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double metal stick double minutes double moated double monasteries double monastery double murder double murder-suicide double murderer double nationality double naught spy double neck guitar double neckbreaker double necked guitar double negation double negation elimination double negative double negative elimination double negative introduction double negative law double negative resolving to a negative double negatives double object double or nothing double out and back double outlet right ventricle double overhand double overhand knot double overhead cam double overhead cams double overhead camshaft double overhead camshafts double overhooks double overtime double parked double parking double partner dance double patenting double patterning double pendulum double penetration double penetrations double penetrative sex double personality double picking double pile hitch double pincer double pincer envelopment double pivot double planet double planets double platinum double play double play combination double play depth double play on words double plays double pneumonia double point double points double portrait double positive double positron decay double powerbomb double precision double precision value double predestinarian double predestination double prime double pump double pumped double push double quasar double quote double quotes double rainbow double red ale double reed double reeds double refraction double replacement reaction double return double reverse double rifle double rifles double right rotation double root double rotation double round-robin double running or holbein stitch double salchow double salt double salts double salvo cannon fire double scull double sculls double sculls competition double sculls event double seams double seesaw mechanism double separate monastery double sequence double sessions double sestertius double set triggers double sheet bend double shell domes double shot tower double shoulder block double sideband double sided double single double sledge double slit double slit apparatus double slit experiment double slit experimental setup double slit experiments double slotted flaps double solitaire double split 7" double split graphs double spring double square double squeeze double stack double stack magazine double stacked container trains double stage rocket double staircase double stairway double standard double standards double star double star system double starred first double stars double steal double steamed double stomp off the top rope double stop double stopping double stops double strand breaks double stroke double stroke rolls double stud wall double suicide double super secret background double superplex double suplex double surname double suspension gallop double suspension theorem double switch double switched double switching double tables match double take double talk double tap double tax double tax treatment double tax treaty double taxation double taxation treaties double taxation treaty double team double team maneuver double team move double team piledriver double team variation double team variations double team version double teamed double teaming double teams double the cube double thread double throw double time double tonguing double tonic double tonics double top double torchon double tornado double torus double track double tracked double tracked vocal double tracking double tracking rail double tracks double transition clocking double transposition double trap double trap event double trio double truck double trumpet double truth double turn double underhook double underhook brainbuster double underhook facebuster double underhook lock double underhook piledriver double underhook powerbomb double underhook superplex double underhook suplex double underhooks double vaginal double vaginal, double anal double variation double variations double vinyl double violin concerto double vision double voicing double wedding double wedding rings double well potential double whole note double whole rest double wicket maiden double wide trailers double windmill double windsor double wing double winners double wishbone double wishbone independent suspension double wishbone suspension double wishbone suspensions double wishbones double wrap double yellow line double yellow lines double- and triple-teamed double- or triple-glazed gas-filled windows double- xes double-A side double-A-sided single double-D cup double-L sweep double-a side double-ace flush double-acting principle double-action harp double-action only double-action revolvers double-album version of the recording double-angle formula double-articulated bus double-axes of power double-balloon enteroscopy double-barrel gun double-barrel shotgun double-barrel surname double-barreled shotgun double-barreled shotguns double-barrelled name double-barrelled shotgun double-barrelled shotguns double-barrelled surname double-base propellants double-bass drum double-bell