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The following entries in Kannada have already been written:

Footnotes: 1: I did not make the entry.

  • ಮಲೆ
    • male (correct)
      • mountain, forest, to counteract
  • ಮಾರು
    • māru (correct)
      • to change (verb), to counteract (verb), contrary (adjective), disposition (noun)
  • ಕಾಡು
    • kāḍu (correct}
      • forest, to persecute, to annoy
  • ವನ
    • vana (correct)
      • forest
  • ಬೀರು
    • bīru (correct)
      • to scatter, to cost, to confer, to dissapate
  • ಸೀರು
    • sīru (correct)
      • to scatter, to comb, to delouse, clay (noun)
  • ಈರು
    • īru (correct)
      • to comb, to delouse, to draw
  • ಸೆಳೆ
    • seḷe (correct)
      • to draw, flog, delude, entice, fascinate, lead on, lure, grab
  • ನಡೆ
    • naḍe (correct)
      • walking, walk, tour, firmly, to transpire, to occur, to walk
  • ನಡತೆ
    • naḍate (correct)
      • deportment, character, conduct, demeanour, disposition
  • ಕಾಪು
    • kāpu (correct)
      • guard, shield, vigil, immunity, fender
  • ಬಿಡುಗಡೆ
    • biḍugaḍe (correct)
      • immunity, redemption, acquittance, freedom, salvation, deliverance, independence, liberty
  • ತಡೆ 1
    • taḍe (correct)
      • disability, embargo, encumbrance, fender, hamper, hitch, hurdle, moratorium, obstacle, suspension, resistance
      • to detain, to discomfit, to discourage, to block, to cumber, to debar, to dissuade, to enjoin, to inhibit, to interrupt, to obstruct, to obviate, to occlude, to pause, to stave off, to stop, to suit, to support, to prevent, to prohibit, to restrain