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human evolutionary genetics human evolutionary history human exceptionalism human excrement human execution human existence human expansion human experimentation human experimentations human experiments human explorers human extinction human eye human eye is sensitive human faces human factor human factor-related human factors human factors engineering human factors engineers human fat human feces human feelings human female human female genitalia human female sexuality human fertilisation human fertilization human figure human figures human flesh human flight human flight in space human flora human flourishing human flu human foamy virus human foods human foot human forms human fossils human freedom human freedom of thought and action human freedoms human furniture human gait human gaits human gammaherpesvirus 4 human gammaherpesvirus 6 human gene human genes human genetic human genetic analysis human genetic diversity human genetic engineering human genetic therapy human genetic variation human geneticist human genetics human genome human genome project human genus human geographer human geographers human geography human givens human governance human growth human growth and development human growth hormone human growth hormone human growth hormone human growth hormones human habitat human habitation human habitats human hair human hair and feathers human hair string human hand human head human heads human health human hearing human hearing range human heart human hearts human height human heredity human herpesvirus human herpesvirus 1 group human herpesvirus 2 human herpesvirus 2 group human herpesvirus 3 group human herpesvirus 4 group human herpesvirus 6 human herpesvirus 8 human herpesvirus type-6 human hip replacements human history human homeostasis human host human hunting human immortality human immune function human immunobiology human immunodeficiency virus human immunodeficiency virus type 1 human immunodeficiency virus type 2 human immunology human impacts human inability human insulin human intelligence human intelligence human intelligence functions including espionage human interaction human interaction management human interest human interest soldier stories human interest stories human interest story human interface human interface device human interface devices human interface guidelines human intervention human iron metabolism human isolation human jaw human kind human kinetics human knot human knowledge human labor human labour human language human language constructed by human language technologies human language translation human languages human leg human legs human leopards human leukocyte antigen human leukocyte antigens human leukocyte antigens human level of intelligence human life human life sciences human lifespan human like human locomotion human longevity human lung human lymphocyte antigen human machine interface human male human male genitalia human male sexuality human manure human measurements human medical experimentation human medical experiments human medicine human memory human memory process human mesothelial cell 1 human migration human migration theory human migrations human migratory patterns human milk human mimicry of nature's sounds human mind human mitochondria human mitochondrial genes human mitochondrial genetics human mobility human mortality human movement human movement control human multitasking human mummy confection human musculoskeletal system human mutant human mutants human name human nature human need human needs human nephron filter human network human neutrophil elastase human noses human nutrition human nutritional needs human observer human or closely related species human organ human organism human organs human origins human osteology human overcrowding of developed areas human overpopulation human palaeoecology human palm human pancreatic lipase human papilloma virus human papilloma viruses human papillomavirus human papillomavirus vaccine human papillomaviruses human parainfluenza viruses human parvovirus human patient simulator human penis size human perception human performance human performance and limitations human personality human phonetic sounds human phylogeny human physical appearance human physiology human placental lactogen human plasma human players human pony human population human population at the time human population expanded human population expansion human population growth human populations human position human possession human potential human potential movement human potential movements human potential seminars human power human powered human powered aircraft human powered helicopter human powered land vehicle human powered transport human powered vehicle human powered vehicles human prehistory human productive units human progress human projection human psyche human psychology human pyramid human qualities human quality human race human races human racial diversity human radiation experiments human rainbow human rated human rationality human readable human reason human reasoning human reasoning process human redemption human register human relations human relations movement human relationships human reliability human reliability analysis human remains human replicator human reproduction human reproductive cloning