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Aus tieffer not ſchꝛey ich zu dir
Herr Gott erhoͤꝛ mein ruffen.
Dein gnedig oꝛen ker zu mir
vnd meyner bit ſye offen.
Den ſo du wilt das ſehen an
wie manche ſund ich hab gethan.
Wer kan herr fur dir bleiben?
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  • I work mostly with Ancient Greek. I use Perseus' LSJ9, DGE (when available) and Beekes' etymological dictionary to build my entries.
  • Also: obsequious, newt
  • I'm an administrator since 12 Dec 2014. (verify)
  • I am one of the few frequenters of the IRC channel. It is often a faster way to contact me, but I try to answer talk page messages as quickly as possible.
  • *insert large and obnoxious {{MultiLicensePD}} here*
  • I'm male.
  • Dieſer Benutzer iſt keÿn Verſchwoͤꝛer der Fraktuꝛkabale.
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/tudu kju/:

  • Finish adding dialforms to Module:grc-conj. (nearly complete)
  • Redo all Greek verb inflections.
  • Find a copy of Hesychius, and write an appendix.
  • Find a copy of the Glossaria, and write an appendix.
  • Figure out how to handle Hittite. There was a discussion about this a while back which was never really satisfactorily resolved. I figure the best solution is either (a) don't have a lemma, as per User:ObsequiousNewt/𒇷𒆷𒀸, or (b) follow Kloekhorst, just taking the first stem if there are multiple ones (I'd love to follow CHD, but CHD isn't really consistent about this, and moreover it's not complete anyway.) Of course, we could do both, now that I think about it.
  • Rewrite Module:grc-pronunciation
  • Finish sac-decl, and start writing sac-conj (?)


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{{term|σκέπτομαι||I look around|tr=skeptomai|lang=grc|sc=polytonic|tr=skeptomai}} And another one for the books.