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0800 number (plural 0800 numbers)

  1. (UK, New Zealand) A telephone number beginning with 0800; these numbers are free for the caller because the call is paid for by the company or organisation being called.
    • 1995, Sheena Carmichael, Business Ethics: the new bottom line[[1]], →ISBN, page 41:
      the 0800 number advice line receives over five hundred calls a year
    • 2002, Julie K. Petersen, Fiber optics illustrated dictionary[2], →ISBN, page 1046:
      It is an alternative to a 0800 number where the callee bears the full cost of the call.
    • 2006, Frances Brassington, Stephen Pettitt, Principles of marketing[3], →ISBN, page 838:
      The important point about direct response is that it should not just be advertising with an 0800 number