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These are the rules concerning transliteration in Bengali entries.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
translit. k kh g gh
IPA /k/ /kʰ/ /ɡ/ /ɡʱ/ /ŋ/
letter য়
translit. c ch j jh n
◌̃ (between vowels)
j ś/s
ẇ (after ō)
IPA /tʃ/ /tʃʰ/ /dʒ/ /dʒʱ/ /n/, /◌̃/ /dʒ/ /ʃ~s/ /e̯/, /∅/ /t̪/
letter ড়
translit. ṭh ḍh n r ś/s
IPA /t/ /tʰ/ /d/ /dʱ/ /n/ /ɾ~r/ /ʃ~s/ /ɽ/ /ŋ/
letter ঢ়
translit. t th d dh n l ś/s ṛh ḥ/-[1]
IPA /t̪/ /t̪ʰ/ /d̪/ /d̪ʱ/ /n/ /l/ /ʃ/, /s/ /ɽʱ~ɽ/ /ɦ/, /∅/
translit. p ph b bh m
– (if silent)[2]
IPA /p/ /f/ /b/ /bʱ~v/ /m/, /∅/ /ɦ/


1 2 3 4 5 6 7
letter অ্যা
diacritic inherent ্যা ি
translit. o[3] ê/a[4] i u ri e ō
IPA /ɔ/, /o/ /æ~ɛ/, /a/ /i/ /u/ /ri/ /e/, /æ~ɛ/ /o/
translit. a i u ōi ōu
IPA /a/ /i/ /u/ /oi̯/ /ou̯/

Other diacritics

1 2 3 4
diacritic ্ব ্য ্র
translit. ◌̃ – (most cases)[2]
b (generally after ম)
ê (initial)
– (elsewhere)[2]
IPA /◌̃/ /b/, /∅/ /æ/, /∅/ /ɾ/

Irregular ligatures

1 2 3 4
ligature ক্ষ জ্ঞ হ্য হ্ব
translit. kh (initial)
kkh (medial)
g (initially)[5]
gg (medially)[6]
h (initial)
jjh (medial)
IPA /kʰ(ː)/ /ɡ(ː)/ /ɦ/, /dʒʱː/ /u̯bʱ/


An apostrophe (') is used to distinguish between an aspirated consonants and an unaspirated consonant followed by a হ. For example:


  1. ^ Usually silent, sometimes double the following consonant.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 When silent, double the preceding consonant.
  3. ^ Don't use ô to represent the inherent vowel. It is reserved to force the /ɔ/ phoneme in {{bn-IPA}}.
  4. ^ The diacritic ্যা is romanised as "ê" or "a" depending on position and/or pronunciation.
  5. ^ Converts the following a to ê.
  6. ^ Does not convert the following a to ê except in words containing জ্ঞান.

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