resistant materials

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resistant materials (uncountable)

  1. (education, Britain) A school subject combining elements of woodwork, metalwork and plastic-work, sometimes a module of a larger design and technology syllabus.
    • 2000, Carrie Paechter, Changing School Subjects, →ISBN, page 43:
      This is clear, for example, in the case of GCSE D&T, where students have to follow a core course in resistant materials but can gain a GCSE by combining this with another course in food technology or textiles technology
    • 2004, Adrian Percival and Susan Tranter, How to Run Your School Successfully, →ISBN, page 112:
      We heard of a school that distributed timetables one week before the end of term; a boy who had been studying resistant materials throughout year 10 had food technology on his timetable.
    • 2013, Patricia Murphy, “Gender and Technology”, in Defining Technological Literacy: Towards an Epistemological Framework, →ISBN, page 224:
      There is some evidence that this may be the case with girls taking electronics, and systems and controls, and this is also the case in the advanced-level examinations but it does not hold for those girls choosing to study resistant materials or for those boys choosing to study textiles and food technology.