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pilot error pilot errors pilot experiment pilot film pilot films pilot fish pilot flame pilot for a new pilot for a television series pilot generator pilot gig pilot ground school pilot hole pilot holes pilot house pilot in command pilot in control pilot induced oscillation pilot launch pilot licence pilot license pilot licenses pilot light pilot lights pilot loco pilot locomotive pilot movie pilot officer pilot plant pilot plants pilot power reactor pilot presentation pilot program pilot programs pilot project pilot reports pilot school pilot schooner pilot service pilot show pilot signal pilot signals pilot site pilot station pilot status pilot studies pilot study pilot test pilot tested pilot to pilot tone pilot training pilot trainings pilot valve pilot valves pilot vessel pilot wave pilot whale pilot whales pilot wings pilot-controlled lighting systems pilot-induced oscillation pilot-induced oscillation pilot-induced oscillations pilot-wave theory piloted armors piloted flight piloting error piloting the canopy pilots and aviators pilots dispute pilots licence pilots license pilsener malt pilsner glass pimaric acid pimaric acids pimba music pimelic acid pimeloyl-CoA dehydrogenase pimento cheese pimento wood pimp his ride pimp slap pimped out pimpled rubber pin action pin and hanger assemblies pin and hanger assembly pin and tumbler pin art pin assignment pin badges pin billiards pin bolts pin chuck pin combinations pin compatible pin diodes pin each other and two referees count the three pin fall pin feathers pin grid pin grid array pin group pin groups pin hole camera pin index safety system pin insulators pin oak pin oaks pin on disc tester pin or wedge pin out pin pia pin pool pin rail pin registration pin risk pin screen pin shooting pin stripe pin stripes pin striping pin tools pin trading pin tumbler lock pin tumbler locks pin up pin up girl pin ups pin-back button pin-grid array pin-lever escapement pin-lever escapements pin-lever movement pin-lever watch pin-lever watches pin-pen merger pin-tumbler lock pin-up art pin-up girl pin-up girls pin-up model pin-up models pina coladas pinacol boronic ester pinacol coupling pinacol coupling reaction pinacol rearrangement pinacolyl alcohol pinacolyl ethylphosphonofluoridate pinafore apron pinafore dress pinafore eroticism pinaverium bromide pinback buttons pinball game pinball games pinball machine pinball machine flipper pinball machines pinball table pince nez pincer attack pincer bite pincer grasp pincer grip pincer maneuver pincer movement pincer movements pincer operation pincered by offensives from both the east and west pinch -runner pinch analysis pinch bottles pinch effects pinch grip tie pinch harmonic pinch harmonics pinch hit pinch hits pinch hitter pinch hitters pinch hitting pinch of salt pinch point pinch points pinch ran pinch roller pinch run pinch runner pinch running pinch wheel pinched nerve pinched nerves pincushion cactus pincushion distortion pincushion ray pine bark beetle pine barren pine barrens pine beetle pine bluegrass Poa secunda pine cone pine cone golf pine cones pine family pine flatwoods pine forest pine forests pine green pine grosbeak pine grosbeaks pine gum pine hoverfly pine ladybird pine marten pine martens pine mushrooms pine needle pine needle oil pine needles pine nut pine nuts pine oil pine processionary caterpillar pine resin pine robbers pine rocklands pine seeds pine shoot moth pine siskin pine snake pine snakes pine soap pine species pine squirrel pine squirrels pine tar pine thrush pine tree pine tree ant pine trees pine warbler pine warblers pine wood pine woods snake pine-like trees pine-needle trees pine-oak forests pine-oak woodlands pine-scented air freshener pineal body pineal eye pineal gland pineal gland cyst pineal glands pineal opening pineal region pineal region tumor pineapple bun pineapple connection pineapple express pineapple flower pineapple fritter pineapple juice pineapple juices pineapple mint pineapple pits pineapple plantation pineapple primary pineapple wine pinecone fish pineland fern pinene synthase pinewood derby piney woods pinfire cartridge video games ping bombing ping cup ping flood ping flooding ping floods ping of death ping pong ping pong ball ping pong ball trick ping pong balls ping pong recording technique ping pong shows ping sheng yang ping sheng yin ping spam ping things ping-pong ball ping-pong balls ping-pong diplomacy ping-pong game ping-pong mechanism ping-pong reaction ping-pong table ping-pong