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Humorous modern use of Middle English plural ending, VAX (Virtual Address eXtension) +‎ -en.


VAXen pl (plural only)

  1. (computing, slang) plural of VAX (a computer system of the 1970s)
    • 1987, Joseph Burton Farrell, A Versatile Tool for Data File Transfer and Manipulation:
      PDP-11s are still used in the atsea data collection role, so some means is necessary of transferring the data files thus produced to the VAXen []
    • 1992, Carl Malamud, Exploring the Internet: a technical travelogue:
      On the back-end Ethernet would be another series of VAXen, which would contain a cache of recently accessed frames.
    • 2002, Thomas Lawrence Sterling, Beowulf cluster computing with Linux:
      Scientists were able to own and operate their own computers and get more computing resources with their own VAXen, including those that were operated as the first clusters.