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mining engineering mining engineers mining equipment mining facilities mining firm director mining geologist mining geologists mining geology mining industries mining industry mining interests mining lakes mining landscape mining law mining lease mining legislation mining metallurgist mining moratorium mining of oil shale mining of salt mining operation mining operations mining project mining railways mining rights mining robot mining schools mining sector mining services mining sett mining settlement mining setts mining shafts mining sorties mining taxes mining tenement mining town mining towns mining trucks mining village mining wagons mining wastes miniseries adaptation miniseries adapted from the original novel miniseries based on it miniseries of the same name miniseries re-imagining minister for foreign affairs minister for labour minister for public works minister general minister of agriculture minister of commerce minister of culture minister of defense minister of education minister of external affairs minister of finance minister of fisheries & aquaculture minister of housing and of the town minister of internal affairs minister of internal security minister of justice minister of marine minister of militia minister of public education minister of public instruction minister of public safety minister of railways minister of religion minister of sacrifice minister of social affairs and health minister of state minister of the environment minister of the interior minister of the interior and justice minister of the left minister of the maison du roi minister of the navy minister of the right minister of the royal household minister of tourism & parks minister of war minister or religion minister plenipotentiary minister responsible for constitutional affairs ministerial act ministerial by-election ministerial code ministerial conference ministerial control ministerial inquiry ministerial office ministerial ordinance ministerial organism ministerial portfolios ministerial red box ministerial responsibility ministerial servants ministerial system ministerial warrant ministerial warrants ministers by portfolio ministers of foreign powers ministers of state ministers of the crown ministers responsible ministries and departments ministry charged with higher education ministry of agriculture ministry of defence ministry of education ministry of education and science ministry of finance ministry of internal affairs ministry of internal security ministry of justice ministry of sound ministry of special forces ministry of state security ministry of the interior ministry of these women ministry of trade and industry ministry of war ministry of women priests ministry to women ministry-level agency minitoke utensil minié ball minié balls mink coat mink enteritis virus mink farm mink oil mink pattern mink stole minke whale minke whales minkowski distance minkowski sum minnesinger period minni ritchi minnow lures mino washi minodronic acid minolteparin sodium linear algebra minor actinide minor actinides minor allele frequency minor and double minor penalties minor and young adult minor arc minor arcana minor arterial minor arterial roads minor artifact minor assaults minor axis minor baseball minor baseball league minor baseball leagues minor basilica minor basilicas minor bowl minor burns minor calyx minor canon minor canons minor carpentry minor celebrity minor channel minor character minor characters minor children minor chord minor chords minor civil division minor civil divisions minor clash minor classic minor clerical orders minor cloud-goddess minor cold minor consiglio minor counties minor counties cricket minor country minor county minor crime minor deities minor depression minor determinant minor determinants minor duodenal papilla minor edits minor eighteen anthology minor events butterfly effects minor family from the series minor figure minor football minor forest produce minor foul minor groove minor heat minor histocompatibility antigen minor hockey minor hockey team minor in possession minor injuries unit minor islands minor key minor keys minor league minor league affiliate minor league affiliates minor league baseball minor league baseball stadium minor league baseball team minor league baseball's minor league basketball minor league coordinator minor league draft minor league football minor league free agent minor league hockey minor league system minor league systems minor league team by the same name minor league teams minor leaguer minor leaguers minor leagues minor major seventh minor midrashim minor mode minor modes minor muscle minor niners minor ninth minor nobility minor number minor offences minor office minor order minor ordering minor orders minor papilla minor participant minor parties minor parts minor party minor party's minor penalty minor penalty card minor pentatonic minor piano compositions minor piece minor pieces minor planet minor planet name minor planet names minor planetary objects minor planets minor political parties minor political party minor premier minor premiers minor premiership minor premierships minor premise minor premiss minor professional hockey minor prophet minor prophets minor ranking event minor release minor release of plutonium. minor