virus pingpong ball cactus pinhead crickets pinhead mirror pinhole borer pinhole camera pinhole camera model pinhole cameras pinhole eye pinhole glasses pinhole model pinhole photographs pinhole photography pinic acid dimethyl ester pinion gear pinion gears pink anemone pink barite pink bat pink bats pink beans pink bismuth pink bollworm pink cockatoo pink collar pink collar worker pink cusk-eel pink dollar pink dolphin pink dolphins pink donuts pink elephant pink elephants pink fairy pink family pink film pink films pink flamingo pink flamingoes pink flamingos pink gin pink ginger bud pink granite pink granites pink grapefruit pink hats pink heath pink is the new black pink ivory pink jersey pink lady's-slipper pink lemonade pink locusts pink maomao pink movies pink mucket pink noise pink or carnation family pink peppercorns pink pig pink pigeon pink pine pink pineapple pink point pink pound pink revolution pink ribbon pink ribbons pink river dolphins pink salmon pink salon pink salons pink sandstone pink scroll pink sea fan pink sheet pink sheets pink slip pink slips pink snapper pink star pink strychnine pink triangle pink triangles pink tutu pink velvet worm pink vinyl pink-collar worker pink-edged sulfur pink-footed geese pink-footed goose pinkbar goby pinkhead smartweed pinkie mice pinkies and fuzzies pinking shears pinko fags pinktoe tarantula pinku eiga pinky digit pinky finger pinky fingers pinky promise pinky swear pinna notch pinna of pinnacle height pinnate venation pinnately compound pinned barrel pinned cylinder pinned joints pinned shafts pinning ceremony pinning force pinning hold pinning holds pinning hurricanrana pinning points pinning position pinning the data pinniped sanctuary pinnule midvein pinolenic acid pinon nut pinon pine pinonic acid pinonic acid methyl ester pinosylvin synthase pinot blanc pinot droit pinot grigio pinot gris pinot meunier pinot noir pinpeat orchestra pinquito beans pinscreen animation pinscreen animations pinscreen animator pinscreen apparatus pinspeck camera pinstripe suit pint glass pint glasses pint of beer pint-sized counterpart pintail duck pintail ducks pintail whydah bird pintle injector pintle mount pintle-and-gudgeon rudders pinto bean pinto beans pinto horse pinto horses pinturas de castas pinup art pinup girl pinup girls pinus apulcensis pinus ayacahuite pinus maximinoi pinus montezumae pinus oocarpa pinus pseudostrobus pinus radiata pinus rudis pinus silvestris pinus tecunumanii pinwheel calculator pinwheel nebula pinwheel tiling pinxter flower pinyin method pinyin system pinyin table pinyon nut pinyon nuts pinyon pine pinyon pines pion coiffé handicap pion condensate pion decay constant pioneer camp pioneer cemetery pioneer college pioneer community pioneer company pioneer corps pioneer epoch pioneer families pioneer history pioneer in aviation pioneer movement pioneer neurons pioneer of aviation pioneer of stem cell research pioneer organisation pioneer organizations pioneer period pioneer plant pioneer plant species pioneer plants pioneer radio art pioneer settlements pioneer settlers pioneer species pioneer trek pioneer village pioneering biplane pioneering gardeners pioneering global marine research expedition pioneering radio station pioneering sci-fi movie pioneering species pionic field pionic hydrogen π0 pious fiction pious fraud pious frauds pious opinion pious person pious prostitute pious sister pipa toad pipe and drum pipe and drum band pipe and tabor pipe band pipe bands pipe banners pipe bomb pipe bombs pipe buffer pipe cap pipe chests pipe clamp pipe cleaner pipe cleaners pipe cleaning pigs pipe coating pipe dance pipe dope pipe fish pipe fishes pipe fitting pipe for smoking marijuana pipe fox pipe games pipe laying pipe lines pipe major pipe mines pipe music pipe network pipe nipple pipe organ pipe organ building pipe organ construction pipe organist pipe organs pipe ramming pipe roll pipe rolls pipe scaling pipe sergeant pipe smoker pipe smoking pipe sponges pipe stop pipe stress analysis pipe sweetening pipe systems pipe tampers pipe thread pipe threader pipe threads pipe tobacco pipe tobaccos pipe tool pipe wrench pipe wrenches pipe-stem waist pipecolic acid pipecuronium bromide piped aboard piped match piped music piped out piped sewage piped water piped-in music pipeline architecture pipeline bridges pipeline bubbles pipeline explosions pipeline inspection gauge pipeline inspection gauges pipeline linking pipeline of instruction registers pipeline operators pipeline programming pipeline project pipeline