White Castle

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Proper noun[edit]

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White Castle

  1. The first fast-food hamburger chain and one of the oldest American fast-food restaurant chains, known for its Slyder, a small square burger.
    • 2006 April 9, Ryan Nerz (interviewee), Steve Paulson (interviewer), “Techno Cuisine”, To the Best of Our Knowledge, Wisconsin Public Radio
      It was a qualifier for Krystal Burgers. Krystal burgers are a little bit like White Castles, the prototypical “Slyder” as they’re known.
    • 2008 January 19, Mo Rocca, Wait, Wait...Don’t Tell Me!, National Public Radio
      Indeed it turned out the developer had illegally modeled all of Tuscanyville’s homes on Olive Garden, Pizzeria Uno’s, and White Castle outlets.