repair minor reshuffle minor role minor roles minor roll minor salivary glands minor sanhedrin minor scale minor scales minor second minor seconds minor semi final minor seminaries minor seminary minor seventh minor seventh chord minor sevenths minor sixth minor sixths minor skirmishes minor snow minor spliceosome minor standstill minor station minor sub-region minor suit minor suits minor surgical procedures minor system minor tenace minor term minor third minor thirds minor to marry minor tone minor tones minor tractates minor tranquilizers minor treatises minor triad minor triads minor version minor vestibular glands minor-hereditary property minor-league baseball minor-league baseball team minor-league hockey minor-league system minor-seventh musical chord os hyoidei minority administration minority attack minority belief in the scientific community minority cabinet minority cabinets minority care taker cabinet minority carrier minority carriers minority coalition minority communities minority do not minority educational minority ethnic minority ethnic groups minority federal government minority federal governments minority floor leader minority game minority gov't minority government minority governments minority group minority groups minority health minority in many countries minority influence minority interest minority interests minority issues minority language minority languages minority leader minority leaders minority legislature minority medical school minority of parliamentarians minority owned minority parliament minority parliaments minority parties minority party minority population minority race minority reign minority religion minority religions minority rights minority rule minority scientific opinion emerged minority scientists minority self-governments minority shareholder minority shareholder protections minority shareholders minority shareholding minority stake minority status minority status group minority view minority voters' minority whip minority white government minority-set aside minors and abortion minors breaking the law minors detained in the global war on terror minors from possessing or purchasing alcohol minster church minstrel act minstrel dancing minstrel doll minstrel show minstrel shows minstrel singer minstrel songs minstrel troupe minstrel troupes mint bush mint chip mint chocolate mint chutney mint coins mint condition mint error mint errors mint family mint floss mint green mint its own coins mint julep mint juleps mint julips mint leaves mint mark mint markfor mint marks mint sauce mint sets mint stamps mint tea mint-made error mint-made errors minting coins minting error minting its own coins mintless mints mints and seals mints the euro minuet and trio minuet steps minus sign minus signs minus strand minus zero minus-strand synthesis minuscola cancelleresca italiana minuscule letters minute analysis minute anatomy of minute bark beetles minute book minute brown scavenger beetles minute fungus beetles minute man minute minder minute of angle minute of arc minute of silence minute perceptions minute pirate bug minute repeater minute tree-fungus beetles minute veins minute ventilation minute virus of mice minute volume minutemen militia minutes of a meeting minutes of arc minutes of meetings minyons de l'Arboç miombo woodland mip maps mirabelle plum mirabelle plums mirabelle prune tree miracle cures miracle economy miracle fruit miracle healings miracle of the five loaves and two fish miracle of the gulls miracle of the loaves and fishes miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes miracle on ice miracle play miracle plays miracle tales miracle temperament miracle weapon miracle wheat miracle with the fishes miracle worker miracle year miracles can only be performed miraculous beam miraculous birth miraculous conception and birth miraculous cures miraculous event miraculous healings miraculous icon miraculous in its nature miraculous medal miraculous multiplication of food miraculous powers miraculous signs miraculous vision miraculous year miraculously cured mirchi bada mire communities mire pill beetle mire poix miripirium chloride miristalkonium chloride mirror box mirror carp mirror cells mirror confinement mirror design mirror dory mirror effect mirror galvanometer mirror galvanometers mirror go mirror grinding mirror image mirror images mirror images of each other mirror lens mirror lenses mirror lock-up mirror lockup mirror manifolds mirror matter mirror maze mirror mounts mirror movement disorder mirror neuron mirror neuron system mirror neurons mirror of princes mirror orbifold mirror plane mirror planes mirror port mirror punishment mirror reflection mirror reflection symmetry mirror reflex camera mirror rune mirror self-recognition mirror server mirror servers mirror site mirror sites mirror stage mirror symmetry mirror syndrome mirror test mirror theory mirror to study themselves mirror twins mirror universe mirror website mirror writing mirror yeasts mirror-of-princes writing mirror-of-princes writings mirror-recognition test for self-awareness mirror-symmetry breaking mirrored article mirrored balls mirrored computers mirroring phylogeny mirrorshades group mis-perceptions of the enemy's intentions misalignment mechanism misanthropic scientist misappropriating