euphonium double-bladed lightsaber double-blind controlled trial double-blind experimentation double-blind methodology double-blind studies double-blind study double-blind taste test double-blind testing double-blind trial double-blind trials double-blinded studies double-breasted suit double-button cufflinks double-byte character encodings double-byte character set double-character family names double-character surnames double-checked locking double-chirped mirror double-clad fiber double-clad fibers double-contrast barium enema double-conversion superhet double-crested cormorant double-crested cormorants double-cross hybrid double-decay analysis double-deck bridge double-deck buses double-deck elevator double-deck elevators double-deck lift double-deck trains double-deck vehicles double-decked passenger trains double-decked truss double-decker bus double-decker buses double-decker busses double-decker passenger cars double-decker railway coaches double-decker rolling stock double-decker trams double-decker vertical lifts double-deficit theory double-density disks double-density drives double-direction bubble sort double-dome mask double-edge blade double-edged sword double-elimination bracket double-elimination tournament double-ended dildo double-ended priority queue double-ended queue double-ended wooden dildos double-entry accounting double-entry accounting system double-entry book-keeping double-entry bookkeeping double-entry bookkeeping system double-entry system double-exchange mechanism double-glazed windows double-hammer beam roof double-headed axe double-headed eagle double-headed eagles double-helix structure double-homicide of his family and his suicide double-hull tanker double-hulled tanker double-hung windows double-kick pedal double-locking tremolo double-lumen endo-bronchial tube double-lung transplant double-marking language double-mini trampoline double-neck guitar double-neck guitars double-necked guitars double-nickel limit double-overtime playoff contest double-pane windows double-platinum album double-platinum status double-pointed cofinite topology double-pointed knitting needles double-pulse propulsion double-reed instrument double-roughing minor double-season format double-shot running deer event double-sideband reduced carrier transmission double-sideband suppressed carrier double-sideband suppressed-carrier transmission double-sideband transmission double-sided hit double-skinned hull double-slit experiment double-slit experiments double-slit interferometers double-split interference double-stack car double-stack containers double-stacked container double-starred first double-strand break repair double-strand breaks double-strand origin double-stranded (ds)RNA viruses double-stranded helix double-stroke roll double-system recording double-team elevated neckbreaker slam double-team move double-team piledriver double-team version double-terminated quartz double-valved mouthpiece double-wide trailer double-wishbone suspension double-yellow line doubled die doubled haploids doubled in place doubled in size doubled pawn doubled pawns doubled protagonists doubledeck elevators doubler of electricity doubles entendres doubles for takeout doubles hitter doubles in size doubles tennis doubles tournament doublespeak argument doublet lenses doublet-triplet problem doublet-triplet splitting problem doubling constant doubling cube doubling cubes doubling echo doubling in size doubling of cervix and vagina doubling of the cube doubling of uterus doubling the cube doubling time doubly articulated doubly articulated consonant doubly articulated consonants doubly clad fiber doubly connected doubly exponential doubly exponentially doubly fed induction generators doubly fictional doubly ionized doubly ionized oxygen doubly landlocked doubly logarithmic axes doubly magic doubly non-negative matrix doubly periodic function doubly refracting doubly special relativity doubly stochastic doubly stochastic matrices doubly stochastic matrix doubly transitive doubly-chained tree doubly-ended queue doubly-fed electric machine doubly-fed electric machines doubly-fed generator doubly-fed generators doubly-ionized oxygen doubly-labeled water doubly-labeled water test doubly-linked lists doubly-periodic function doubly-special relativity doubt that the holocaust had occurred doubtful explanations doubtful of the game's release doubts about the canonicity douc langurs dough balls dough conditioner dough retarder dough starter doughnut chart doughnut counties doughnut effect doughnut hole doughnut holes doughnut shops douglas fir douglas firs douglas-fir tussock moth doujin game doujin soft doum palm doum palms doumbek drum douple trap dov e dove from the stage dove house dove hunters dove of peace dove symbol dove tree doves and pigeons dovetail joint dovetail joints dovetailed bearing dovin basal dovlecei umpluţi dowager empress dowager empresses dowager queen dowager queens dowel joint dowel rods dowelling jig dower house