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Alternative forms[edit]


Derived from the name of a fictional theme park patterned after Disneyland in the 1983 movie National Lampoon's Vacation.

Proper noun[edit]

Wally World

  1. (slang, pejorative) Wal-Mart
    • 2002, R. D. McManes, "i buried my pet rock", We Ain't in Kansas No More, page 29
      I thought I could replace him / so went down to a local wally world / and the salesman says / hey mister / what's a pet rock / and my heart grew cold / Lord / what's this world / coming to.
    • 2002, Shelby Lewis, Simply Marvelous, page 83:
      "Wally World?" He felt like he was playing a new board game and was just getting the hang of the rules. “Around here,” Daisy said, “Wal-Mart is often called Wally World.
    • 2004, Bob Wyatt. Trout Hunting: The Pursuit of Happiness, page 172
      I had a nicely appointed (realtors' jargon for Wally World baroque) mobile home, a sort of plush culvert on wheels, and a new dog.
    • 2004, Shelby Lewis, Simply Wild, page 238:
      "Her daughter was reported as saying Kandi ought to be used to Wally World by now.” “Guess so,” Daisy said, her manner thoughtful.
    • 2007, Toni White, Ridge Street Home, page 36:
      Over in the corner there was a raised platform, with a roll of background screens behind it, kind of like at the Wally World stores.
    • 2007, L. W. Fugett, Murder in the Bluegrass, page 3:
      The man obviously had an aversion to Wally World: receiving stolen property in '73, […]; receiving stolen property in '78; […]; and grand theft […].
  2. A fictional or hypothetical large theme park.
    • 1996, Field & Stream, Volume 101, Issues 7-12, page 17:
      The Tennessee Valley Authority's scheme to turn the Land Between the Lakes into Wally World has been stopped.
    • 1996, Michael Roney, Michael Utvich, The Guerrilla Guide to High-tech Trade Shows, page 203:
      Forget Disney, Universal, and Wally World. Vegas was there before them all — the ultimate adult theme park.
    • 2004, Debra Kandelaars, Postcards: A Few of Our Favorites, page vii:
      South Australia is not for the flashy, wham-bam 'Wallyworld' tourist, rather it's a vast tapestry of many colours and moods.
    • 2010, Lee Silber, Time Management for the Creative Person, page 34:
      Obviously he [Clark Griswold] is missing the point, but at least he made it to the canyon and, eventually, Wally World.
    • 2010, J. L. Bourne, Beyond Exile: Day by Day Armageddon, page 193:
      Using the same technique I had used months before I should be able to get this old battle horse running all the way to Wally World.
    • 2011, John Sellers, The Old Man and the Swamp, page 59:
      I felt like Clark Griswold arriving at Wally World, only to find that it's closed for repairs.
    • 2012, Maureen F. McHugh, "After the Apocalypse", in Gardner Dozois, ed., The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Ninth Annual Collection, page 227:
      “How far to Wallyworld?” Franny giggles.