funds misappropriation of public money misappropriation theory miscarriage of justice miscarriages of justice miscasts an opponent's argument miscegenation hoax miscellaneous auxiliary miscellaneous cartoons miscellaneous consumer goods miscellaneous itemized deduction miscellaneous itemized deductions miscellaneous spelling differences miscellaneous works misch metal mischief rule misconceptions about evolution misconceptions or misrepresentations misconduct penalty miscue analysis misdemeanor charge misdemeanor citations mise en abyme mise en place mise en scene mise en scène mise en scènes misery index misfeasance in public office misfiring system misfit stream misfolded protein misfolded proteins mish mash hodge-podge misheard lyric mishti doi misinformation effect misleading advertising misleading and deceptive conduct misleading and false claims misleading financial analysis misleading name misleading of justice misleading or deceptive conduct misleading reports of the conversation misleading use of statistical methods misleading vividness mismar saiyidi mismatch negativity mismatch repair mismatch repair gene mismatch theory mismatched impedances mismating shot mismating shots miso soup miso soups misplaced concreteness fallacy misprinted edition misprision of a felony misprision of felony misprision of treason misquoting them misrepresentation of age miss bats miss rule miss stays missa brevis missa catechumenorum missa fidelium missa in angustiis missa tota missed abortion missed approach missed approach point missed in action missed the event missense mutation missense mutations misshapen ear missi dominici missile approach warning missile boat missile boats missile compartment design missile countermeasures missile crisis missile cruiser missile decoy flares missile defence missile defence plan missile defence system missile defense missile defense classified by trajectory phase missile defense plan missile defense system missile defense systems missile defenses missile dredges missile dropkick missile dropkicks missile forces missile gap missile guidance missile incident missile launch detection system missile launch facilities missile launcher missile launchers missile lock missile mail missile operations missile platform missile pod missile range missile range instrumentation ship missile range ship missile seekers missile shield missile silo missile silos missile suppression missile tank missile technology missile test center missile test launch missile test range missile testing missile tests missile torpedo boats missile train missile weapon missile weapons missile-related technology missing after a major battle missing amendment missing children missing data missing energy missing episode missing episodes missing fundamental missing heirs missing in action missing link missing links missing man fly-by missing man formation missing market missing markets missing mother missing movement missing or captured missing people missing person missing personnel missing persons missing presumed dead missing presumed wiped missing satellites problem missing self missing son missing thirteenth amendment missing time missing trader fraud missing two years missing values missing white woman syndrome missing year missing-man flyover missing-man formation missing-women puzzle missio honesta missio ignominiosa mission "Elmira" mission "Keokuck" mission accomplished mission adaptive wings mission agency mission and vision mission area mission bell mission blue mission blue butterfly mission blue butterfly habitat conservation mission church mission civilatrice mission civilisatrice mission commander mission community mission computer mission configuration mission control mission control center mission creek oregonian mission creep mission critical mission editor mission field mission fields mission figs mission flow diagrams mission history mission hospital mission house mission in the territory mission in the western provinces mission kill mission of inquiry mission of the church mission operations mission operations center mission organization. mission pack mission packs mission parish mission partners mission patch mission presidency mission president mission presidents mission projects mission pueblo mission school mission schools mission specialist mission specialists mission statement mission statements mission station mission stations mission style mission sui iuris mission sui juris mission territory mission tiles mission to bomb the ball-bearing factories mission trip mission trips mission work mission-based organizations mission-based sector mission-based tactics mission-type tactics missional church missional living missionaries and cannibals missionaries and cannibals problem missionary activity missionary anal position missionary bishop missionary children missionary diocese missionary dioceses missionary discussions missionary docking missionary effort missionary kids missionary literature missionary methods missionary monk missionary movement missionary order missionary outreach missionary position missionary qualification missionary schools missionary service missionary singer missionary societies missionary station missionary training center missionary work missions "Chicago" missions abroad missions colonizing period missions