dower rights game theory down and out down antiquark down by contact down comforters down counter down counters down feathers down force down hair down hairs down hill ski down jacket down lead down linemen down payment down payments down quark down quarks down regulating down rigger down round down sizing down the line down the order down town down town area down tube down tubes down under down-shift operator down-type lepton down-type quark down-type quarks downbeat electronica downdraft carburettors downdraught kiln downed opponent downed power line downer cow downfall of communism downfall of the world downfield passes downhill bike downhill creep downhill cycling downhill cyclist downhill folding downhill mountain bike track downhill mountain biker downhill mountain bikers downhill mountain biking downhill racing downhill riding downhill ski downhill ski area downhill ski racing downhill ski slopes downhill skier downhill skiing downhole flow control downhole monitoring equipment downhole safety valve downhole safety valves downhole sensors download acceleration download accelerator download carousel download chart download manager download managers download music chart download sales download single downloadable content downloaded automatically downloaded his mind downloading music downsampling operator downside risk downslope winds computer science oil industry downstream access downstream activities downstream buyers downstream consequences downstream core promoter downstream oil downstream plasma downstream power benefits downstream prices downstream processing downstream promoter element downstream region downtown "Loop" district downtown area downtown areas downtown arena downtown bus tunnel downtown business district downtown bypass downtown campus downtown circulator downtown circulator trolley downtown city area downtown convention complex downtown core downtown freeway loop downtown intermodal station downtown loop downtown music downtown musicians downtown redevelopment downtown region downtown revitalization downtown scene downtown section downtown station downtown terminal downtown tunnel system downtown waterfront arena downward causation downward closed downward closure lemma downward current downward displacement downward entailing downward mobility downward saturated set downward spiral downward spiral into chaos downward stroke downward-flowing green characters downwardly closed downwards ancora downwards funarg problem downwash effects downwind landing downy birch downy hawthorn downy mildew downy mildews downy oak downy wood mint downy woodpecker downy woodpeckers dowry burnings dowry death dowry deaths dowry system dowry town dowry towns dowsing rod dowsing rods doxacurium chloride doxastic attitudes doxastic holism doxastic logic doxastic virtues doxastic voluntarism doxazosin mesylate doxorubicin hydrochloride doxylamine succinate dozens of countries dozens of small states dozer blade dozer blades draba lactea dracacna arborea drachma currency draconian laws draconic month draconic months draconitic months draconitic year dracunculus nematode draft age draft and follow draft and sign draft animal draft animals draft beer draft board draft boards draft breed draft breeds draft card draft cards draft choice draft choices draft constititution draft constitution draft day draft day trade draft deferment draft deferments draft documents draft dodger draft dodgers draft dodging draft dog draft evaders draft evasion draft form draft gear draft horse draft horse showing draft horses draft interim charter draft law draft law violators draft laws draft lottery draft movement draft notice draft of microformat for icons on the web draft physicals draft pick draft picks draft registration draft resistance draft resister draft resisters draft riots draft standard draft system draft water suction draft-day trade drafted a definition drafted into the military drafted out of high school drafting a contract drafting and design drafting compass drafting compasses drafting fan drafting leads drafting linen drafting of written material drafting officials drafting pens drafting table drafting tape drafting tools drafting triangle drag & dropped drag act drag and drop drag area drag artist drag artiste drag artists drag ball drag bars drag boat drag boats drag bunt drag bunter drag car drag cars drag chain drag chute drag chutes drag coefficient drag coefficients drag crisis drag divergence drag equation drag factor drag flick drag flicks drag force drag forces drag freight drag freights drag harrows drag houses drag hunting drag king drag kings drag lift drag lifts drag light drag line excavator drag link drag music drag net drag pageant drag pageantry drag pageants drag performance drag performer drag performers drag queen drag queen's drag queens drag race drag racer drag racers drag races drag racing drag racing cars drag reduction drag show drag shows drag strip drag strip riot drag strips drag strut drag-and-drop