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diurnal circles diurnal enuresis diurnal motion diurnal motions diurnal movement diurnal rhythms diurnal rotation diurnal temperature variation diurnal tides div and ldiv diva search divalent cation divalent cations divalproex sodium divan sazı divanadate ion divas match dive bar dive bars dive boats dive bomber dive bombers dive bombing dive bombs dive brake dive brakes dive buddy dive captain dive computer dive computers dive deep without breathing apparatus dive depth dive down dive flags dive guides dive machine dive profile dive rescue dive resorts dive roll dive roller coaster dive schools dive site dive sites dive skins dive slates dive solo dive tables dive tender dive tunnel dive watches dive wreck diver delivery vehicles diver propulsion vehicle diver propulsion vehicles diver rescue diver training diver-carrying vehicle diver-towing powered scooters diverge in meaning diverge to infinity divergence date divergence operator divergence point divergence points divergence theorem divergent boundaries divergent boundary divergent evolution divergent geometric series divergent integrals divergent lamellar trama divergent paths divergent plate divergent plate boundaries divergent plate boundary divergent questions divergent series divergent synthesis divergent tectonic plates divergent thinking divergent thought divergent universe diverging diamond interchange diverging from it diverging lens divers hands diverse backgrounds diverse community diverse ethnic diverse inventions diverse political perspectives diverse population diverse species diverse species content diverse wildlife diversification plan diversified companies diversion airport diversion airports diversion canal diversion channels diversion colitis diversion dam diversion dams diversion of human waste diversion of the river from the old valley by the last continental glacier diversion of water diversion program diversion programs diversion safe diversion walls diversion weir diversionary assault diversionary attack diversionary dam diversionary stun diversionary tactic diversity coding diversity combining diversity factor diversity gain diversity index diversity indices diversity jurisdiction diversity management diversity marketing diversity of citizenship diversity of culture diversity of flora and fauna diversity of life diversity of species diversity programs diversity receiver diversity reception diversity requirements diversity scheme diversity schemes diversity techniques diversity training diversity trainings divert the river dives through the second rope divesting firm divestment efforts divestment movement divestment resolutions divide and choose divide and conquer divide and conquer algorithm divide and conquer algorithms divide and conquer approach divide and marriage before conquest divide and rule divide by 2 divide by zero divide by zero error divide cut divide et impera divide the stakes fairly divide their land divide-and-conquer algorithm divide-and-conquer algorithms divide-and-conquer eigenvalue algorithm divided by ability divided by residents divided by zero divided carriageways divided difference divided differences divided expressway divided four-lane freeway divided government divided highway divided highways divided into divided into chapters divided into houses divided into isolated groups and destroyed divided into small warring states divided into smaller administrative regions divided into three classes divided lanes divided over what to call it divided page divided party per fess divided power structure divided power structures divided region divided roadway divided the waters divided theologies divided up into partitions dividend capitalization model dividend discount model dividend imputation dividend income dividend payments dividend puzzle dividend reinvestment plans dividend reinvestment program dividend strip dividend stripping dividend tax dividend yield dividend yields divider bug dividing cells dividing engine dividing engines dividing head dividing heads dividing into two branches dividing line dividing range dividing system dividing up these lands divination methods divination ritual divination through dreams divinatory omen divinatory tarot divine abodes divine act divine ancestry divine and human divine apatheia divine apostasia divine architecture divine attributes divine authority divine being divine bloodline divine bow divine calling divine causality divine chariots divine coincidence divine command divine command ethics divine command theorists divine command theory divine commandment divine couple divine creation divine creator divine decree divine design divine destiny divine dispensation divine energy divine entity divine eye divine feminine divine filiation divine foreknowledge divine freedom divine grace divine healing divine healings divine hero divine illumination divine illusions divine image divine imperative divine incarnations divine inspiration divine inspiration of scripture divine intervention divine judgement divine judgment divine justice divine king divine kingship divine language divine law divine laws divine life divine lineage