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do over (third-person singular simple present does over, present participle doing over, simple past did over, past participle done over)

  1. (Britain, slang) To beat up.
    • 1989, Peter Herbst, The Rolling Stone Interviews: 1967-1980
      I don't call in Bill Wyman to come in and do him over for me, with one of his vicious ankle-twisters or Chinese burns.
    • 1990, Patrick Murphy, John Williams, Eric Dunning, Football on Trial: Spectator Violence and Development in the Football World
      [] if he answers in a foreign accent, we do him over; and if he's got any money on him we'll roll him as well.
  2. (US) To repeat; to start over.
  3. To cover; to spread; to smear.
    • Defoe
      boats [] sewed together and done over with a kind of slimy stuff like rosin