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Planned, running, and recent votes [edit this list]
(see also: timeline, policy)
Ends Title Status/Votes
Aug 2 NORM: multiple spaces align equal signs in templates Symbol support vote.svg2 Symbol oppose vote.svg9 Symbol abstain vote.svg0
Aug 3 Templatizing topical categories in the mainspace 19 (11 people)
Aug 3 Modern Latin as a LDL or extinct language 11 (6 people)
Aug 5 Placement of well documented languages Symbol support vote.svg2 Symbol oppose vote.svg5 Symbol abstain vote.svg0
Aug 6 Requests for documentation Symbol support vote.svg10 Symbol oppose vote.svg4 Symbol abstain vote.svg2
Aug 6 User:Dixtosa for admin Symbol support vote.svg20 Symbol oppose vote.svg0 Symbol abstain vote.svg0
Aug 12 Vote references in policies Symbol support vote.svg5 Symbol oppose vote.svg3 Symbol abstain vote.svg0
Aug 14 Changing the wording of the "proscribed" label 22 (10 people)
Aug 22 Gallery 17 (6 people)
Aug 26 Rename the Wikisaurus namespace starts: Jul 28
Oct 5 Rename categories starts: Aug 7
(=11) [Wiktionary:Table of votes] (=131)

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