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These are the rules concerning transliteration in Lao entries. This transliteration is based on LC (Library of Congress) method, also used by the Lao Wiktionary.


Letter Initial position Final position Tone Class
(ka) k k middle
(kha) kh k high
(kha) kh k low
(nga) ng ng low
(cha) ch t middle
(sa) s t high
(sa) s t low
(nya) ny ny low
(da) d t middle
(ta) t t middle
(tha) th t high
(tha) th t low
(na) n n low
(ba) b p middle
(pa) p p middle
(pha) ph p high
(fa) f p high
(pha) ph p low
(fa) f p low
(ma) m m low
(ya) y y middle
(ra) r n low
(la) l n low
(wa) w w low
(ha) h high
(ʼa) ' middle
(ha) h low

Consonantal digraphs and ligatures[edit]

Consonantal digraphs and ligatures are all high tone class.

Letter Transliteration
ຫງ (nga) ng
ຫຍ (nya) gn
(na) or ຫນ (na) n
(ma) or ຫມ (ma) m
ຫຼ (la) or ຫຣ (ra) r
ຫຼ (la) or ຫລ (la) l
ຫວ (wa) w

Short vowels[edit]

Letter Transliteration
-ະ, -ັ a
-ິ i
-ຶ ư
-ຸ u
ເ-ະ, ເ-ັ e
ແ-ະ, ແ-ັ æ
ໂ-ະ, -ົ o
ເ-າະ, -ັອ- ǫ
ເ-ິ œ
ເ-ັຍ, -ັຽ- ia
ເ-ຶອ ưa
-ົວະ, -ັວ- ua
ໄ-, ໃ-, -ັຍ ai
ເ-ົາ ao
-ຳ am

Long vowels[edit]

Letter Transliteration
-າ ā
-ີ ī
-ື ư̄
-ູ ū
ເ- ē
ແ- ǣ
ໂ- ō
-ໍ, -ອ- ǭ
ເ-ີ œ̄
ເ-ຍ, -ຽ- īa
ເ-ືອ ư̄a
-ົວ, -ວ- ūa
-າຍ āi


Lao numeral Hindu-Arabic numerals
(0) 0
(1) 1
(2) 2
(3) 3
(4) 4
(5) 5
(6) 6
(7) 7
(8) 8
(9) 9

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