your various virginities intact.
    • 1995, Jackie Collins, Hollywood Kids, →ISBN, page 61:
      "Right now she's doing the nasty with an ex-bartender who thinks he's this generation's answer to James."
    • 2001, Jodi Picoult, Salem Falls, →ISBN, page 120:
      A bunch of Puritan girls saying the town biddies were witches, just so that one of them could do the nasty with a married man and not have to worry about his loser of a wife finding out.
    • 2004, Michael Connelly, The Concrete Blonde, →ISBN, page 216:
      They go from strip club to strip club, make a lot of money. […] Most people think they're getting a bundle to do the nasty on video.