field missions history missions in the provinces missions movement missions schools missions sui iuris missions trips missions work missle dropkick missle dropkicks missus dominicus missus imperatoris mist flower mist infested with monsters mist nets mist netted mist netting mistake hitter mistake in contract law mistake of fact mistake of law mistaken credit mistaken identities mistaken identity mistakenly indentified mistakes of translation mistakes were made misting systems mistle thrush mistletoe lectin mistletoe tyrannulet mistook it for the truth mistook the word mistral wind mistreatment of animals mistreatment of children mistreatment of dogs mistress of ceremonies misty grouper misunderstanding of the origin of the phrase misuse detection systems misuse of alcohol misuse of claims of exclusive rights under copyright misuse of drugs misuse of statistics misyar marriage misère games misère play mite boxes miter box miter gauge miter joint miter joints miter saw mitered corners mitered joints mithril coat mithril shirt mithu sen mitigate global warming mitigate greenhouse gas mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and climate change mitigate peak oil mitigate sound levels mitigate the effects of global warming mitigated charges mitigated negative declaration mitigating actions mitigating circumstance mitigating circumstances mitigating climate change mitigating evidence mitigating factor mitigating factors mitigating or extenuating circumstances mitigation evidence mitigation factors mitigation map mitigation of global warming mitigation projects mitigation work mitochondria sheath mitochondrial aldehyde dehydrogenase mitochondrial analysis mitochondrial biogenesis mitochondrial calcium uniporter mitochondrial carnitine palmitoyltransferase-1 mitochondrial carrier mitochondrial carriers mitochondrial cristae mitochondrial cytochrome c mitochondrial cytopathies mitochondrial diabetes mitochondrial disease mitochondrial diseases mitochondrial disorder mitochondrial disorders mitochondrial dna mitochondrial encephalomyopathy, lactic acidosis, and stroke-like episodes mitochondrial eve mitochondrial genes mitochondrial genetics mitochondrial genome mitochondrial haplogroup mitochondrial haplogroups mitochondrial inner membrane mitochondrial intermediate peptidase mitochondrial matrix mitochondrial membrane mitochondrial membrane transport proteins mitochondrial myopathy mitochondrial outer membrane mitochondrial permeability transition mitochondrial permeability transition pore mitochondrial pores mitochondrial processing peptidase mitochondrial shuttles mitochondrial targeting sequence mitochondrial toxicity mitochondrial trifunctional protein mitochondrially inherited mitogen receptor mitogen-activated protein mitogen-activated protein kinases MAP kinases mitogen-activated protein MAP kinases mitogen-activated protein kinase mitogen-activated protein kinase 1 mitogen-activated protein kinase 14 mitogen-activated protein kinase 3 mitogen-activated protein kinase 8 mitogen-activated protein kinase 9 mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase mitogen-activated protein kinase kinases mitogen-activated protein kinases mitogenetic radiation mitogenic signals mitosis promoting factor mitosis-promoting factor mitosporic fungus mitotic activity mitotic cell division mitotic cycle mitotic cyclins mitotic division mitotic divisions mitotic index mitotic inhibitor mitotic inhibitors mitotic nondisjunction mitotic recombination mitotic reproduction mitotic spindle mitotic spindle checkpoint mitotic spindles mitotic spores mitral annulus mitral cell mitral cells mitral orifice mitral valve mitral valve disease mitral valve prolapse mitral valve prolapse dysautonomia mitral valve prolapse syndrome mitral valve repair mitral valve repairs mitral valve replacement mitral valve replacement surgery mitral valves mitral valvulotomy mitre 10 mitre box mitre gate mitre joint mitre saw mitred abbey mitred abbot mitred horseshoe bat mitsu tomoe mitsve tants mivacurium chloride mivobulin isethionate mix album mix album of the same name mix albums mix and splice tracks in a deejay act mix beats mix blood creole mix cascades mix cd mix downs mix drink mix engineer mix engineers mix in mix networks mix of cultures and traditions mix our labour mix series mix shows mix tape mix tapes mix tapes in hip hop mix-adjusted method mixed acid fermentation mixed aggregates mixed agriculture mixed alphabet mixed alphabets mixed ancestry mixed anomaly mixed anxiety-depressive disorder mixed apnea mixed bathing mixed bed ion exchange mixed blessing mixed boundary condition mixed boundary conditions mixed breed mixed breed dog mixed breed dogs mixed breeds mixed by mixed case mixed chalice mixed choir mixed chorus mixed climbing mixed cocktail mixed complementarity problems mixed conifer forest mixed constitution mixed cranial nerve mixed curling mixed deciduous mixed deciduous forests mixed derivatives mixed descent mixed dipterocarp mixed dipterocarp forest mixed disorders of conduct and emotions mixed donor ligands mixed doubles mixed doubles event mixed drink mixed drinks mixed economic model mixed economies mixed economy mixed electoral system mixed episode mixed episodes mixed equilibrium mixed ergativity mixed ethnicity mixed evergreen