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A deliberate alteration of wheat + biscuit. A trademark owned by Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing Company, used in Australian English from the 1920s onwards.

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  1. (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa) A breakfast cereal sold in Australia and New Zealand, consisting of biscuits of compressed wholegrain flakes.
    • 1995, Dave Warner, City of Light, Fremantle Arts Centre Press, page 320,
      While my Weet-bix soaked, I learned why from morning radio. Premier Malcolm was thought to be on the verge of tendering his resignation.
    • 2002, Sunil Govinage, The Black Australian, Black Swans and Other Stories, page 25,
      “This is my breakfast in Australia. [][] Siri soaked his Weet-bix with kiri-hodi and ate it. Siri′s mother tried it plain.
    • 2009, Steven Herrick, Rhyming Boy,ReadHowYouWant, page 148,
      I′m so nervous at breakfast, I accidentally pour apple juice over my Weet-Bix, not milk. I eat it anyway. It tastes sweet and chewy. I should write to the Sanitarium Health Food Company with my serving suggestion. Call it, Weet-Bix Surprise’.

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