divine liturgy divine love divine magic divine mandate divine manifestation divine mare divine means divine messengers divine mind divine mothers divine move divine mover divine mysteries divine name divine names divine nature divine obligation divine office divine one divine oneness divine palace divine philosophy divine power divine privilege divine providence divine realization divine retribution divine revelation divine revelations divine right divine right of kings divine right to rule divine right to rule, divine rights divine rule divine sage divine sanction divine service divine services divine simplicity divine sovereignty divine spark divine spells divine spirits divine twin divine twins divine vision divine watchmaker divine will divine worship divine wrath divinely appointed divinely chosen divinely inspired divinely intended divinely revealed divinely sanctioned institution divinely simple diving accident diving accidents diving activities diving air compressor diving air compressors diving beetle diving beetles diving bell diving bell spider diving bells diving board diving body press diving bulldog diving centers diving chamber diving chambers diving clothesline diving clubs diving computer diving costume diving crossbody diving cylinder diving cylinders diving destinations diving disorder diving disorders diving double axe handle diving double foot stomp diving double stomp diving dress diving dresses diving duck diving ducks diving elbow drop diving equipment diving events diving facilities diving fist drop diving for pearls diving gear diving guide diving hazard diving hazards diving hazards and precautions diving headbutt diving headbutts diving helmet diving helmets diving horses diving hurricanrana diving hurricanranas diving instructors diving lariat diving leg drop diving leg drop bulldog diving legdrop diving legdrop bulldog diving location diving locations diving loop diving loops diving machine diving mammals diving mask diving masks diving medical diving medicine diving method diving off of the top rope diving on a national level diving operations diving opponent diving petrel diving petrels diving planes diving platform diving platforms diving pool diving pumps diving reel diving regulator diving regulators diving related injuries diving rig diving saucers diving school diving senton diving shell diving shot diving shots diving shoulder block diving signal diving site diving skills diving splash diving spreads diving suit diving suits diving support craft diving support vessel diving support vessels diving tables diving tackle diving tender diving top rope splash diving tourism diving tower diving towers diving version diving watches diving weighting system diving weighting systems diving well divining rod divining rods divining rodsmen divining sticks divinity and mortals divinity degree divinity of the emperor divinity school divinity schools divinyl acetylene divinyl benzene divinyl chlorophyllide a divinyl chlorophyllide a 8-vinyl-reductase divinyl ether divinyl sulfide divinyl sulphone divisibility by nine divisibility of matter divisibility of numbers divisibility rule divisibility rules divisibility test divisible by 2 divisible by 3 divisible group division 1 division 1 play-off division algebra division algebras division algorithm division artillery division bell division bells division by 0 division by two division by zero division champions division championships division equation division five division general division levels division lobby division method division of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome division of distributions division of inheritances division of joint assets division of labor division of labour division of lands division of languages division of power division of powers division of property division of the field division of the house division of work division officer division on the question division point division police station division president division ring division rings division rivals division series division slash division three second edition division title division two division viol division viols division with remainder property divisional application divisional applications divisional colours divisional command divisional headquarters divisional patent applications divisional playoff divisional playoff game divisional playoff round divisional playoff series divisional playoffs divisional point divisional round divisional series divisional strength divisional system divisions and corps divisions between rich and poor are on the rise divisions of divisions of labor divisions of labour divisions of power divisions of the field divisive rhythm divisive rhythms algebraic geometry divisor class divisor class group divisor classes divisor function divisor functions divisor summatory function divisor with normal crossing divorce by fault divorce by mutual consent divorce law divorce laws divorce mills. divorce petition divorce proceedings divorce rate divorce rates divorce records divorce referendum divorce settlement divorced couples divorced for the third time divorced wives of peers divya desam divya prabandams divya prabandha