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residence and meeting halls residence hall residence hall directors residence halls residence life residence on land residence order residence permit residence permits residence program residence time residence time distribution residence times residences for the elderly residency papers residency permit residency positions residency program residency requirements residency training residency training program resident abroad resident action group resident adviser resident advisers resident advisor resident advisors resident alien resident aliens resident artist resident assistant resident assistants resident bird resident birds resident bishop resident camp resident commissioner resident commissioners resident councillors resident cult resident director resident directors resident hotels resident judge resident magazin resident magistrate resident magistrates resident officer resident pathologist resident physician resident physicians resident registration number resident registration numbers resident representative resident school resident writer residential academies residential aged care residential airpark residential architecture residential area residential area in which it was formed residential areas residential associations residential building residential bus residential cable residential camp residential care residential care homes residential charter schools residential college residential college system residential colleges residential communities residential community residential community association residential community associations residential complex residential compound residential construction residential conversion residential courses residential development residential developments residential drain fields residential education residential elevator residential estate residential garden residential gardens residential gateway residential gateways residential halls residential home residential homes residential homes for senior citizens residential hotel residential hotels residential house system residential houses residential hub residential land uses residential living residential lofts residential mortgage residential neighborhood residential neighborhoods residential palace residential programs residential property residential real estate residential real estate development residential rehab facility residential rights residential roads residential school residential school system residential schools residential site residential solar residential sound insulation residential subdivisions residential summer camp residential system residential tower residential towers residential town residential treatment center residential treatment centers residential treatment program residential treatment services for youth residential village residential waste disposal residential zoned parking residentiary canon residents and the student population residents associations residents of foreign origin residing in the country illegally residual block termination residual claim residual colonialism residual compressive stresses residual current circuit breaker residual current device residual demand residual dipolar coupling residual dipolar couplings residual elasticity of demand residual entropy residual error term residual finds residual flux density residual frame residual frames residual fuel residual graph residual haunting residual legatee residual modeling residual network residual oil residual oil saturation residual payment residual payments residual poison residual powers residual profit residual rights residual seats residual strength residual stress residual stresses residual strong force residual subset residual sugar residual sugars residual sum of squares residual value residual values residual volume residual votes residual waste residual-current circuit breaker residual-current device residual-current devices residually finite residually nilpotent residuals analysis residuary bodies residuary clause residuary estate residuary legatee residuary powers residuated lattice residuated lattices residuated semilattice residue arithmetic residue at a pole residue calculus residue class field residue classes residue field residue fields residue flaring residue theorem residue-residue contacts resign from office resignation honours resignation speech resigned as head coach resigned from his seat resigned his seat resigned of their own accord resigned the party leadership resigned the pontificate resilient channels resillal ridge resin acid resin acids resin bonded panels resin casting resin cement resin ducts resin identification code resin infusion resin soap resin soaps resin spurge resist dye resist dyed resist dyeing resist not evil resist occupation resist printing resist taxation resistance activities resistance army resistance art resistance band resistance bands resistance cell resistance distance resistance effort resistance equipment resistance fighter resistance fighters resistance force resistance forces resistance genes resistance grid resistance group resistance groups resistance heaters resistance heating resistance hybrid resistance is futile resistance leader resistance machines resistance member resistance members resistance movement resistance movements resistance mutation resistance of air resistance operations resistance organisation resistance organisations resistance organization resistance organizations resistance paper resistance parties resistance play resistance projection welding resistance running resistance spot welding resistance swimming resistance temperature detector resistance temperature detectors resistance temperature device resistance testing resistance that women attorneys resistance theory resistance thermometer resistance thermometers resistance to air resistance to antiviral drugs resistance to change resistance to civil government