registers pipeline roller coaster pipeline stall pipeline stalls pipeline transport pipeline transportation pipeline video inspection pipelined architecture pipelined divide and conquer pipelined microprocessors pipelined processors pipemidic acid pipenzolate bromide piperazine calcium edetate piperazine family piperazine hydrothiocyanate piperidine hydrothiocyanate piperidinyl benzilates piperidyl formanilide piperitone oxide piperonyl acetate piperonyl alcohol piperonyl butoxide piperonylic acid pipes and drums pipes and drums band pipes and filters pipes and filters design pattern pipes and infrastructure pipevine swallowtail piping and instrumentation diagram piping and instrumentation diagrams piping and plumbing fittings piping bag piping bags piping plover piping plovers piping systems pipistrelle bat pipit and wagtail piprocurarium iodide piptadeniatrum africanum pique placket pique turns pique turns en dehors piqué turns piracy and copyright infringement piracy protection piracy with violence piranha fish piranha plants piranha solution pirate accent pirate articles pirate attacks pirate broadcaster pirate broadcasting pirate broadcasts pirate bug pirate bugs pirate channel pirate code pirate copies pirate culture pirate decryption pirate duck pirate editions pirate enclave pirate enclaves pirate fishing pirate flag pirate flags pirate king pirate lord pirate meals pirate metal pirate movie pirate nest pirate party pirate perch pirate perches pirate radio pirate radio networks pirate radio ship pirate radio station pirate radio stations pirate radiobroadcasts pirate radios pirate raids pirate scene pirate ship pirate ships pirate spider pirate spiders pirate station pirate stations pirate supply store pirate talk pirate television pirate television station pirate theme pirate underground pirate utopia pirate utopias pirate whaling pirate-themed dark ride pirated copies pirated copy pirated editions pirated formats pirated or illegally distributed pirated production pirated software pirates made out of licorice pirates vs ninjas piratical activities piratical behaviour pirating incident pirdonium bromide piri piri piridronic acid piriform cortex piriform sinus piriformis muscle piriformis syndrome pirimiphos methyl pirinet valves pirinixic acid pirogue races piromidic acid pirotechnical device pirralkonium bromide pisang goreng piscatory ring pisco sour pisiform bone pisiform bones pisohamate ligament pistache nut pistachio nuts pistachio oil pistil head pistillate parts pistol carbine pistol cartridge pistol cartridges pistol duels pistol grip pistol grips pistol magazine pistol shooter pistol shooting pistol shooting events pistol shrimp pistol shrimps pistol slide pistol swords pistol whip pistol whipped pistol whipping pistol whips piston aircraft piston and cylinder engine piston bellows piston carriage piston displacements piston driven piston effect piston engine piston engine's piston engined piston engines piston filler piston gland piston pump piston pumps piston ring piston rings piston rod piston rods piston steam engine piston stroke piston system piston twin piston valve piston valved piston valves piston-and-cylinder steam-powered water pump pistonless pump pistonless pumps pistonless rotary engine pistonless rotary engines pit band pit beef pit boss pit bull pit bull terrier pit bull terriers pit bull type pit bulldog pit bulls pit cave pit crater pit craters pit crew pit crewman pit crews pit dogs pit dwellings pit fiend pit fiends pit fires pit firing pit head pit house pit houses pit lane pit latrine pit latrines pit log pit marshals pit of despair pit of needles pit orchestra pit orchestras pit organ pit oven pit percussion pit ponies pit pony pit prison pit privy pit props pit road pit saw pit scales pit stop pit stops pit strategies pit structures pit sword pit toilet pit toilets pit trap pit traps pit village pit villages pit viper pit vipers pit water pit wheel pit with thousands of used hypodermic syringes pit-grave culture pit-style toilet pita bread pitbull terrier pitch accent pitch accents pitch and putt pitch and putt golf pitch and roll pitch and toss pitch and yaw pitch and yaw control pitch angle pitch around pitch attitude pitch axis pitch bend pitch bending pitch bends pitch black pitch boilery pitch capping pitch care pitch center pitch centers pitch centricity pitch circle pitch class pitch class space pitch class spaces pitch classes pitch contour pitch contours pitch control pitch correction pitch correction software pitch count pitch