diwani rights dixie cap dixie-land jazz dixieland jazz dixieland music dixons stingaree diyttrium monoxide diz entés dizygotic twins fraternal twins dizygotic fraternal twins dizygotic twin dizygotic twins dizzy and naive dj 1.11. dj addambombb dj hipgnosis dj kels dj marta dj moe dj nagureo dj pnutz dj pooh and dj tinie titchman djibouti airlines dlinza forest pinwheel dll file dnaG gene computer game do idea do it do it yourself do it yourself do it yourself do it yourself ethic DIY ethic do it yourself DIY ethic do it yourself ethic do it yourself ethos do not age do not allow cars do not bear the name of the country of issue on them. do not capture do not exist do not go gentle into that good night do not have access to safe drinking water do not have the force of law do not physically age do not possess an overall majority do not provide reliable results at this level do not recognize do not require locking do not resuscitate do not support the belief do not usually carry firearms do over do re mi fa so la ti do do si do do so do unto others as you would have them do unto you do while do while loop do while loops do-it-yourself do-it-yourself ethic do-it-yourself ethos do-it-yourself kits do-me dom do-no-harm ethic do-not-call registry do-while loop dobby loom dobby looms dobby mechanism doberman pinschers doble baston dobro guitar dobro lapsteel dobson fly doce de leite dock connector dock landing ship dock landing ship dock landing ships dock landing ships dock plate dock platform dock pudding dock shunting dock strikes dock tank dock worker dock workers dock yard docked and cropped docked tail docked tails dockerin domain docketing software sexual practice docking bay docking facilities docking maneuver docking model docking module docking or cropping tails and ears docking ports docking protein docking sleeve docking sleeve sex toy docking station docking stations docking web docks branch dockworkers dispute dockyard and naval base docosahexaenoic acid docosahexaenoic acid docosahexaenoic acids docosanoic acid docosapentaenoic acid docta ignorantia docteur d'État docteur ès lettres doctor blade doctor drama doctor dramas doctor fish doctor habilitatus doctor habilitus doctor honoris causa doctor in civil and canon law doctor in divinity doctor in medicine doctor in utroque iure doctor in utroque iuris doctor juris doctor nauk doctor of both laws doctor of canon and civil law doctor of civil and canon law doctor of civil law doctor of divinity doctor of humane letters doctor of jurisprudence doctor of law doctor of laws doctor of medicine doctor of medicine M.D. doctor of philosophy doctor of philosophy doctor of physic doctor of science doctor of the church doctor of theology doctor of veterinary medicine doctor shopping doctor shortage doctor stoppage doctor the ball doctor utriusque iuris doctor utriusque juris doctor who doctor-assisted suicide doctor-patient confidentiality doctor-patient privilege doctor-patient relationship doctor-patient relationships doctoral candidates doctoral degree doctoral degrees doctoral dissertation doctoral dissertation in arts doctoral dissertations doctoral education doctoral education programme doctoral level doctoral pharmacy doctoral program doctoral programs doctoral research doctoral robe doctoral students doctoral studies doctoral study doctoral supervisor doctoral thesis doctoral thesis in nursing science doctorat d'État doctorat d'état doctorate and professional degrees doctorate courses doctorate degree doctorate degrees doctorate honoris causa doctorate in doctorate in business administration doctorate in canon and civil law doctorate in canon law doctorate in civil and canon law doctorate in divinity doctorate in education doctorate in jurisprudence doctorate in law doctorate in laws doctorate in letters doctorate in medicine doctorate in philosophy doctorate in sacred theology doctorate in theology doctorate in utroque iure doctorate of canon and civil law doctorate of civil law doctorate of divinity doctorate of humane letters doctorate of jurisprudence doctorate of law doctorate of laws doctorate of letters doctorate of philosophy doctorate of science doctorate of theology doctorate utroque iuris doctorate-granting graduate school doctorates in theology doctorates of humane letters doctorates of law doctored upright doctored video doctoring the ball doctors degree doctors of chiropractic doctors of dental science doctors of medicine doctors of science doctors of the church doctors of veterinary medicine doctrinal basis doctrinal differences doctrinal disputes doctrinal purity doctrinal statement doctrinary liberals doctrine calls doctrine development doctrine of abstention doctrine of affections doctrine of agency doctrine of cash equivalence doctrine of chances doctrine of claim differentiation doctrine of consideration doctrine of correlative rights doctrine of creation doctrine of creation out of absolutely nothing doctrine of deterrence doctrine of double effect doctrine of equivalents doctrine of first sale doctrine of functionality doctrine of implied repeal doctrine of inerrancy doctrine of infallibility doctrine of infinite analysis doctrine of