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This bot is run under the supervision of SemperBlotto.

It is used to populate the conjugated forms of Italian verbs, and the plural and feminine forms of Italian adjectives and nouns.



  • Uses a modification of the "" python script (part of "pywikipediabot" package) to load the conjugated forms of Italian verbs from a text file that has been prepared offline (semi-automatically).
  • Pages that already exist are not changed by this process, if they already have an Italian section; otherwise an Italian section is added at the end and the autoformat bot is asked to cleanup.
  • The bot always runs under the direct control of User:SemperBlotto.
  • The text file consists of a section for each word to be loaded in a format typified by the following.






# {{gerund of [[accusare]]|lang=Italian}}

[[Category:Italian verb forms]]


  • If no specific template exists for a verb form then {{conjugation of}} (with lang=It) is used.
  • Past participles and present participles are sometimes used as adjectives in Italian. These are post-modified by the above mentioned human being to add an adjective sense if needed.
  • Code is at User:SemperBlottoBot/verbs
    • Note: This, and the following, code may now be out-of-date, following minor modifications.


Uses a modification of the above program to read a file containing a list of Italian singular nouns. Each noun entry is examined to see if it contains a {{it-noun}} template. If not, this fact is reported (to be fixed). If so, it is picked apart to find the correct plural, and this is submitted to the wiki as above (adding to an existing article only if there is no Italian section).


Uses a modification of the noun program. Looks for {{it-adj}}, analyses it for either of three different forms, and generates the feminine singular and masculine and feminine plurals as required.


  • 10 May 2007 - User:SemperBlottoBot created. Email as per User:SemperBlotto
    • User:SemperBlotto investigates what nees to be done to run a bot
  • 16 May 2007 - Couldn't make head nor tail of the confusing documentation. Asked User:Connel MacKenzie and received simple, concise instructions.
  • 17 May 2007 - Downloaded python (simple to install) and the pywikipediabot package (had to be unzipped)
    • Read some of python documentation and worked through some of the tutorial
    • Had a quick loog at the pywikipediabot files and found how to logon as User:SemperBlottoBot
    • Following further discussion with Connel, investigated the module - used it to load a single word from a text file
  • 18 May 2007 - Attempted to load a complete verb. Received error message about unicode due to characters such as "ò" in the data. Once again, Connel advised the solution - text file should be saved as utf-8, not simple text.
    • Two complete verbs loaded - bot status requested.
  • 19 May 2007 - Templates now used for ALL entries.
  • 20 May 2007 - Implemented mod to append Italian section to existing entries if no Italian section exists (thanks to User:Robert Ullmann‎)
    • Pending bot status - I shall run it one or twice a day as I define new -are verbs (if there are no objections).
    • Format of entries changed to link to #Italian form of verb, and to wikify person, number and tenses.
  • 21 May 2007 - First-person etc hyphenated.
    • Added disambiguation {{see}} on -o and -ò forms.
  • 23 May 2007 - Experimental run of a regular -ere verb.
  • 26 May 2007 - Bot status granted.

Verbs done

  • Trial mode

accusare calpestare

idrogenare - using templates in all cases

passare (passi existed - Italian section added)

curare (link to #Italian, wikify person, number and tense)

ignorare (hyphenate person)

clonare (disambiguation)

riflettere - -ere

  • Bot mode - verbs will just be removed from the list of verbs to be done (leaving the last one done as a marker)

Verbs to be done

  • Stage 7 - regular -ire verbs (that don't take -isc-) perseguire
  • Stage 9 - regular part of irregular verbs (with special care)


Please add requests at User:SemperBlottoBot/feedme