them drag-free satellite drag-raced cars drag-resistant aerospike dragged aether dragged and dropped dragged-aether theories dragging and dropping dragging effects dragline excavator dragline excavators dragon boat dragon boat festival dragon boat race dragon boat races dragon boat racing dragon boating dragon boats dragon bones dragon buses dragon carrier dragon chess dragon current dragon curve dragon curves dragon dance dragon dancers dragon dances dragon fish dragon flies dragon fly dragon form of bagua dragon fruit dragon goby dragon in chains dragon kiln dragon king dragon lady dragon lines dragon lizards dragon pearls dragon plant dragon poacher dragon punch dragon rally dragon robe dragon screw legwhip dragon sleeper dragon sleeper with body scissors dragon suplex dragon suplex hold dragon teeth dragon tree dragon trees dragon turtle dragon turtles dragon whip dragonet fish dragonface pipefish dragonflies and damselflies dragonmarked houses dragoon regiment drags light drain cleaner drain induced barrier lowering drain opener drain pipe drain system drain-induced barrier lowering drain-pipe theory drainage angle drainage area drainage areas drainage basin drainage basins drainage channels drainage density drainage districts drainage ditch drainage ditches drainage divide drainage divides drainage divisions drainage dyke drainage engine drainage equations drainage feature drainage gateway drainage law drainage mills drainage pattern drainage patterns drainage system drainage systems drainage tiles drainage water drainage wind drained and dredged drained mages draining it draining membranes draining of the fens draining pattern draining seton draining tracts draining trays drainpipe jeans drainpipe trousers drains and toilets drake mallard dram shop drama and movement therapy drama anthology drama art drama award drama category drama club drama coach drama coaches drama comedy drama critic drama department drama division drama documentary drama film drama filmdirected drama films drama movie drama of the same name drama organization drama per musica drama queen drama school drama schools drama serial drama series drama soundtracks drama studio drama teacher drama television drama therapy drama tracks dramatic advisor dramatic anthology series dramatic arts dramatic arts school dramatic bass dramatic character dramatic chronicle dramatic coloratura dramatic coloratura soprano dramatic comedy dramatic company dramatic conclusion dramatic contralto dramatic convention dramatic conventions dramatic dance-chorus dramatic device dramatic dialogue dramatic drops in bee counts dramatic effect dramatic enactment dramatic film dramatic films dramatic foil dramatic form dramatic irony dramatic licence dramatic license dramatic literature dramatic mezzo-soprano dramatic monologue dramatic monologues dramatic movie dramatic performance dramatic performances dramatic pieces dramatic play dramatic poem dramatic poetry dramatic premise dramatic productions dramatic programming dramatic public feud dramatic reading dramatic reconstruction dramatic revelation dramatic rise in house prices dramatic scene dramatic sea battle dramatic series dramatic shows dramatic soprano dramatic story dramatic structure dramatic symphony dramatic television dramatic television series dramatic tenor dramatic tenors dramatic tension dramatic theater dramatic theory dramatic turning points dramatic underscoring dramatic unities dramatic upswings and downswings dramatic verse dramatic work dramatic works dramatic writing dramatically changed dramatically increased the size of her breasts dramatically re-editing dramatis personae dramatist and playwrite dramatistic pentad dramaturgical action dramaturgical perspective dramaturgical structure drame bourgeois dramedy series dramma giocoso dramma giocoso per musica dramma per musica dramme per musica drammi giocosi drank too much drape folds drape molding drape suit drape suits drapeau tricolore draped garment draper head drapery hook drapery trade drastic purge drastic reorganization of that edition drastically reduced drastically reversed draught animal draught animals draught beast draught beer draught beers draught dog draught exclusion draught horse draught horses draught of forgetfulness draught work draughtsboard shark dravida architecture dravidian architecture dravidian language draw attention away from it draw bar draw barriers draw bridge draw bridges draw by agreement draw by repetition draw distance draw distances draw dock draw in draw loom draw more water draw offer draw or running reins draw outs draw plate draw plates draw play draw plays draw poker draw progressive votes draw reins draw roller draw rollers draw span draw span bridge draw spans draw straws draw them a picture draw water drawbar horsepower drawbar pull drawbridge mentality drawer pulls drawer test drawing and quartering drawing blood drawing board drawing boards drawing breath drawing cabinets drawing dead drawing dies drawing