resistance to disease resistance to drought resistance to drugs resistance to insulin's effects resistance to interrogation resistance to it resistance to motion resistance to pesticides resistance to radiation resistance to the development of an airport on their land resistance training resistance training machines resistance troops resistance welding resistance wire resistant bacteria resistant cognition resistant materials resistant mutations resistant proteins resistant reading resistant starch resistant starches resistant strain resistant strains of bacteria resistant to antibiotics resistant to outside interference resisted arrest resisted from moving resisted such efforts resistible grace resisting an officer resisting arrest resisting taxes resistive circuit resistive element resistive force resistive heating resistive load resistive loads resistive losses resistive magnets resistive mask resistive membrane resistive plate chambers resistojet rocket resistojet rockets resistor array resistor color code resistor network resistor networks resistor-transistor logic resizable array resolute desks resolution 39 resolution 47 resolution barrier resolution enhancement resolution enhancement techniques resolution enhancement technologies resolution independence resolution independent resolution of an ambiguous term resolution of disputes resolution of no confidence resolution of singularities resolution of the identity resolution phase resolution principle resolution theorem provers resolution theorem proving resolution to any and all narratives resolvability criterion resolve disputes resolve hostnames resolve such ambiguities resolved in a battle resolvent formalism resolvent kernel resolvent operator resolvent set resolving agent resolving disputes resolving gels resolving power quantum field theory resonance between the two fluorophores resonance box resonance cascade resonance chamber resonance chambers resonance contribution resonance effect resonance effects resonance energies resonance energy resonance energy transfer resonance forms resonance frequencies resonance frequency resonance hybridized structure resonance integral resonance of excited bubbles resonance or natural frequency resonance pipes resonance stability resonance stabilization resonance stabilized resonance structure resonance structures resonance suppressor resonance theory resonance transfer resonance wave resonant capture resonant cavities resonant cavity resonant circuit resonant circuits resonant coupling resonant effect resonant electric circuits resonant electro-optic modulator resonant energy resonant filter resonant frequencies resonant frequency resonant interband tunnel diodes resonant intonation resonant inverse photoemission spectroscopy resonant low-pass resonant mass bar detectors resonant nodes resonant objects resonant orbits resonant peaks resonant room modes resonant strings resonant stub resonant trans-Neptunian objects resonant tunnel diode resonant tunnel diodes resonant tunneling diode resonant tunneling transistor resonant ultrasound specstroscopy resonant vibration resonant vibration period resonating chamber resonating chambers resonating positions resonating tubes resonating valence bond resonator cavity resonator guitar resonator guitarist resonator guitars resonator mode resophonic guitar resophonic guitarist resorbable stents resorcinol dibenzoate resorcinol monoacetate resorcinol monohydrate resorption of bone resorsinal glue resort area resort areas resort chain resort destination resort hotel resort hotels resort island resort park resort planet resort settlement resort spa resort spas resort town resort towns resort village resort-type area resoundingly rejects resounds in sympathy resource acquisition ability resource acquisition is initialization resource adapters resource allocation resource allocation mechanisms resource allocations resource base resource based strategies resource biology resource broker resource budget resource bundles resource centre resource certification resource competition resource consent resource consents resource conservation resource constraints resource coordination resource cost resource curse resource deadlocks resource depleted resource depletion resource description framework resource distribution resource economics resource economy resource editor resource efficiency resource estimation resource exhaustion resource exploitation resource extraction resource fork resource forks resource handles resource holding potential resource industry resource kits resource leveled resource location resource lock resource locks resource management resource management law resource manager resource managers resource map resource mobilization resource optimization resource partitioning resource recovery resource rent resource requirements resource reservation resource reservation protocol resource rights resource royalties resource shortage resource shortages resource starvation resource trading resource types resource usage resource utilization resource value resource virtualization resource war resource wars resource-based view resources and services resources camp resources depletion respect diversity respect for diversity respect for persons respect his captors' culture respect to faith-based and community initiatives respectable professional league respected by the government respectful attention respectful language respective age of the partners respective clubs respective game respective government-owned liquor corporations respective national team respective state legislatures respiration calorimeter respiration centre respiration chamber respiration chambers respiration in plants respiration of the organism respiration organ respiration rate respiration rates respirator mask respiratory abnormalities respiratory acidosis respiratory activity respiratory alkalosis respiratory apparatus respiratory arrest respiratory