counts pitch cue pitch curve pitch dark pitch detection pitch detection algorithm pitch detection algorithms pitch drop experiment pitch in relief pitch invasion pitch invasions pitch level pitch line pitch mark pitch modulation pitch multiplication pitch or lead pitch or strip pitch or yaw pitch oscillation pitch out pitch over pitch pine pitch pine-scrub oak barrens pitch pipe pitch pipes pitch pole pitch range pitch reflection invariance pitch relations pitch reset pitch roof pitch scaling pitch selection pitch shift pitch shifted pitch shifter pitch shifter audio processor pitch shifters pitch shifting pitch space pitch spaces pitch standard pitch standards pitch to contact pitch tracking pitch translation invariance pitch trim pitch wheel pitch-accent languages pitch-class space pitched ball pitched bass drum pitched battle pitched battles pitched roof pitched roofs pitched truss pitcher flower pitcher infauna pitcher of record pitcher of the month pitcher plant pitcher plants pitcher pump pitcher sage pitchers of record pitches they throw pitches to the head pitchfork bifurcation pitchfork media pitching and batting pitching and rolling pitching appearances pitching around pitching coach pitching coaches pitching inside pitching machine pitching machines pitching moment pitching motion pitching mound pitching out pitching plate pitching positions pitching rotation pitching rubber pitching signs pitching staff pitching stance pitching triple crown pitching wedge pitching woo pitchshifted vocals pitfall trap pitfall traps pith and marrow pith and substance pith helmet pith helmets pith paper pitman action pitman arm pito herreño pito rociero pitometer log pitot boom pitot head pitot tube pitot tubes pitot-static system pitot-static tube pitta bread pittance payment pitting corrosion pitting edema pittura metafisica pitu montañés pituitary adenoma pituitary adenomas pituitary adenomata pituitary adenylate cyclase activating peptide pituitary adenylate cyclase activating polypeptide pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide pituitary adenylyl cyclase-activating peptide pituitary apoplexy pituitary body pituitary gigantism pituitary gland pituitary glands pituitary hormone pituitary hormone receptor pituitary hormone-regulating hormone receptor pituitary hormones pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction pituitary stalk pituitary tumor pituitary tumors pituitary tumours pituitary-adrenal axis pity sex pityriasis versicolor piu mosso pius ndiefi pivalic acid pivaloyl chloride pivot arm pivot bridge pivot chart pivot chord pivot column pivot element pivot gun pivot guns pivot joint pivot joints pivot language pivot line pivot point pivot point calculations pivot row pivot table pivot tables pivot turn pivot turns pivotal method pivotal quantity pivotal response therapy pivotal war pivoted bridge piwi domain pixel and vertex shaders pixel and vertex shading pixel animations pixel art pixel artist pixel aspect ratio pixel binning pixel buffer pixel clock pixel crack pixel detectors pixel geometries pixel geometry pixel grid pixel grid paint program pixel hunting pixel imagery pixel map pixel perfect pixel pipeline pixel pipelines pixel pitch pixel quads pixel resolution pixel sensors pixel shader pixel shader 3.0 pixel shader units pixel shaders pixel shading pixel shifting pixel sites pixel vignetting pixel-for-pixel font or in computer graphics terminology, aptly called fragments pixels per inch pixie circles pixie dust pixie fairies pixie poacher pixilation animation pizza alla napolentana pizza bagel pizza box pizza box form factor pizza box percussion pizza boxes pizza cutter pizza deliveries pizza delivery pizza delivery man pizza fritta pizza hut pizza logs pizza parlor pizza parlors pizza parlour pizza parlours pizza pie pizza restaurant pizza restaurant chain pizza rolls pizza sauce pizza shop pizza slices pizza stone pizza strips pizza topping pizza toppings pizzica tarantata pièce d'occasion pièce de résistance pièce de théâtre pièce montée pièce à machines pièces montées piña colada piña coladas piñon nuts piñon pine piñyon pines place and route place blogging place brand place branding place card place cell place cells place d'Italie place d'armes place de l'Etoile place de l'Étoile place for the burial place his hands on him to restore his sight place identity place in the sun place kick place kicker place kicks place knife place management place name place name used by census place named "Buffalo" place names place of articulation place of