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short ream short recoil short recoil action short recoil operated short recoil operated, locked breech short recoil operation short recoiling short release reaction time short ribs short rod short rotation coppice short rotation forestry short rows short run short sale short sales short samoan tree snail short saphenous nerve short saphenous vein short scale short scale and long scale short scale, not the long scale short score short sea short sea liner short sea shipping short sea vessels short sell short seller short sellers short selling short sells short sentences short service commission short shackling short short stories short short story short shorts short shuttle short siege short sight short sighted short skirt short skirts short sleeved polo shirt short sold short spear short spell short splice short sprinter short sprints short squeeze short staff short stature short stock short stop short stories short stories collection short story short story collection short story collections short story it was based on short story of that name short story of the same name short story of the same title short story writer short straddle short straddles short strangle short strangles short stroke gas system short subject short subjects short supply short surfboards short sword short swords short syllable short syllables short synacthen test short tailed albatross short take off and landing short take-off and landing short takeoff short takeoff and landing short takeoff and landing capability short takeoffs and landings short takeoffs or landings short tale short tandem repeat short tandem repeats short tennis short term short term earnings short term lending windows short term memory short term positions short term recall short term traders short time short title short title catalogue short titles short ton short tons short tour short track short track motor racing short track race short track racing short track speed skater short track speed skaters short track speed skating short track speedskater short track speedskating short tracks short transactions short trips short twentieth century short vessels short vowel short vowels short w fanala w cab short war short wave short wave broadcasters short wave radio short wavelength short wavelengths short waves short-arm backhand chops short-arm lariat short-beaked echidna short-billed black cockatoos short-chain fatty acids short-circuit evaluation short-circuit test short-circuited wire short-day breeders short-day plants short-distance migrant short-eared owl short-eared owls short-faced bear short-faced bears short-field operation short-fin galaxias short-finned eel short-finned eels short-finned pilot whale short-form improv game short-gilled mahseer short-handed goal short-horned grasshoppers short-horned lizard short-line operator short-line railroad short-line railroads short-line railway short-lived administration short-lived colony short-lived communist regime short-lived confused state short-lived coup short-lived independence short-lived late-night talk show short-lived project short-lived state short-lived syndicated late night talk show short-lived television series short-lived yet independent governments short-nosed bandicoot short-nosed bandicoots short-nosed fruit bat short-order cook short-order cooking short-pitched bowling short-range ballistic missile short-range ballistic missiles short-range radio short-ranged communication short-rate models short-recoil operated short-run costs short-run printing short-scale terminology short-sea passenger short-sea passenger ship short-sea passenger ships short-service commission short-short stories short-spired elimia short-story writer short-stroke gas piston short-stroke piston short-suit game try short-tail stingray short-tailed albatross short-tailed barbeled dragonfish short-tailed bat short-tailed bats short-tailed monitor short-tailed nighthawk short-tailed shearwaters short-tailed weasels short-take off-and-landing aircraft short-term assets short-term broadcasts short-term capital gain short-term debt short-term government bonds short-term investments short-term liabilities short-term memories short-term memory short-term memory loss short-term memory store short-term missions short-term musical memory short-term solutions short-time hotel short-toed eagle short-toed treecreeper short-track demonstration event short-track speed skater short-track speed skating short-twig runes short-vowel letter short-wave radar short-wave radio short-wave receivers short-wave trough short-winged conehead short-winged flower beetles shortage economies shortage economy shortage of basic articles shortage of clergy shortage of liberties shortage of oil shortage of priests shortage of suitable donors shortage of vocations shortcrust pastry shortcut key shortcut keys shortened