human resistance human resistance movement human resource human resource community human resource consulting human resource management human resource management systems human resource manager human resource managers human resource professionals human resources human resources administration human resources department human resources development human resources management human resources professionals human resources software human respiration human respiratory syncytial virus human responsibility human rib cage human right human right violations human rights human rights abuse human rights abuses human rights activist human rights activists human rights art movement human rights certification human rights code human rights commission human rights commissions human rights critic human rights defender human rights defenders human rights groups human rights instruments human rights law human rights laws human rights lawyer human rights legislation human rights movements human rights ombudsman human rights on the island human rights organization human rights organizations human rights principles human rights progress human rights record human rights records human rights reforms human rights standards human rights treaty bodies human rights violation human rights violations human rights violations by the occupying forces human rights violator human rights wrongs human rightsand human sacrifice human sacrifices human scale human science human sciences human search engine human search engines human security human seminal plasma hypersensitivity human senses human serum albumin human servant human service studies human services human set of genes human settlement human settlements human settlers human sewer-mutant human sex determination human sexual human sexual activity towards animals human sexual behavior human sexual behaviour human sexual pleasure human sexual practice human sexual practices human sexual response cycle human sexuality human shape human shield human shielding human shields human sinfulness human skeleton human skeletons human skin human skin color human skin colors human skin colouration human skin tone human skull human skulls human smuggler human smuggling human social controls human social interactions human societies human society human sociobiology human solidarity human soul human sources human space exploration human space flight human space-alien human spaceflight human spaceflight program human spaceflights human species human speech human sperm human sphere human spine human stereotypes human stomach human strength human subject research human subjects human subjects review human survival human synthetic human systems human tails human teeth human test subjects human testing human thinking human thought human thumbnail human tissue human tissue and embryology bill human tissues human toilet human torpedo human torpedoes human traffickers human trafficking human traits human translation human transplant surgery human trial human trials human tribes human tumor virus human umbilical vein grafts human uniqueness human units human urine human values human variability human vestigial human vestigiality human viral diseases human visible spectrum human vision human visual system human vitamins human voice human voice as an instrument human voices human voyage human waste human wastes human wave human wave assault human wave attack human wave attacks human waves human weight human welfare human well-being human whipworms human will human work capital human workflow human world human world soccer human zoo human zoos human-animal bonding human-animal chimeras human-animal communication human-animal hybrid human-animal sexual interaction human-ape hybrid human-appearing extraterrestrials human-based computation human-based evolutionary algorithms human-based genetic algorithm human-centered computing human-computer interaction human-computer interaction human-computer interactive experience human-computer interface human-computer interface work human-computer interfaces human-environment interaction human-explorable caves human-factors analysis human-form replicators human-induced changes human-interfacing devices human-level intelligence human-like animals human-like conversation human-like creatures human-like legs human-like reasoning human-machine collaborative systems human-machine hybrid human-machine interaction human-machine interface human-machine interfaces human-machine interfacing human-machine system human-machine systems human-made disaster human-occupied puppets human-pathogenic fungi human-piloted robot human-powered aircraft human-powered airplane human-powered flight human-powered submarine human-powered transport human-powered transportation human-powered vehicle human-powered vehicles human-rights abuses human-robot interaction human-system reliability human-vampire hybrid humane animal killing humane cage traps humane education humane law enforcement officers humane letters humane movement humane officer humane societies humane society humane treatment humanised monoclonal antibody humanist baby naming humanist baby naming ceremony humanist cause humanist culture humanist dialectic humanist funeral humanist geography humanist manifesto humanist movement humanist philosopher humanist principle humanist sans-serif