internal relations doctrine of international exhaustion doctrine of lapse doctrine of latches doctrine of law doctrine of liberty of will doctrine of man doctrine of mental reservation doctrine of merger doctrine of minute perceptions doctrine of precedent doctrine of preemption doctrine of privity doctrine of probabilism doctrine of proportionality doctrine of selflessness doctrine of separation doctrine of signatures doctrine of sound prediction doctrine of tenure doctrine of the church doctrine of the mean doctrine of the resurrection doctrine of the sanctuary doctrine of the two demons doctrine of vacancy doctrine of vagueness doctrines of equity docudrama movie docudrama television show document analysis document and text processing document assembly document ballot voting system document bundles document camera document classification document clustering document control document conversion document delivery document description languages document dump document dumps document editors document encryption document examiners document file format document file formats document forensics document formats document formatter document generation document image document imaging document imaging scanners document layout analysis document listing document management document management system document management systems document management systems document markup language document markup languages document object model document on document preparation document preparation system document preparation systems document processing document processing system document processor document publishing document publishing system document retention document retrieval document retrieval systems document scanning document seal document security document similarities document statistics document storage document summarization document tabs document templates document type declarations document type definition document type definitions document vault document-based question document-term matrix documenta 1 documenta 11 documenta 12 documenta 12 magazines documenta 13 documenta 2 documenta 3 documenta 4 documenta 5 documenta 6 documenta 7 documenta 8 documentary by the same title documentary channel documentary channels documentary comedian documentary comedy documentary drama documentary evidence documentary feature documentary features documentary film documentary film director documentary film maker documentary film of the same name documentary film-maker documentary filmmaker documentary filmmakers documentary filmmaking documentary films documentary he was filming documentary hypotheses documentary hypothesis documentary maker documentary makers documentary method of interpretation documentary movie documentary of the same name documentary of the same title documentary of the tour documentary on the philosopher documentary on the war documentary photographer documentary photographs documentary photography documentary producer documentary producers documentary series documentary series on the blues documentary style documentary surf film documentary television film documentary television series documentary television show documentary theatre documentary work documentation and reconstruction documentation generation documentation generator documentation generators documented history documented in early cultures documented vessels documenting violations documents and data in files on a computer documents of identification documents of unconditional surrender docusate sodium dodecagonal number dodecagonal numbers dodecagonal prism dodecanedioic acid dodecanedioic acid di tms dodecaneperoxoic acid dodecanoic acid dodecanoyl chloride dodecaphonic composition dodecaphonic music dodecaphonic police dodecasyllabic verse dodecatuple secret probation dodeclonium bromide dodecyl acrylate dodecyl benzene dodecyl benzene sulfonate dodecyl bromoacetate dodecyl chloroacetate dodecyl dichloroacetate dodecyl gallate dodecyl isothiocyanate dodecyl thiocyanate dodecyl trichloroacetate dodecylbenzene sodium sulfonate dodecylbenzyl chloride dodecylmalonic acid dodge ball dodge the draft dodged the draft dodgem car dodgem cars dodgem hall dodger blue dodging and burning dodging techniques dodging the draft dodgy dossier dodgy double glazer dodo bird dodo tree doenjang jjigae doepfer bass does business as does exist does not does not age does not always work does not ban music videos does not compute does not correspond does not credit individual writers does not dissolve in water does not even bother to put his shoes or socks on does not exist does not fully appear on-screen does not fully apply does not fully support does not have a coastline does not have a control tower does not have any colours does not hold for even-dimensional manifolds does not know does not now apply at all does not prove does not talk does not use dice does not want to go steady with him does so with the sacred parchment dofamium chloride dog actors dog aggression dog agility dog agilitytrials dog and bone dog and pony show dog and pony shows dog attack dog attacks dog baiting dog barking dog behavior dog biscuit dog biscuits dog bite dog bone dog breed dog breeder dog breeders