form shortened forms shortened season shortened to shortened version shortening of actin and myosin filament crossbridges shorter form shorter times shorter wavelengths shorter workday shortest common supersequence shortest common superstring shortest day of the year shortest job next shortest path shortest path problem shortest path problems shortest path tree shortest paths shortest proof games shortest remaining time shortest spanning tree shortest vector problems shortest verse shortest war in history shortest-path routing shortfin mako shortfin mako shark shortfin molly shortfin pilot whale shortfin sandskate shortform improvisation shortgrass prairie shortgrass prairies shortgrass steppe shorthand machines shorthand writing shorthead redhorse shortie nightgowns shortjaw cisco shortlex order shortlip electric ray shortlist nomination shortly occupied shortness of breath shortnose boxfish shortnose chimaera shortnose cisco shortnose gar shortnose greeneye shortnose guitarfish shortnose sturgeon shortnose sucker shorts out shortspine thornyhead shortspire hornsnail shortstalk mouse-ear chickweed shorttail fanskate shortwave antennas shortwave bands shortwave broadcasting shortwave listener shortwave listeners shortwave listening shortwave radiation shortwave radio shortwave radio time signal shortwave radios shortwave relay station shortwave relay stations shortwave service shortwave station shortwave transmission site shortwave transmitter shortwave trough shorty wetsuits shoshinsha mark shoshonitic lavas shot a few hours shot a man shot across the bow shot and killed shot and killed 32 people shot and mortally wounded shot at the buzzer shot balls shot belt shot blasting shot block shot blocker shot blockers shot blocking shot buoy shot by a firing squad shot charge shot clock shot clock-era shot clocks shot dead shot dead by a passenger shot digitally shot down shot down and killed shot down by an anti-aircraft missile shot down during the war shot firing shot first shot five colleagues shot for nothing shot for shot remake shot glass shot glasses shot heard 'round the world shot heard round the world shot him dead on the spot shot himself shot himself to death shot in cue sports shot in the chest shot in the face shot in the head shot into the crowd, killing four students shot lancer shot noise shot on goal shot on location shot or drowned shot out of a cannon shot pattern shot peened shot peening shot put shot put champion shot put competition shot put contests shot put event shot put men shot put women shot put's shot putt shot putter shot putters shot putting shot reverse shot shot rock shot shells shot silent shot silk shot that was heard around the world shot to death by the police shot to fame shot tower shot towers shot trap shot traps shot twice shot types shot welding shot while campaigning shot without trial shot-for-shot adaptation shota complex shotgun certificate shotgun cloning shotgun cloning or sequencing shotgun debugging shotgun duplex shotgun formation shotgun hill climbing shotgun house shotgun houses shotgun marriage shotgun marriages shotgun messenger shotgun messengers shotgun microphones shotgun offense shotgun pellets shotgun proteomics shotgun sequenced shotgun sequencing shotgun shack shotgun shell shotgun shells shotgun shooting shotgun shooting sports shotgun slug shotgun slugs shotgun start shotgun variant shotgun wedding shotgun-style shell shotmaking techniques shotokan karate shots blocked shots on goal shoujo manga should auld acquaintance be forgot should cause a distortion in spacetime should never be freed should never be released unless he lived to a great age or endured infirmity should never be seen should not shoulder angel shoulder angel and shoulder devil shoulder angels shoulder arms shoulder blade shoulder blades shoulder blades shoulder block shoulder blocks shoulder boards shoulder bone shoulder breaker shoulder butt shoulder calcification shoulder dystocia shoulder fly shoulder girdle shoulder height shoulder injury shoulder jawbreaker shoulder joint shoulder joints shoulder knot shoulder launched shoulder lesions shoulder lock shoulder loops shoulder mark shoulder marks shoulder muscles shoulder neckbreaker shoulder number shoulder numbers shoulder or elbow dysplasia shoulder pads shoulder pain shoulder pain as a result of bra straps shoulder patch shoulder patches shoulder plane shoulder press shoulder presses shoulder problems shoulder replacement shoulder rest shoulder sash shoulder separation shoulder shrugs shoulder sleeve insignia shoulder steak shoulder stinger shoulder stock shoulder strap shoulder straps shoulder surfers shoulder surfing shoulder surgery shoulder tendinitis shoulder throw shoulder wing shoulder-fired missile shoulder-fired missiles shoulder-hand syndrome shoulder-launched missile shoulder-launched missile weapon shoulder-launched