birth place of burial place of his birth place of honor place of ill-repute place of interest sign place of pilgrimage place of work place of worship place priority place setting place settings place syntax place theory place value place-based education place-based learning place-based media place-name evidence place-value notation place-value system place-value systems placebo controlled study placebo effect placebo effects placebo-controlled studies placed 7th overall placed her among the stars placed import tariffs on steel placed in a grave while still alive placed in commission placed in reserve placed in service placed last placed on waivers placed out of commission placed seventeenth placed the communities under stress placed throughout the infrastructure placeholder name placeholder names placeholder phrase placeholder text placement and routing placement equipment placement of nuclear weapons placement of the light sources placement of voting booths placement test placement typology placenta abruptio placenta blood placenta cloth placenta cord banking placenta may be eaten placental abruption placental barrier placental biopsy placental hemorrhages placental lactogen placental mammal placental mammals placental membrane placental site nodule placental terrestrial carnivores placental transfusion syndromes placental viviparity placer claims placer deposit placer deposits placer gold placer gold mine placer gold mining placer mine placer miner placer miners placer mines placer mining places of articulation places of no return places of residence places of sovereignty places of worship places they lived places to intervene in a system places where abortion is legal placic horizon placidyl carbamate placket front placoid scales plactic monoid plagal cadence plagal cadences plagal mode plagal modes plagiarism detection plagiarism scandal plagic sea snake plagioclase feldspar plague column plague columns plague doctor plague doctors plague epidemic plague epidemics plague era plague of frogs plague of Ægypt plague pandemic plague pit plague pits plague species plague town plague year plagued with problems plaid pattern plaid skirt plaid weaver plain bearing plain bearings plain cactus snail plain carbon steel plain cavesson plain chant plain chocolate plain clothes plain concrete plain dress plain flour plain high diving plain high diving competition plain high diving event plain language plain loaf plain meaning plain meaning or literal plain meaning rule or literal rule plain meaning or literal rule plain meaning rule plain milling machines plain old balloon angioplasty plain old telephone service plain old telephone services plain paper plain paper copier plain people plain sect plain sects plain song plain speech and dress plain suit plain text plain text files plain titmouse plain velars plain view plain view exception plain vowels plain weave plain weaves plain white flour plain woven plain-carbon steel plain-carbon steels plain-clothes police plain-clothes police officer plainbelly water snake plains bison plains game plains of existence plains of the abyssal zone plains states plains tribes plains zebra plainsong mass plaintext awareness plaintiff in error plaintiffs in error plait of straw plaited branches plaited hair plaited stitch plaited straw plaiting of straw plaiting straw plan 9 from outer space plan blanc plan examiner plan examiners plan for expansion plan of care plan of operations plan of salvation plan position indicator plan position indicators plan rouge plan scale plan space plan termination plan text plan the economy plan their journeys plan to eliminate all the clods in the world to make it a better place plan to give local communities control of public schools plan to increase troop levels plan to intervene plan to privatize the national post office plan to recreate the universe plan to unilaterally disengage plan to withdraw from 21 settlements plan view plan views planar algebra planar angle planar array planar array antenna planar cell polarity planar chirality planar deformation features planar dragons planar dual planar dual graph planar field planar fractures planar geometric projections planar geometry planar graph planar graphs planar lattices planar mechanism planar network planar overlay planar patch clamp planar polarity planar process planar sections planar straight line graph planar straight line graphs planar straight-line graph planar straight-line graphs planar subdivision planar surface planar ternary ring planar transistor planar waveguides