humanist sans-serif typeface humanist scholar humanist sociology humanist studies humanist texts humanist training humanist wedding humanistic approach humanistic architecture humanistic base texts humanistic coefficient humanistic economy humanistic education humanistic learning humanistic model humanistic naturalism humanistic philosopher humanistic philosophy humanistic psychologist humanistic psychologists humanistic psychology humanistic psychotherapies humanistic psychotherapy humanistic sciences humanistic sociology humanistic studies humanitarian access humanitarian action humanitarian agencies humanitarian agency humanitarian aid humanitarian aid organisation humanitarian aid workers humanitarian assistance humanitarian bombing humanitarian crises humanitarian crisis humanitarian effort humanitarian efforts humanitarian emergency humanitarian exchange humanitarian imperative humanitarian intervention humanitarian issues humanitarian law humanitarian military intervention humanitarian mine clearance humanitarian mission humanitarian missionaries humanitarian missions humanitarian operation humanitarian organisations humanitarian organization humanitarian organizations humanitarian principle humanitarian principles humanitarian relief humanitarian response humanitarian service humanitarian support humanitarian welfare humanitarian work humanitarian workers humanities computing humanities journals humanities school humanities with a "scientific" basis humanity evolution humanized antibodies humanized antibody humanly constructible humanoid automata humanoid cat humanoid cats humanoid crew humanoid intelligence humanoid machines humanoid robot humanoid robotics humanoid robots humanoid space aliens humanoids with animal features humans and fantasy races humans are born with sin humans are extinct humans being deployed in space humans brought with them humans developed agriculture humans heads humans only use 10% humans rights humans species humans were launched into space humble address humble and deferential manner humble pie humboldt penguins humboldt squid humbucker pickups humbucking pick-up humbucking pickup humbucking pickups humeral circumflex humeral head humeral heads humeral process humeral spine humeral spot humeral trochlea humeral veil humeri anterior humeroradial joint humeroscapular joint humerotricipital sulcus humeroulnar joint humerus bone humic acid humic acids humic matter humic soils humid conditions humid continental humid continental climate humid forest humid forests humid subtropical humid subtropical climate humid subtropical zone humid subtropics humid tropical humid winds humidity control humidity index humiliating death humiliating rout humiliation games humite group humming bird humming bird's humming birds humming toadfish hummingbird hawk moth hummingbird moths hummus bi tahini humor columnist humor effect humor magazine humor magazines humor plays humor site humor theory humor therapy humor was very surreal humoral immune response humoral immune responses humoral immune system humoral immunity humoral medicine humoral model humoral response humoral responses humoral theory humoris causa humorous and popular subject in some fanwork. humorous citations humorous literature humorous verse & prose humorous works humorously reflect humorously suicidal humour column humour show humour theory humours comedy hump classification hump classification yards hump shunting hump sorting hump yard hump yards hump-backed mahseer hump-nosed viper humpback anglerfish humpback cat shark humpback chub humpback dolphins humpback grouper humpback pufferfish humpback salmon humpback whale humpback whales humpbacked bridge humpbacked whale humped cattle humphead parrotfish humphead wrasse humping the toaster hunchback salmon hundred days hundred days restoration hundred dollar hamburger hundred flowers bloom hundred of hundred pacer hundred serpent heads hundred subdivision hundred thousand hundred twenty-eighth note hundred year war hundred years hundred years war hundred-dollar bill hundred-dollar bills hundreds and thousands hundreds of bridges hundreds of devices hundreds of new and reworked features hundreds of other songs hundreds of thousands of square kilometers hundreds of thousands were deported hundreds of unsolved homicides and rapes hundredth name hung council hung gue hung herself hung him for a traitor hung in cages hung in chains hung juries hung jury hung out his shingle hung over hung parliament hung parliaments hung up hung upside-down from a noose hung with the loss hungarian korona hungarian language hungarian literature hungarian national football team hunger circus hunger circuses hunger for human flesh hunger pains hunger strike hunger striked hunger striker hunger strikers hunger strikes hunger striking hunger winter hungry bones syndrome hungry gap hungry ghost hungry ghosts hungry grass hungry i hunt and gather hunt and peck hunt and peck typing hunt cap hunt clubs hunt field hunt foxes hunt group hunt horses hunt in packs hunt sabotage hunt saboteur hunt saboteurs hunt seat hunt seat equitation hunt test hunt tests hunt uniform hunted and gathered hunted down hunted whales hunter and naturalist hunter case hunter class hunter competition hunter gatherer hunter gatherers hunter green hunter hack hunter hartebeest