forest mixed evergreen forests mixed farming mixed feeding flocks mixed flocks mixed flow reactor mixed forest mixed forests mixed franking mixed frankings mixed freight mixed function oxidase mixed gauge mixed gender mixed gland mixed gonadal dysgenesis mixed government mixed governmental state mixed graph mixed grill mixed group mixed hardwood forests mixed hardwoods mixed heritage mixed household waste mixed hunting parties mixed hypothetical syllogism mixed inhibition mixed integer linear program mixed integer programming mixed integer rounding mixed international team mixed language mixed languages mixed layer mixed layer depth mixed layers mixed logit mixed marriage mixed marriages mixed martial arist mixed martial art mixed martial artist mixed martial artist mixed martial artists mixed martial arts mixed martial arts mixed martial arts fighter mixed martial arts fighters mixed media mixed member proportional mixed member proportional representation mixed member proportional system mixed member proportional voting mixed member system mixed mesophytic deciduous forest mixed metaphor mixed metaphors mixed meter mixed meters mixed microsomal oxidases mixed mode mixed models mixed number mixed numbers mixed nuts mixed operation mixed oxide mixed oxide mixed oxide fuels MOX fuels mixed oxide MOX fuels mixed oxide fuel mixed oxide fuel mixed oxides mixed parentage mixed partial derivatives mixed phase mixed pickle mixed power mixed prairie mixed primogeniture mixed proportional representation mixed race mixed race people mixed races mixed racial origins mixed radix mixed realities mixed reality mixed results mixed rice mixed school mixed script system mixed search strategy mixed services mixed sex mixed signal mixed species flocks mixed spice mixed state mixed states mixed strategies mixed strategy mixed surface layer mixed system mixed tag match mixed tag team match mixed tag team matches mixed tag-team match mixed team mixed teams mixed temperate forest mixed tensor mixed the present with the dim and distant past mixed tides mixed traffic mixed train mixed trains mixed twins mixed type mixed uranium plutonium oxide mixed usage mixed use mixed use development mixed use land mixed uses mixed voices mixed waste mixed wastes mixed with mixed wizard mixed woodland mixed woods mixed workload mixed workloads mixed xylenes mixed-breed dog mixed-breed dogs mixed-integer program mixed-martial artist mixed-martial artists mixed-member proportional mixed-member proportional system mixed-member proportional system mixed-method research mixed-methods approaches mixed-model techniques mixed-race ancestry mixed-race heritage mixed-race marriages mixed-signal circuit mixed-signal circuits mixed-signal integrated circuit mixed-signal integrated circuits mixed-species feeding flock mixed-species feeding flocks mixed-species flock mixed-species flocks mixed-species foraging flocks mixed-style date mixed-traffic locomotive mixed-use development mixed-use neighborhoods mixed-use path mixedwood stands mixer drink mixer products mixes up the gift recipients mixing and recording engineer mixing angle mixing audio mixing board mixing boards mixing bowls mixing box mixing chamber mixing console mixing consoles mixing deck mixing density mixing desk mixing desks mixing engineer mixing engineers mixing entropy mixing heights mixing it mixing length theory mixing media mixing only mixing paradox mixing patterns mixing probability density mixing ratio mixing ratios mixing spoons mixing station mixing studies mixing test mixiworld radio mixmaster model mixmaster universe mixolydian mode mixolydian scale mixtape compilations mixte frame mixture density mixture model mixture modelling mixture models mixture of different peoples mixture of labour mixture of the tongues mixture of two normal populations mixture stops mixtures of experts mizik rasin mizik vidé mizithra cheese mizu shobai mizu shoubai mizu shōbai mizzen course mizzen mast mizzen masts mizzen topgallant mast mk one mkdir command mks system of units mlitary service mm of mercury mm tree mm wave mm × mm mnemic causation mnemonic codes mnemonic induction of lucid dreams mnemonic link system mnemonic major system mnemonic name mnemonic peg system mnemonics or cybreakers mo comp mo kong mo lam mo lei tau moa hunter moaning frogs moaning in a sexual manner moaning sounds moapa pebblesnail moated castle moated hall moated homestead mob action mob associate mob attack mob behavior mob behaviour mob boss mob bosses mob cap mob caps mob connections mob family mob football mob hit mob informers mob justice mob mentality mob psychology mob retaliation mob rule mob violence mobbing behavior mobbing behaviour mobcaps and straw bonnets or "cell" mobile phone or "cell" phone mobile or "cell" phone or cell mobile phones or cell phones mobile or cell phones mobile phones wireless phones mobile wireless phones mobile 2.0 mobile ad hoc networks mobile ad-hoc network mobile ad-hoc network mobile ad-hoc networking mobile ad-hoc networks mobile agent mobile agents mobile air defence vehicles mobile and fixed cameras mobile antenna mobile anti-aircraft mobile applications mobile armor mobile armors mobile armour mobile armours mobile army surgical hospital mobile art mobile artillery mobile assault towers mobile audio mobile banking