retaining wall

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retaining wall (plural retaining walls)

  1. Any of several structures used to restrain a vertical-faced mass of earth.
    • 1939 November, “Pertinent Paragraphs”, in Railway Magazine, page 358, photo caption:
      Masonry flying arches strutting the retaining walls in Chorley cutting, Manchester-Blackpool line, L.M.S.R.
    • 1962 June, David Walters, “The new station and layout at Coventry”, in Modern Railways, page 405:
      In order to accommodate the new platform 4 and the reversibly signalled slow line, a deep cutting had to be cut back and held up in places with a concrete retaining wall.
    • 2020 August 26, Tim Dunn, “Great railway bores of our time!”, in Rail, page 43:
      Biddle even notes how Brunel, after observing how one retaining wall had part-collapsed during the construction of one of the GWR's Bristol tunnels during heavy rains, "decided to leave it like that and planted it with ivy to represent a ruined medieval gateway".