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24 December[edit]

palpably 13 pts toss and turn 16 pts brawny 11 pts bush 9 pts stare 10 pts admirably 13 pts brandish 13 pts impossibility18 pts heave 10 pts intercept 14 pts lip 8 pts erection 13 pts finely 11 pts aside 10 pts hilt 9 pts oh 7 pts froth 10 pts straddle 13 pts archly 11 pts pant 9 pts throb 10 pts mechanically 17 pts in the mean time 18 pts prepossess 15 pts unbutton 13 pts advantageously 19 pts flower 11 pts fruitless 14 pts admittance 15 pts apocryphal 15 pts machine 11 pts wedgelike 14 pts ruffling 13 pts unquietness 16 pts allperfect 15pts listlessness 17pts vermilion 14 pts take advantage of 20pts narrowness 15pts truncheon 14pts strictness 15pts momentary 14pts prove 10pts oblige 11pts pearl necklace 18 pts incumbrance 16pts at the same time 18pts bashfulness 16pts conveniently 17pts commotion 14pts maypole 12pts prodigious 15pts branchwork 14pts strenuously 16pts midcareer 14pts unbonneted 15pts compressure 16pts genial 11pts effectual 15pts stretcher 14pts aftercourse 15pts

843 points
I'm also planning to convince EP that these entries are somewhat festive, thereby getting more points.

25 December[edit]

Christmas carol 29pts Christmas Eve 27 pts Christmas Day 27 pts Jesus Christ 26 Jesus Christ our Lord ‎ 33 Author of Eternal Salvation 39 bright and morning star 35 son of the most high God 34

250 points, bitches

26 December[edit]

Father of Heaven and Earth 37