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Welcome to my user page. I am editing in my using my real name. I enjoy adding missing English language entries to Wiktionary. I like to think I am a generalist. I take the view that Wiktionary should strive to provide a definition for any terms that are in common use, including place name, road names, codes, retronyms etc. I am an inclusionist. I am generally against the use of redirects (in the main space). In my view, each alternative spelling should get its own entry however short.

I have done quite a bit of work on reduplications.

Articles created: >330

Archaic words[edit]

added: acatry - begrumpled - blanscue - clewkin - dungmixen - Hallantide - halster - hamron - hoggan-bag - scurrick - whoam

to add: crowd-barrow - shilders

Democracy, government and law[edit]

added: alternative vote - another place - Borda count - gerrymandering - Henry VIII clause - hostis humani generis (enemy of all mankind) - McLibel - Order of Council - single transferable vote - the other place - rocket docket - trial de novo - unconscionability - universal jurisdiction - voting system - warrant canary - Your Excellency

to add: objective historian in his place nobile officium slothful executor statute-barred - step into the shoes of

213 Offices in total per Hansard 1803–2005. I am not sure each of these is worth a separate entry so I have only made the ones I think do deserve an entry into links.


added: Bollington


added: 0800 number - 1992 - throtteen - trilliard - Five-bar gate tally (unsupported)


/letter-shaped - K-tool


added: hexahex - leaf-shaped - ring-shaped

if cited, to add: awl-shaped, bow-shaped, bowl-shaped, cone-shaped

Currency codes[edit]

Added: SVC - XSU - XTS - XUA - ZMW

E numbers[edit]

Added: E243 - E392 - E407a - E423 - E425 - E426 - E427 - E468 - E469 - E470a - E470b - E479b - E499 - E514 - E515 - E516 - E914 - E960 - E961 - E964 - E969 - E1203 - E1205 - E1206 - E1207 - E1208 - E1209 - E1451 -E1519 - E1517 - E1521


Added: chicken farmer - pig farmer - sheep farmer To add: bathman - little piecer

Richard Nixon[edit]

Nixon in China - Nixon to China - Nixon goes to China - only Nixon could go to China - it took Nixon to go to China


I created categories: Category:English reduplicated coordinated triples and Category:English words containing three consecutive instances of the same letter and I have also done quite a lot of work on the category now called: Category:English reduplicated coordinated pairs.

Added: better and better - elbow to elbow - inch by inch - putt-putt

To add (possibly): age to age - around and around - ashes to ashes - closer and closer - coast to coast - drop by drop - going, going, gone - gram for gram - higher and higher - hour by hour - house to house - line by line - lower and lower - me, me, me - measure for measure - minute by minute - minute to minute - month by month - month in, month out - month-on-month - month-to-month - on and on and on - night in, night out - oi oi oi ( a chant response) - period-on-period - point by point - pole to pole - promises, promises - week by week - week in, week out - week-to-week - wheel-to-wheel - quarter-on-quarter - quarter-to-quarter - round and round - strength to strength - word by word - year after year.


added: H1 - H2 - Q1 - Q2 - Q3 - Q4

Additional senses[edit]


added: cable station - Cross - good enough - limiting factor - pipe up - pump room (more modern sense) - radial - repayable - two-wheeled - value for money - Zumeendar

to add: as if by chance as if one owns the place - barrer (non-SI unit & also shoe manufacturer?) - beast royal - coach station - cliquet option - ice and slice

to check: aspidomancy predicting future by sitting in a drawn circle, cephaleonomancy predicting future by boiling a donkey's head, anthropomancy predicting future by human sacrifice, apantomancy predicting future by chance encounters with animals,chresmomancy predicting future by 'ravings of lunatics'.

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Template:R:en:14C Template:R:Lancashire dialect Template:R:Somersetshire

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