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This page is currently being sketched out based on the "About" page for another language - it's not yet ready for use.

This page is intended to give guidelines for creating Chechen entries on English Wiktionary as well as on adding Chechen translations to English words.

The main guidelines for creating any entry on English Wiktionary is set forth in Wiktionary:Entry layout explained; this page is an addition to that page, not a replacement.

Creating Chechen entries[edit]

Entry layout[edit]

Chechen entries should be added under a ==Chechen== section, which should be placed on the page in alphabetical ordering of level 2 entries (with the exception of Translingual and English which always come on top).

Basic article[edit]

The Chechen entry is organized by part of speech (Noun/Verb/Adjective/Adverb...) as the primary divider. These are normally given as a level 3 header: ===Noun=== etc.