dog breeding dog breeding and showing dog breeds dog carrier dog cart dog catcher dog catchers dog clutch dog clutches dog coat dog coats dog collar dog collar match dog collars dog communication dog dancing dog days dog days of summer dog door dog driving dog enthusiast dog fancy dog feces dog fence dog fight dog fighting dog fighting case dog fighting ring dog fights dog fish dog flea dog food dog foods dog gait dog ginger dog groomer dog grooming dog group dog guide dog handling dog harness dog health dog house dog hybrid dog hybrids dog hybrids and crossbreeds dog in a manger dog in the manger dog intelligence dog judge dog kind dog king dog language dog leash dog leg dog leg gearbox dog licences dog license dog licensing dog man dog meat dog mint dog musher dog mushing dog names dog obedience dog obedience trials dog owners dog ownership dog paddle dog park dog parks dog pound dog psychology dog race dog races dog racing dog rose dog roses dog salmon dog scootering dog sections dog sharks dog show dog show judge dog showing dog shows dog sized rats dog skin dog skin disorders dog sled dog sled race dog sled racer dog sled races dog sled racing dog sled team dog sledded dog sledder dog sledders dog sledding dog sledging dog sleds dog sleep dog sleigh dog sleighing dog sounds dog spinning dog squad dog star dog suit dog tag dog tag dog tag necklaces dog tags dog tax dog team dog teams dog tents dog tick dog track dog trainer dog trainers dog training dog training schools dog treat dog treats dog walking dog watch dog watches dog whelk dog whelks dog whipper dog whistle dog whistle politics dog whistles dog-headed people dog-like creature dog-show judge dog-show judges dog-sled race dog-sled races dog-strangling vine dog-tooth violet 片栗 dog-whistle politics dogbane family dogbone space dogfighting and animal abuse dogfish shark dogfish sharks doggerel verse doggie door doggie doors doggy bag doggy bags doggy position doggy style dogma 95 dogma of infallibility dogmatic belief dogmatic definition dogmatic definitions dogmatic history dogmatic idealism dogmatic pronouncement dogmatic statements dogmatic theologian dogmatic theology dogmatically and infallibly defined dogmatically defined dogmatically defining dogs playing poker dogsled driver dogsled mail dogsled race dogsled racer dogsled races dogsled racing dogteeth tetra dogtooth cichild dogwood tree dogwood trees doi moi doing a backflip from the top rope doing a celebration dance doing a corkscrew in mid-air doing away with future wars doing business doing business as doing gender doing my last dance on this dark little planet doing nothing doing something doing this doing what is right dojin game dojin games dojin music dojin soft dojo loach dojo toolkit doki doki dokuku jin dol hareubang dol janchi dolastatin 10 dolce naturale dolce stil novo dolce stil nuovo dole money dole office doli incapax dolichol kinase dolichyl beta-D-glucosyl phosphate dolichyl beta-D-mannosyl phosphate dolichyl diphosphate dolichyl diphosphooligosaccharide dolichyl palmitate dolichyl phosphate dolichyl-phosphate a-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase dolichyl-phosphate b-D-mannosyltransferase dolichyl-phosphate b-glucosyltransferase dolichyl-phosphate-mannose-protein mannosyltransferase dolichyl-phosphate-mannose-protein mannosyltransferases dolichylphosphate-glucose phosphodiesterase dolichylphosphate-mannose phosphodiesterase doll chain doll house doll houses doll housing doll maker dollar auction dollar bill dollar bills dollar coin dollar coins dollar cost averaging dollar diplomacy dollar gap dollar general dollar glut dollar hegemony dollar imperialism dollar maturity gap dollar method dollar peg dollar sign dollar signs dollar store dollar stores dollar symbol dollar theater dollar theaters dollar van dollar vans dollar voting dollar watches U.S. dolling community dollu kunita dolly carts dolly grip dolly grips dolly mixes dolly shot dolly shots dolly tracks dolly varden dolly zoom dolmen deities dolmen deity dolomite limestone dolomite rock dolomitic lime dolomitic limestone dolphi disco dolphin brain dolphin communication dolphin drive hunt dolphin drive hunting dolphin drive hunts dolphin fish dolphin gulls dolphin hunt dolphin intelligence dolphin kick dolphin piercing dolphin safe dolphin therapy dolphin watching dolsot bibimbap domain administrator domain analysis domain and range domain back-order domain calculus domain came under the direct administration of the shogunate domain communication domain controller domain controllers domain decomposition domain elders domain engineering domain expert domain experts domain forwarding domain hack domain hacks domain hijacking domain is non-empty domain knowledge domain mapping domain model domain modeling domain name domain name dispute domain name hosting domain name registrar domain name registrars domain name registration domain name registries domain name registry domain name server domain name servers domain name services domain name squatters domain name system domain name warehousing domain names domain objects domain of applicability domain of attraction domain of definition domain of discourse