hunter killer hunter king hunter orange hunter pony hunter safety hunter seat riding hunter under saddle hunter-gatherer community hunter-gatherer cultures hunter-killer cruiser hunter-killer group hunter-style riding hunter-warrior system hunters and collectors hunters and gatherers hunting accident hunting and foraging hunting and gathering hunting and gathering society hunting ban hunting blind hunting boar hunting bow hunting box hunting cabin hunting camps hunting caps hunting château hunting clothes hunting country hunting culture hunting deer hunting dog hunting dogs hunting down the remaining leaders hunting expedition hunting foxes hunting ground hunting grounds hunting hares hunting his former mentor hunting horn hunting horns hunting hypothesis hunting incident hunting knife hunting knives hunting lance hunting laws hunting license hunting licenses hunting lodge hunting lodges hunting mishap hunting of animals hunting of foxes hunting of hippopotamus hunting of large game hunting oscillation hunting pink hunting preserve hunting prey hunting reserve hunting rifle hunting rifles hunting song hunting stick hunting strategies hunting trip hunting trophies hunting vests hunting wasps hunting waterfowl hunting weapon hunting weapons hunting with dogs huntingtin-associated protein 1 hunts for foxes huntsman spider huntsman spiders huon pine hurali saaru hurdle horse race hurdle race hurdle races hurdle rate hurdles final hurdy gurdy hurdy gurdys hurley or hurl hurley sticks hurling championship hurling championships hurling competition hurling players hurling stick hurricane "Carrie" hurricane belt hurricane bow hurricane classification hurricane deck hurricane force hurricane forecast models hurricane glass hurricane hole hurricane hunter hurricane hunters hurricane hunting hurricane intensity hurricane kick hurricane lamp hurricane lamps hurricane mitigation hurricane preparedness hurricane proof building hurricane rainfall hurricane reconnaissance hurricane relief hurricane season hurricane seasons hurricane seeding hurricane shutter hurricane shutters hurricane status hurricane strength hurricane stricken hurricane tide hurricane warning hurricane warnings hurricane watch hurricane watches hurricane watches and warnings hurricane winds hurricane “Inez” hurricane-related flooding hurricanes and climate change hurricanes and extreme weather events hurry-up offense hurting herself hurting his cattle husband and consort husband and wife husband of the present queen hush funds hush kit hush kits hush money hush puppies husking bee husking rice hussein merzaie hussite wars hustle dancing hustling women hut circle hut circles hut on hen’s legs hut platforms animal cage huáng lián jiě dú wán huáng lián sù wán huā jiāo hwajeon nori hwal bub hwangap janchi hwy 15 hwy 16 hyacinth bean hyacinth family hyacinth flower hyacinth macaw hyacinth plants hyakumanto darani hyaline cartilage hyaline casts hyaline cell hyaloid artery hyaloid canal hyaloid fossa hyaloid membrane hyaluronan synthase hyaluronan synthases hyaluronate lyase hyaluronic acid hyaluronic long chains hybrid adapter hybrid aircraft hybrid airship hybrid airships hybrid algorithm hybrid algorithms hybrid and trybrid hybrid animal hybrid anthem hybrid approach hybrid assembly hybrid automata hybrid automatic repeat-request hybrid automaton hybrid automobile hybrid automobiles hybrid autonomous underwater vehicle hybrid baggage hybrid bicycle hybrid bicycles hybrid bill hybrid bills hybrid bond graph hybrid bus hybrid buses hybrid bypass hybrid car hybrid cars hybrid circuit hybrid circuits hybrid client hybrid clients hybrid coach hybrid coil hybrid coils hybrid computer hybrid concept car hybrid corn hybrid coupler hybrid cryptosystem hybrid cryptosystems hybrid diesel-electric vehicles hybrid discs hybrid drive hybrid drives hybrid drivetrains hybrid dysgenesis hybrid electric hybrid electric automobile hybrid electric propulsion hybrid electric vehicle hybrid electric vehicles hybrid engine hybrid engines hybrid fiber coaxial hybrid fiber-coax hybrid fibre coaxial hybrid fibre-coaxial hybrid fighting system hybrid fighting systems hybrid flow battery hybrid force hybrid formation hybrid framework hybrid fuel car engines hybrid functional hybrid gas-electric automobiles hybrid grape hybrid grapes hybrid hadrons hybrid hard disk hybrid hard disk drives hybrid input-output phase retrieval algorithm hybrid instruments hybrid integrated circuit hybrid integrated circuits hybrid intelligent system hybrid intelligent systems hybrid interface hybrid intorgression hybrid intrusion detection system hybrid inviability hybrid kernel hybrid kernels hybrid libraries hybrid locomotive hybrid locomotives hybrid logic hybrid magnets hybrid martial art hybrid martial arts hybrid methods hybrid mixture of both solid and liquid hybrid mode hybrid modelling hybrid musk hybrid name hybrid names hybrid network hybrid offence hybrid offences hybrid open access hybrid open access journals hybrid open access model hybrid orbital hybrid orbitals hybrid organization hybrid passenger vehicles that have been converted to plug-in hybrids hybrid pension plans hybrid petrol -natural gas hybrid pi hybrid picking hybrid pigs hybrid plants hybrid powerplant hybrid powerplants hybrid propulsion hybrid protein hybrid pylon