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Planned, running, and recent votes [edit this list]
(see also: timeline, policy)
Ends Title Status/Votes
March 28 Moving Lojban entries to the Appendix Symbol support vote.svg19 Symbol oppose vote.svg7 Symbol abstain vote.svg1
March 30 User:PseudoSkull for admin Symbol support vote.svg18 Symbol oppose vote.svg0 Symbol abstain vote.svg0
April 9 Adding labels to PIE entries Symbol support vote.svg2 Symbol oppose vote.svg4 Symbol abstain vote.svg2
April 13 Allow retronyms Symbol support vote.svg5 Symbol oppose vote.svg9 Symbol abstain vote.svg2
April 22 Showing romanizations in italics by default starts: Mar 24
April 22 Remove "Formatting" starts: Mar 24
May 22 Including translation hubs starts: Mar 24
(=7) [Wiktionary:Table of votes] (=69)

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