graphs drawing hand drawing hands drawing instrument drawing instruments drawing lots drawing maps drawing of lots drawing of the sword drawing office drawing operations drawing parallels drawing pins drawing program drawing programs drawing room drawing room comedy drawing room plays drawing rooms drawing salves drawing school drawing software drawing straws drawing table drawing tablet drawing technique drawing techniques drawing trumps drawing utility drawing water from a rock drawing wire drawing-room liberal drawings per second drawn and hanged drawn and quartered drawn and then hanged drawn asunder drawn butter drawn expression of mediums drawn in drawn on film drawn or tied drawn sound drawn thread work draws are common draws down dray horses dread central dread perms dreaded apparatus dreaded ruler dreadnought battleship dreadnought battleships dream again dream analysis dream argument dream art dream ballet dream blogs dream car dream cars dream catcher dream diary dream dimension dream divination dream event dream experts dream groups dream home dream house dream imagery dream incubation dream interpretation dream interpretations dream journal dream journals dream logic dream machines dream manipulation dream match dream of falling dream pop dream pun dream questions dream sequence dream sequences dream sharing dream signs dream sleep dream state dream symbolism dream temple dream time dream trance dream vision dream visions dream within a dream dream world dream worlds dream yoga dream-folk musician dream-like nature of the film dreaming body dreaming doubt dreaming tracks dreamlike state dreams and dream interpretations dreams come true dreams from above dreams in synergy dreams of a ladder dreamt into existence dreamtime pathways dreamtime stories dredge mining dredge pump dredge spoils dredged channel dredger buckets dregs of society drehu language Lifu language drehu Lifu language dress and grooming code dress and grooming standards dress apparel dress as a girl dress blue dress blue uniform dress blues dress circle dress clothes dress code dress codes dress design dress designer dress designing dress fittings dress form dress in attire from different time periods dress number dress reform dress reform and rational dress dress rehearsal dress rehearsals dress religiously dress sense dress shirt dress shirts dress shoe dress shoes dress size dress socks dress uniform dress uniforms dress up dress up doll dress up like a girl dress-down day dress-up doll dress-up game dress-wearing inflatable alligator dressage arena dressage horses dressage rider dressage saddle dressed as a woman dressed electrons dressed herself as a man dressed in black dressed in male attire dressed in mufti dressed in women's clothes dressed particles dressed stone dressed up as bears dresser trays dresses as a man dresses as a woman dresses like a goth dresses up as a woman dressing frame dressing gown dressing gowns dressing himself in women's clothing dressing in women's clothing dressing material dressing room dressing rooms dressing sizing machine dressing table dressing tables dressing up in costumes dressing up like a baby drew lots dribble drive motion offense dribble glasses dribbling him like a basketball drie mollen dried and salted cod dried apples dried bean beetle dried bean milk cream in tight rolls dried biscuits dried chicory root dried cod dried cranberries dried distillers dried fish dried flower arrangements dried food dried foods dried foodstuffs dried fruit dried fruit beetle dried fruits dried goods dried grapes dried indoors dried kelp dried manure dried meat dried meats dried milk dried milks dried palm leaves dried peas dried radish curry dried scallop dried scallops dried shredded cuttlefish dried shrimp dried shrimps dried skipjack flakes dried smoked red peppers dried solids dried squid dried tofu skin dried vegetables dried-fruit packing dried-pea soup drier and warmer in climate drift boat drift car drift car driver drift cars drift chamber drift chambers drift component drift dive drift diving drift driver drift fishing drift geology drift ice drift ice stations drift migration drift mines drift mining drift mode drift net drift nets drift netting drift of the seasons drift portal drift racing drift seeds drift station drift stations drift transistor drift tubes drift velocities drift velocity drift-field transistor drifted further north drifting apart drifting ice drifting ice station drifting ice stations drifting mine drifting toward the generic driftless area driftless zone driftnet fishing driftwood catfish driglam namzha drill 'n bass drill 'n' bass drill a hole through your head drill and bass drill and blast drill and ceremonies drill and ceremony drill and kill drill and tap size chart drill bit drill bit shank drill bit sizes drill bits drill book drill camp drill chuck drill chucks drill command drill commands drill core drill cuttings drill down drill for oil drill hall drill him drill holes