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 Vatikāns on Latvian Wikipedia
Vatikāna (Eiropā)
Vatikānas karogs


A translation of Italian Città del Vaticano (Vatican City), itself translated from Latin Civitas Vaticana, referring to the Vatican Hill (Mons Vaticanus) where the Vatican City is located. The name of the hill is believed to come from Latin vaticinari (to prophesy), apparently because there were prophets (vates) in that area. It is also possible, though, that Vaticanus comes from a presumable nearby Etruscan settlement, possibly called Vatica or Vaticum.


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Proper noun[edit]

Vatikāns f (4th declension)

  1. the Vatican, Vatican City (a city-state in Southern Europe, an enclave within the city of Rome, Italy)
  2. the Vatican; the Holy See
    Vatikāna karogsthe flag of the Vatican
    Vatikāna dārzithe gardens of the Vatican
    Vatikāna radioVatican radio
    Vatikāns ir pasaules mazākā valststhe Vatican is the world's smallest country
    apkārt Vatikānam ir uzbūvēta augsta akmens siena, kas kalpo kā valsts robežaaround the Vatican a tall stone wall was built that serves as the country's border