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Wikia (plural Wikias)

  1. (Internet) A wiki hosted on the wiki farm Wikia.
    • 2014, Brandon Rhea, Wikia: So Much More Than a Wiki
      The information found on a wikia is often the most comprehensive and de facto source of fan-authored content around a topic.
    • 2017, Joemon M Jose, ‎Claudia Hauff, ‎Ismail Sengor Altıngovde, Advances in Information Retrieval: 39th European Conference
      Because editorial links between Wikipedia and the Wikias are quite rare, we attempt to connect more strongly the Wikia collections in our study to Wikipedia by employing NEMO, a state-of-the-art Wikipedia-based EDL system.
    • 2018, Paul Booth, A Companion to Media Fandom and Fan Studies (page 393)
      The battle between the two sub‐fandoms led to some actions within the Wikia, and the change in “the collaborative authorship” (Booth 2010, 92) of the platform. But the Wikia is also and above all a symbol of how well organized the fandom is, []