missiles shoulders of giants shout band shout chorus shout choruses shout factory shout out shouted fire shouted his support shouted out shouted them out shouting "God is great shouting "fire!" in a crowded theater shouting fire in a crowded theater shouting fire in a crowded theatre shouting fire in a theater shove ha'penny shovel logging shovel pass shovel racing shovel shot shovel test shovel test pits shovel testing shovel tuskers shovelnose guitarfish shovelnose sturgeon shovelnosed guitarfishes show animal show area show bands show bench standard show boat show breed show business show business mother show car show cars show cat show cats show cave show caves show choir show choirs show cob show concept car show control show controller show dancer show doctoring show doctors show dog show dogs show election show elections show format show gardens show girl show girls show hack show hacks show horse show horses show hunter show hunters show jumper show jumpers show jumping show jumping individual show jumping individual event show little fear of humans show lounge show magic show marching show music show number show of force show of the same name show pony show production show reel show ring show runner show runners show stopper bugs show trial show trials show truck show tune show tunes show walking show within a show show within the show show wrestling show-business personality show-cause notice showa period showbiz and entertainment showcase competitions showcase elections showcase gig showcase theatre performing arts group showed her breasts shower cap shower caps shower curtain shower curtains shower gel shower gels shower head shower of quails shower radio shower-curtain effect showing a commercial film to a private audience showing highlights showing horses showing off his fake breasts shown above shown below shown in the ring shown to be false showroom stock showroom stock racing showy lady slipper showy lady's-slipper showy mistletoes shoyu koji mold shoyu sauce shrapnel shell shrauta sutra shred guitar shred guitarist shred guitarists shred metal shredded cheese shredded omelette shredded wheat shredding guitar shrew mouse shrew opossum shrew opossums shriek operator shrieking sixties shrieking therapy shrill oboe shrimp boils shrimp cebiche shrimp cocktail shrimp crackers shrimp dough shrimp farm shrimp farmers shrimp farming shrimp farms shrimp fishers shrimp fishery shrimp fishing shrimp fry shrimp gobies shrimp jellyfish shrimp on the barbie shrimp paste shrimp plant shrimp planta shrimp plants shrimp trawls shrimp-turtle law shrimper episode shrine maiden shrine maidens shrine of the city pillar shrine of the same name shrine prostitute shrine slaves shringari lavani shrink fitting shrink wrap shrink wrap contract shrink wrap contracts shrink wrap license shrink wrapped shrink wrapped software shrink-swell potential shrink-swell soil shrinkage of ice cover shrinking attention spans shrinking generator shrinking hammer shrinking human heads shrinking machine shrinking pollinator populations shrinking population shrinking space shrinkwrap license shrinkwrap licenses shrinky dinks shroud lines shrub garden shrub rose shrub roses shrub verbena shrub-based habitats shrunk to the size of an atom shrunken head shrunken heads shrunken medieval village shrunken women shruti box shtokavian dialect shu mom shuai chiao shuai jiao shuang xi shubunkin goldfish shuffle algebra shuffle beat shuffle board shuffle group shuffle groups shuffle offense shuffle rhythm shuffle sort shuffle steps shuffle tempo shuffle time shuffle track shuffle tracking shuffle unit shuffle units shuffled deck shuffled his cabinet shuffled the cabinet shuffling cards shuffling machine shuffling machines shuffling playing cards shuffling puzzle shugo tokumaru shui jiao shumard oak shunning shows that attracted a rural audience shunt field shunt impedance shunt regulator shunting engine shunting engines shunting in docks shunting locomotive shunting locomotives shunting locos shunting neck shunting yard shunting yard algorithm shunting yards shuriken cannon shuriken catapult shuriken cross shuriken star shut down shut down the nuclear reaction shut him down to avoid detection one night shut in shut off shut out shut the box shut-door theology shut-down of the federal government shut-in shutdown of state government shutdown of thermohaline circulation shuts the door shutter angle shutter button shutter glasses shutter lag shutter priority shutter release cable shutter response time shutter ridge shutter speed shutter speed priority shutter speeds shutter telegraph shutter telegraph chain shutter-type 3-D glasses shutting down shutting off his boss's machines shuttle 2.02 shuttle blocks shuttle bus shuttle bus system shuttle buses shuttle coaster shuttle crafts shuttle diplomacy shuttle looms shuttle loop shuttle machinery shuttle main