hybrid race car hybrid reactors hybrid rice hybrid rocket hybrid rocket fuel hybrid rocket motor hybrid rockets hybrid rose cultivar hybrid rudiments hybrid search engine hybrid search engines hybrid securities hybrid security hybrid seed hybrid seeds hybrid sequel hybrid shooter hybrid silicon laser hybrid speciation hybrid species hybrid star hybrid striped bass hybrid structure hybrid structures hybrid synthesis hybrid synthesizers hybrid system hybrid systems hybrid tea hybrid teas hybrid technology hybrid ternary code hybrid theory hybrid transformers hybrid truck hybrid trucks hybrid van hybrid varieties hybrid vehicle hybrid vehicle drivetrain hybrid vehicle drivetrains hybrid vehicles hybrid version hybrid video recorders hybrid word hybrid words hybrid wrestling hybrid zone hybrid zones hybrid-pi model hybrid-powered vehicles hybrid-striped bass molecular biology hybridisation assay hybridisation in ducks hybridisation in gulls hybridise it hybridising viruses hybridization in calidrines hybridization of atomic orbitals hybridization probe hybridization probes hybridization theory hybridized bonds hybridized carbon hybridized orbital theory hybridoma cells hydantoin derivatives hydatidiform mole hydatiform mole hydei subgroup hydel power hydel power stations hydnocarpic acid hydnocarpus oil hydoxyetyhl starch hydraenid beetle hydralic trough hydramatic transmission 紫陽花 hydrant diffuser hydrant wrench hydrant wrenches hydrargyrum medium-arc iodide hydrate cycle hydrate of lime hydrate structures hydrated iron oxide hydrated lime hydrated lime powder hydrated minerals hydrated silica hydration bladder hydration bladders hydration pack hydration packs hydration reaction hydration reactions hydration shell hydration system hydration systems hydraulic energy fluid energy hydraulic fluid energy hydraulic accumulator hydraulic accumulators hydraulic action hydraulic actuators hydraulic analogy hydraulic arm hydraulic automata hydraulic brake hydraulic brake lines hydraulic brakes hydraulic braking hydraulic buffer hydraulic cannon hydraulic catapult hydraulic cement hydraulic cements hydraulic chords hydraulic circuit hydraulic circuits hydraulic clutches hydraulic conductivity hydraulic continuity hydraulic crane hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinders hydraulic despot hydraulic despotism hydraulic device hydraulic diameter hydraulic drive hydraulic drive system hydraulic drive systems hydraulic empire hydraulic empires hydraulic energy hydraulic engine house hydraulic engineer hydraulic engineering hydraulic engineers hydraulic equipment hydraulic fill hydraulic flow hydraulic fluid hydraulic fluid power hydraulic fluidand hydraulic fluids hydraulic fractures hydraulic fracturing hydraulic fuel hydraulic fuses hydraulic gold mining hydraulic gradient hydraulic head hydraulic heads hydraulic jacking hydraulic jacks hydraulic jump hydraulic jumps hydraulic launch hydraulic launch mechanism hydraulic lift hydraulic lifters hydraulic lime hydraulic limes hydraulic line hydraulic lock hydraulic machinery hydraulic machines hydraulic manifold hydraulic mines hydraulic mining hydraulic motor hydraulic motors hydraulic network hydraulic networks hydraulic oil hydraulic oils hydraulic or pneumatic scale hydraulic organ hydraulic paradigm hydraulic permeability hydraulic pipelines hydraulic pistons hydraulic platform hydraulic power hydraulic power network hydraulic power stations hydraulic power tools hydraulic press hydraulic presses hydraulic pressure hydraulic pump hydraulic pumps hydraulic radius hydraulic ram hydraulic rams hydraulic recoil mechanism hydraulic recoil mechanisms hydraulic rescue tools hydraulic reservoir hydraulic resistance hydraulic retention time hydraulic seal hydraulic set hydraulic spreaders hydraulic steering gear hydraulic structure hydraulic structures hydraulic system hydraulic systems hydraulic telegraphs hydraulic test hydraulic transmission hydraulic turbine hydraulic turbines hydraulic valves hydraulic works hydraulic-setting cement hydraulically operated hydraulics engineer hydraulics engineering hydraulics engineers hydrazine dihydrochloride hydrazine hydrate hydrazine sulfate hydrazinium hydrogen oxalate hydrazinium ion hydrazinyl radical hydrazo compounds hydrazoic acid hydrazone iodination hydric soil hydric soils hydride ion hydride reductions hydride shift hydride transfer hydrino theory hydriodic acid hydro electric hydro electric power plants hydro electrical hydro electricity hydro energy hydro plant hydro plants hydro power hydro power generation plants hydro power plant hydro power plants hydro processing catalysts hydro project hydro station hydro storage container hydro-carbon carriage hydro-carbon carriages hydro-dynamically focused hydro-electric cars hydro-electric dam hydro-electric generation plant hydro-electric plant hydro-electric power hydro-electric power plant hydro-electric power plants hydro-electric power station hydro-electric power stations hydro-electric scheme hydro-electric station hydro-electrolytic balance hydro-pneumatic blowpipe hydro-power plants hydroacoustic coating hydrobromic acid hydrocarbon chains hydrocarbon condensate hydrocarbon cracking hydrocarbon depletion hydrocarbon dew point hydrocarbon economy hydrocarbon fuels hydrocarbon lamps hydrocarbon oil duty