arrests respiratory assistance respiratory bronchiole respiratory bronchioles respiratory bronchiolitis-associated interstitial lung disease respiratory burst respiratory cancers respiratory center respiratory centers respiratory centre of the medulla respiratory centres respiratory chain respiratory compensation respiratory conditions respiratory crisis respiratory depression respiratory disease respiratory diseases respiratory disorders respiratory distress respiratory diverticulum respiratory droplet transmission respiratory enzyme respiratory epithelium respiratory examination respiratory failure respiratory flora respiratory function respiratory health respiratory illness respiratory illnesses respiratory infection virus respiratory infections respiratory insufficiency respiratory insufficient respiratory kinase respiratory medicine respiratory mobility respiratory muscles respiratory organs respiratory paralysis respiratory passages respiratory patterns respiratory physiology respiratory pigment respiratory precautions respiratory problems respiratory quotient respiratory rate respiratory rates respiratory region respiratory rhythm respiratory route respiratory sciences respiratory signs and symptoms respiratory specialists respiratory stimulant respiratory stimulants respiratory syncythial virus respiratory syncytial virus respiratory system respiratory system products respiratory systems respiratory techs respiratory therapeutic respiratory therapist respiratory therapists respiratory therapy respiratory toxicant respiratory tract respiratory tracts respiratory tree respiratory tuberculosis respiratory ventilation respiratory virus respiratory weakness respiratory zone respire aerobically respite care resplendent quetzal respondeat superior responded by deploying responded to the relief effort respondent conditioning responding singers responds to the surgeon’s voice commands legal rulings responsa literature responsa prudentium response advertising response amplitude operators response bias response codes response cost response curve response element response elements response factor response frame response from many nations response functions response in cases of accidental spillage or exposure response keys response properties response rate response rates response records response regulators response scales response spectrum response surface response surface methodology response surface models response surfaces response time response timer response to criticism response to intervention response to sound response variable response variables responses to modernity responsibilities of scientists and intellectuals responsibility assignment matrix responsibility assumption responsibility for the attacks responsibility for the war responsibility or guilt responsibility system responsibility to protect responsible autonomy responsible consumption responsible disclosure responsible drinking responsible drug use responsible for the attacks responsible for the persecution responsible for their acts responsible gambling responsible government responsible governments responsible ministry responsible non-monogamy responsible self government responsible self-government responsible tourism responsive clothing responsive communitarianism responsive double responsive drug delivery systems responsive gels responsive reserve warheads responsorial chant responsorial psalm responsum which supported maintaining traditional restrictions on homosexual behavior rest and relaxation rest and service areas rest area rest areas rest areas or service centres rest centre rest cure rest energies rest energy rest frame rest home rest homes rest house rest houses rest in peace rest mass rest mass energy rest of the books rest part rest peacefully rest problem rest room rest rooms rest step rest stop rest stops rest the land restalyne injections in her lips restart the game from the beginning restaurant area restaurant car restaurant cars restaurant chain restaurant chain of the same name restaurant chains restaurant chef restaurant critic restaurant critics restaurant food safety ratings restaurant furniture restaurant guide restaurant guides restaurant industry restaurant management restaurant managers restaurant rating restaurant ratings restaurant reviews restaurant row restaurant trams restaurant workers restaurants in hulimavu restiform bodies restiform bodies of restiform body resting blissfully in their graves resting bodies resting cells resting heart rate resting ion channel resting membrane potential resting membrane potentials resting metabolic rate resting place resting potential resting potentials resting pulse resting spore resting spores resting state resting sweat output test restinga vegetation restitutio in integrum restitution for injuries and murder restitution of its independence restocking fee restoration colony restoration comedy restoration ecology restoration habitats restoration movement restoration movements restoration of capitalism restoration of democracy restoration of historic neighborhoods and buildings restoration of independence restoration of parliamentary democracy restoration of teeth restoration of the monarch restoration of the monarchy restoration of the temple restoration programme restoration project restoration spectacular restoration work restorative artist restorative dentistry restorative economy restorative justice restorative materials restore her memory restore his honor by his own death restore nitrogen restore the dead to life restored church restored copyrights restored editions restored gospel restored monarchy restored prairies restored religion restored scenes restored to the throne restored trains restoring bird habitat restoring force restoring his soul restoring imperial rule restoring teeth restraining bolt restraining line restraining order restraining orders restraint chairs restraint of commerce restraint of free