engines shuttle orbiter shuttle orbiter program shuttle program manager shuttle raid shuttle robotic arm shuttle roller coaster shuttle roller coasters shuttle service shuttle tankers shuttle traders shuttle train shuttle train service shuttle trains shuttle van shuttle vans shuttle vector shuttle-derived launch vehicle shuvatara international school shuvatara school shwa quiescens J-Pop shy albatross shy behavior shy bladder shy bladder syndrome shyama sangeet shys away from speech sháo yào gān cǎo wán shí quán dà bǔ wán shōchū imojōchū shōchū kokutō shōchū shōchū komejōchū shōchū mugijōchū shōchū sobajōchū shōjin ryōri shōjo anime shōjo genre shōjo manga shōjo manga and anime shōnen ai shōnen anime shōnen manga si deus si dea si face si opus sit si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice si ruth at ang ugat si vis pacem para bellum si vis pacem, para bellum sialic acid sialic acids sialic rock siamang gibbons siamese cat siamese fighting fish siberian hitch siberian kale siberian tiger siberian tigers siberian weasel sibilant consonant sibilant consonants sibilant sounds sibling abuse sibling group sibling love sibling order sibling rivalries sibling rivalry sibling species sibling station sibling vole sibylline collection sic bo sic semper tyrannis sic squared sic transit gloria mundi sichuan pepper sick bags sick bay sick berth attendant sick building syndrome sick chicken case sick company sick jokes sick leave sick pay sick puppy sick role sick sinus syndrome sickle and hammer sickle bar sickle cell sickle cell anaemia sickle cell anemia sickle cell crises sickle cell crisis sickle cell disease sickle cell gene sickle cell trait sickle hocks sickle hold sickle sword sickle weasel sickle-cell anaemia sickle-cell anemia sickle-cell anemic sickle-cell disease sickle-cell trait sicklefin chimaera sickness and injury insurance sickness benefit sickness benefits siddh kshetra side airbag side airbags side altars side arm side armor side arms side artiste side axe side back side bear hug side bearhug side bearing the portrait or profile side bets side by side side by side gun side by side position side car side chain side chain theory side chains side channel attack side channel attacks side channels side chapel side chapels side character side charges side choke side collision side collisions side comic side constraints side control side curtain airbags side dish side dishes side drum side drums side dump side effect side effects side effects of antibacterial sulfonamides side effects of chemotherapy side entry missionary position side friction side friction roller coaster side friction roller coasters side gears side grain side grip side group side groups side gunner side hat side headlock side houses side impact bars side impact protection side judge side kick side kicks side lead side line side loaded side lobe side lobes side marker lamps side markers and reflectors side midfielder side mount side mover side of beef side on side order side orders side paddle wheel side platform side platformed side platforms side platformss side pocket side ponds side pot side pots side product side project side project band side projects side pulls side quest side quests side rail side reaction side reactions side reins side retired side reverse piledriver side road side rod side rods side roll side saddle side scan side scan sonar side scrapers side scrimmagers side scroller side scrollers side scrolling side scrolling game side scrolling shoot-em-up side scrolling shooter side scuttles side show side skirt side slam side slam backbreaker side slipping side stand side stories side story side street side streets side stroke side suit side suplex side tank side tanks side turn signal repeaters side turn signals side valley side valleys side vallies side valve side valve engine side valves side view side views side wheel side wheel steamer side wheeled side wheeler side wires side-angle-side axiom side-blotched lizard side-blotched lizards side-blown converters side-car motorcycle racing side-chain theory side-channel attack side-channel attacks side-effect profile side-impact bars, and a collapsible steering column side-looking airborne radar side-looking radar side-necked turtles side-scan sonar side-scroller format side-scroller video game side-scrolling beat-em-up side-scrolling fighters side-scrolling fighting game side-scrolling game side-scrolling games side-scrolling platform side-scrolling platformer side-scrolling playing style side-scrolling shooter side-scrolling space shooters side-scrolling video game side-spar cable-stayed bridge side-specific art side-striped jackal side-to-end coloanal anastomosis side-view mirrors side-wheel steamer sideband addressing sidecar motorcycle sidehill gouger sideline capes sideline reporter sidelock of youth sidemarker lights sidemarker lights or reflectors sideoats