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Planned, running, and recent votes [edit this list]
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Feb 11User:Per utramque cavernam for adminno consensus
Feb 21Banning AltaicSymbol support vote.svg13 Symbol oppose vote.svg0 Symbol abstain vote.svg4
Mar 3Lemming principle into CFISymbol support vote.svg14 Symbol oppose vote.svg15 Symbol abstain vote.svg1
Mar 3Phrasebook CFISymbol support vote.svg7 Symbol oppose vote.svg8 Symbol abstain vote.svg1
Mar 14Moving Novial entries to the AppendixSymbol support vote.svg4 Symbol oppose vote.svg0 Symbol abstain vote.svg2
Apr 6Allowing attested romanizations of SanskritSymbol support vote.svg7 Symbol oppose vote.svg5 Symbol abstain vote.svg5
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