trade restraint of trade restraint on alienation restraints on alienation restrict communion restrict players' salaries restrict the air supply restrict trade restricted 3-body restricted access highways restricted action resolution restricted airspace restricted by law restricted byway restricted democratic freedoms restricted free agent restricted free agents restricted functions restricted license restricted line officer restricted line officers restricted living quarters restricted maximum likelihood restricted operating certificate for aircraft restricted pesticides restricted product restricted quantification restricted quantifiers restricted quantum computation restricted representation restricted representations restricted security zones restricted service licence restricted service license restricted shell restricted stock restricted substances restricted sumsets restricted the 'strength' of cryptography restricted three-body problem restricted universe sort restricted use pesticide restricted use pesticides restricted waters restricted-range endemic restricted-range endemic bird restricted-range endemics restricted-range species restricting freedom of expression restricting freedom of speech restricting land use regulation restricting the bandwidth restriction condition restriction digest restriction digestion restriction digests restriction endonuclease restriction endonucleases restriction enzyme restriction enzymes restriction fragment restriction fragment length polymorphism restriction fragment length polymorphism restriction fragments restriction map restriction mapping restriction maps restriction modification system restriction modification systems restriction nuclease restriction of a function restriction of a representation restriction of scalars restriction point restriction site restriction sites restrictions on computing devices restrictions on federal research dollars restrictions on firearm ownership restrictions on gun owners restrictions on motorcycle use on freeways restrictions on political parties restrictions on shipping restrictions on smoking tobacco restrictions on standings restrictions on the export of cryptography restrictive business restrictive cardiomyopathies restrictive cardiomyopathy restrictive clause restrictive covenant restrictive covenants restrictive ophthalmopathy restrictive practice restrictive practices restrictive relative clauses restrictive technique restrictive trade policies restrictor plate restrictor plate racing restrictor plates restricts or prohibits restructured its defaulted debt restructured steaks restructuring costs restructuring event restructuring of debt restructuring of the empire restructuring of the infantry result cache result code result in game theory result merchant result of a controlled demolition result of the implicit function theorem in two variables result of the merger result set result sets resultant attribute resultant effects resultant force resultant moral luck resulted in the plant's destruction resulted in war threats, massive deployment resulting by-election resulting by-election for his seat resulting by-election in his constituency resulting election resulting encounter resulting fat resulting flag resulting floods resulting franchise resulting general election resulting huge cheese resulting in a crash resulting militant movements resulting ministry resulting rebellion resulting report resulting state by-election resulting trilogy resulting trust resulting trusts resulting violence results and rankings results by number of seats won results of the referendum held results pages resumed submarine attacks resumed the offensive resumes normal tempo resumption of hostilities resurface in his mind resurface the ice resurgence people’s force resurgent atavism resurgent dome resurgent domes resurrect the dead resurrected bodily from the dead resurrected him resurrected the promotion into one of their brands resurrected this system resurrecting the dead resurrection appearances resurrection body resurrection coin resurrection ecology resurrection gauntlet resurrection holiday resurrection life resurrection men resurrection of humanity resurrection of mankind resurrection of physical bodies resurrection of the body resurrection of the dead resurrection of the just resurrection plant resurrection plants resurrection ship retail area retail areas retail bank retail banking retail brokerage retail brokers retail businesses retail center retail chain retail chains retail cluster retail co-op retail company retail cooperative retail cores retail dealers retail deposits retail display retail employees retail enterprise retail establishments retail establishments' retail finance retail food service retail forex retail geography retail goods retail industry retail investors retail leakage retail mall retail management retail manager retail market retail markets retail media retail music stores retail offices retail outlet retail outlets retail package designs retail park retail parks retail pharmacist retail politics retail price retail price index retail price maintenance retail prices retail prices index retail sale retail sales retail services retail shop retail shop or store retail shopping retail shops retail site retail software retail space retail store retail store chain retail stores retail strips retail therapy retail trade retail trades retail types retail units retailer-owned cooperative retain custody of some land retain data retain features of the substratum retain memory across incarnations retained earnings retained executive search retained firefighters retained interest retained its name retained losses retained menstruation retained mode retained mode graphics retained mode graphics system retained mythological appearance retainer agreement retainer fee retainer sacrifice retaining some weight retaining wall retaining walls retains this feature retains