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venä +‎ ma

Proper noun


Venäma (genitive Venäman, partitive Venämad)

  1. Russia (A transcontinental country in Eastern Europe and North Asia)


Inflection of Venäma (inflection type 13/ma)
nominative sing. Venäma
genitive sing. Venäman
partitive sing. Venämad
partitive plur.
singular plural
nominative Venäma
accusative Venäman
genitive Venäman
partitive Venämad
essive-instructive Venäman
translative Venämaks
inessive Venämas
elative Venämaspäi
illative Venämaha
adessive Venämal
ablative Venämalpäi
allative Venämale
abessive Venämata
comitative Venämanke
prolative Venämadme
approximative I Venämanno
approximative II Venämannoks
egressive Venämannopäi
terminative I Venämahasai
terminative II Venämalesai
terminative III Venämassai
additive I Venämahapäi
additive II Venämalepäi

Derived terms