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This notice ſerves to announce the Chriſtmas competition for the current year, which ſhall be open to ALL contributors.

In keeping with Wiktionary tradition, this conteſt is completely unlike any previous competitions.

Olde-Faſhioned Chriſtmas[edit]

To score in the competition, simply add a suitable quote to an entry that previously had no quotations.

The catch? The quote must be dated between 1650 and 1750 (inclusive).

The competition ſhall begin upon the poſting of this page and ſhall continue until the end of the feaſt of Epiphany (6 Jan 2012; 23:59 UTC).

Competition rules[edit]

For purposes of this competition, "entry" will be equivalent to a page title along with its variant forms (spellings, inflections, etc.)

Entries need not be English. However, each entry may be used just once during competition. Once an entry has been submitted with a quotation, neither the same user nor another user may use that entry.

Entries that already have quotations (either on the entry's primary page or on its citations page) are not eligible for use in this competition.

All quotations must include:

  • date (in bold)
  • author(s)
  • title of source work
  • number of the line, page, section, act, or chapter (where and as appropriate)
  • the quotation with the entry word in bold
  • translation (for non-English quotations)

See Wiktionary:Quotations for assistance, if necessary.

To keep score, create a subsection of this page with your Username as the subsection title. Within that subsection, link to the entries to which you have added quotations.


+5 pts for each entry (base score)
+1 pt for each letter/character in the entry word (do not count diacriticals, spaces, hyphens, or the like)
+10 pts if the entry pertains to the winter holiday season

Please remember to calculate your entry's score and include it in your subsection below, after each entry you submit.

Conteſt ſubmiſſions[edit]


This year's winner is Doremítzwr. Thanks to both competitors, and I hope we'll have a better participation next time. --EncycloPetey 00:11, 9 January 2012 (UTC)