water retaking of the following year retaliatory prosecution retaliatory strike retalitory discharge retama flowers retard the spark retarded ejaculation retarded position retarded potentials retarded signal retarded time retarded times retarding devices retargetable compiler retargetable graphics rete canalis hypoglossi rete mirabile rete mirabilia rete testis rete tubular ectasia retene quinone retention aid retention basin retention basins retention coefficients retention election retention factor retention holsters retention of configuration retention of juvenile traits retention of telecommunication traffic data retention of the mind on the object retention of title retention of title clause retention of vision retention of young professionals retention pond retention ponds retention rates retention signals retention tax retention test retention time retention times retention vote retia mirabilia or network reticella glass or network glass reticella or network glass reticle telescope reticular activating network reticular activating system reticular cell reticular cells reticular connective tissue reticular dermis reticular dysgenesis reticular fibers reticular formation reticular formations reticular lamina reticular layer reticular layer of reticular membrane reticular nucleus reticular nucleus of thalamus reticular theory reticularis alba reticularis grisea reticulate body reticulate venation reticulated beetles reticulated giraffe reticulated giraffes reticulated puller reticulated python reticulated pythons reticulated toadfish reticulated tracery reticulated vitreous carbon reticuline oxidase reticulo-endothelial system reticulo-omasal orifice reticulocyte count reticulocyte lysate reticulocyte production index reticuloendothelial blockade reticuloendothelial cells reticuloendothelial macrophages reticuloendothelial system reticuloendotheliosis virus reticulorumen orifice reticulospinal tract reticulum cell sarcomas retina identification retina scanners retina scanning retina scans retinal angiography retinal angiomas retinal artery retinal atrophy retinal binding protein retinal cells retinal circulation retinal cones retinal cysts retinal damage retinal defect retinal degeneration retinal dehydrogenase retinal detachment retinal detachments retinal disease retinal diseases retinal disorders retinal disparities retinal disparity retinal dysplasia retinal dystrophy retinal edema retinal epithelial cells retinal ganglia process colour retinal ganglion retinal ganglion cell retinal ganglion cells retinal haemorrhage retinal hemorrhages retinal image retinal images retinal implants retinal isomerase retinal oxidase retinal phototransduction pathway retinal pigment epithelium retinal pigmented epithelium retinal prosthesis retinal rods retinal scan retinal scanner retinal scanning retinal scans retinal separation retinal stabilization retinal tears retinal telangectasias retinal vascular changes retinal vascular endothelium retinal vascular occlusions retinal vasculitis retinal vein occlusion retinal veins retinal-binding proteins retinoblastoma protein retinohypothalamic tract retinoic acid retinoic acid induced heparin-binding protein retinoic acid receptor retinoic acid receptor alpha retinoic acid receptor beta retinoic acid receptor gamma retinoic acid receptors retinoid receptors retinoid x receptor retinoid-X receptor retinol binding protein retinol binding protein 4 retinol binding proteins retinol dehydrogenase retinol isomerase retinol metabolism retinol-binding protein retinopathy of prematurity retinotectal pathway retinotopic map retinotopic maps retinyl ester retinyl palmitate retinyl-palmitate esterase retinylidene protein retinylidene proteins retire hurt retire the number 31 shirt retire the side retired attorney retired emperor retired emperors retired from music to become a house-husband retired from the industry retired golf professionals retired his number retired hurt retired ill retired number retired numbers retired out retired pay retired people retired planes retired schoolmaster retired the number retired the side retired uniforms retirement accounts retirement age retirement annuities retirement annuity contracts retirement annuity plan retirement annuity plans retirement apartments retirement benefits retirement center retirement centers retirement communies retirement communities retirement community retirement funds retirement game retirement home retirement homes retirement house retirement housing retirement into the desert retirement living retirement match retirement of judges retirement pay retirement plan retirement planning retirement plans retirement programs for federal railroad workers retirement savings retirement savings plan retirement slump retirement system retirement taxes retirement village retirement villages retiring commander retiring hurt retiring numbers retiré position retook power retort stands retorting plant retouched to a more modest standard category theory retractable aluminium hardtop retractable bridge retractable bridges retractable gear retractable hard top retractable hard-top retractable hardtop retractable hardtops retractable headlights retractable landing retractable landing gear retractable metal hardtop retractable raked seating retractable roof retractable roofed retractable screen doors retractable seating retractable tricycle undercarriage retractable undercarriage retracted article on the neurotoxicity of ecstasy retracted by ten of the paper's thirteen authors retracted tongue root retractile testis retraction ball retrahens aurem retransmission consent retransmission dispute retreat and evacuation retreat center retreat from the east retreat house retreat houses retreat master retreat mining retreat north retreat of glaciers retreat of the glaciers retreat of the ice sheets retreat of these glaciers retreat the 10m retreat work retreated since retreating blade stall