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A collective effort to systematically go through the Basic English word list and ensure all these words are in the Wiktionary, in a decent condition.


IN PROGRESS - Seems to have support in principle, some active support--Richardb 11:24, 13 Feb 2005 (UTC)
Progress is to be reported in the project table
See talk page for discussions Wiktionary talk:Project - Cleanup of Basic English Words

Active Participants[edit]

  • dmh- enthusiastically running with it - well, he was, but does not seem to have recorded results in the table !
  • Eclecticology - This seems like a useful idea.
  • Richardb - slow steady knocking a word off at a time, starting with Q words, mostly done.
  • HiFlyer - Giving it the old college try ;-0 ..I have entered some {{BE-ready}} entries on the table manually. If that is wrong, someone slap my hand. There also seem to be quite a few that are BE-READY but not marked as such. I will try to get my vote in on those. Thanks --HiFlyer 16:35, 20 Feb 2005 (UTC).PS I have corrected my use of the uppercase-lowercase wiki template -- i.e. {{BE-ready}} not BE-READY ~~AJ
  • Yorktown1776 - Sounds like a good idea. Starting with C words.
  • EncycloPetey - Already working on time-related words, and plan to move on to people-related words next.
  • scs - An excellent idea, but (at the risk of the good being the enemy of the great) I'm going to sound like a real wimp by suggesting an intermediate, "sniff test" level of checking. Without necessarily taking the time to make sure every entry is perfect -- with a full etymology and flawless IPA punctuation and everything -- I'd like to at least check that, say, the definitions aren't laughably bad (as two I found at poker today were). I'll suggest a way of encapsulating this hypothetical "sniff test" below.

Basis of How this project is organised[edit]

  • The PROJECT TABLE has a line for each word of the Basic English word list.
  • Against each word is recorded a status. Usually One of :-
    • UNKNOWN - No one yet reports having checked the entry
    • MUSTY - dmh, please define
    • STUB - Stub only - mark word with template {{BE-stub}} - see category:BE-stub
    • WIP - Work in Progress - mark entry with template {{BE-wip}} - see category:BE-wip
    • READY - At least one person reckons entry is in good condition - mark word with template {{BE-ready}} see category:BE-ready
  • Corresponding to the intermediate statuses - {{BE-stub}}, {{BE-wip}}, {{BE-ready}} - the word will be categorized according to the status, and appear in the appropriate category list, as well as in the project table. Once it is OK, the BE-Xxxx category tag can be removed.
    • OK - Word has been voted as in good condition by at least 3 people.
    • Or some note indicating which parts are READY and which parts need further work.
      {{BE-TRrans}}, {{BE-Pron}}, {{BE-Etym}} are used to indicate a word needs work in one or more of the areas - Translations, Pronunciation, Etymology.
  • Every one is free to pick a word and work on it, then update the status accordingly.
  • The project is complete when every word on the list is flagged as OK.