grama sideoats gramma sidereal astrologer sidereal astrology sidereal clock sidereal coordinate system sidereal day sidereal days sidereal horoscope sidereal month sidereal months sidereal orbital period sidereal orbital periods sidereal period sidereal periods sidereal rotation sidereal time sidereal universe sidereal year sidereal years sidereal zodiac siderial clock siderial time sideropenic dysphagia sides of the two pentagons sideshow acts sideshow alley sideshow geek sideshow performer sideslip velocity sidestream smoke sidevalve engine sidewalk astronomy sidewalk bulb-outs sidewalk cafe sidewalk cafés sidewalk chalk sidewalk counseling sidewalk counselors sidewalk slam sidewalks of wood sideways-extended pounds sidewheel boat sidewheel steamer sidewheel steamers sie and hir sieg heil sieg heiling siege and attack siege and bombardment siege and massacre siege and naval battle siege and plundering siege and storm siege around the mosque complex siege artillery siege bows siege cannons siege combat siege economy siege engine siege engineers siege engines siege enginesand siege equipment siege gun siege guns siege hook siege hooks siege howitzer siege ladders siege machine siege machinery siege machines siege mentality siege mortar siege of siege of that city siege of that town siege of the city siege of the diplomatic legations siege of the naval station siege of the valley siege of Ōsaka siege proper siege tactics and machinery siege tank siege there siege to the fort siege tower siege towers siege train siege trains siege warfare siege weapon siege weaponry siege weapons sieged the mosque for a week siegeurial tenure siete y media category theory sieve algorithms sieve analysis sieve estimators sieve mesh size sieve methods sieve region sieve theory sieve tube elements sieve tubes sieve-tube members sieving coefficient sieving with large primes sift up sifting argument sifting litter liner sig block sig rune or eye sight axis sight deposit sight gag sight gags sight glass sight hound sight hounds sight lines sight plane sight read sight reading sight seeing sight sing sight singing sight test sight transposition sight tube sight words and landing sighting device sighting devices sighting reports sighting tube sightseeing boats sightseeing bus sigil magic sigla poveira siglas poveiras siglo de oro Σ,σ,ς σ sigma bonds σ bonds sigma σ bonds sigma additive sigma additivity sigma algebra sigma algebras sigma bond sigma bonding sigma bonds sigma coordinate sigma coordinates sigma donor sigma electrons sigma factor sigma factors sigma function sigma functions sigma model sigma models sigma molecular orbital sigma notation sigma receptor sigma receptors sigma summation notation sigma-delta converters sigma-delta modulation sigma-finite measure sigma-locally compact sigmatropic reaction sigmatropic reactions sigmatropic rearrangement sigmatropic rearrangements sigmatropic shift sigmatropic shifts sigmodontine rodents sigmoid arteries sigmoid artery sigmoid branches sigmoid cavities of sigmoid cavity sigmoid cavity of sigmoid colon sigmoid curve sigmoid flexure sigmoid function sigmoid functions sigmoid mesocolon sigmoid or pelvic sigmoid plexuses sigmoid sinus sigmoid sinuses sigmoid sulcus sigmoid veins sigmoidal curve display device sign a cross sign and its meaning sign and magnitude sign and symbol sign and the name of a cult sign and trade sign bit sign bits sign board on a post sign continuum sign convention sign conventions sign extended sign extension sign function sign in front of the fourth term sign it into law sign language sign language interpretation sign language interpreter sign language law sign languages sign maker sign makers sign making sign manual sign of contradiction sign of identification sign of silence sign of status sign of the cross sign of the permutation sign of the times sign off sign on sign painting sign permit sign positions sign posts sign problem sign relation sign relations sign representation sign stimulus sign system sign test sign theft sign value sign wars sign-value notation signa militaria information theory signal 72 signal amplifier signal analysis signal apparatus signal attenuation signal attenuator signal band signal battalion signal beam signal being passed at danger signal bleed signal block signal booster stations signal box signal boxes signal cabin signal cabins signal cable signal carriers signal cascades signal clipping signal coding signal compression signal conditioning signal contours signal control plans signal corps signal crayfish signal decoding signal delay signal designs signal detection signal detection theory signal distress signal diversity signal dogs signal dropout signal element signal elements signal engineer signal equipment signal fires signal flag signal flags signal flare signal flares signal fly signal format signal frequency signal generator