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Additions from WT:ELE proposal[edit]

The following is copied from Wiktionary:Votes/pl-2009-03/Context labels in ELE. More appropriate for this technical guideline than for a core policy. Michael Z. 2009-05-17 17:57 z

Context labels[edit]

A context label identifies a definition which only applies in a restricted context. Many context label templates also place an entry into a relevant category, but they must not be used merely for categorization (see category links, below). One or more labels may be placed before the definition:

wikitext result

# {{informal}} An [[informant]] or [[snitch]].

  1. (informal) An informant or snitch.

In a non-English entry, use the lang parameter to categorize it correctly. For example, lang=fr places an entry into Category:fr:Entomology:

# {{entomology|lang=fr}} A [[true bug]], a member of order [[Heteroptera]].

  1. (entomology) A true bug, a member of order Heteroptera.

If a sense takes more than one context label, they should be applied together. Except for qualifiers, they will be separated by commas. Exclusive context labels can be separated with or:

wikitext result

# {{dated|US|slang}} A [[detective]].
# {{chiefly|UK}} A [[pharmacist]].
# {{archaic|or|poetic}} [[evening|Evening]].

  1. (dated, US, slang) A detective.
  2. (chiefly Britain) A pharmacist.
  3. (archaic or poetic) Evening.

If necessary, an ad hoc label can be entered following any established context label or the generic context:

# {{context|visual art}} The [[thickness]] of a [[rule]] or [[stroke]].

  1. (visual art) The thickness of a rule or stroke.

Suppress a comma with an underscore:

# {{especially|Canada|Northwest|_|US}} [[excellent|Excellent]], [[impressive]].

  1. (especially Canada, Northwest US) Excellent, impressive.

These templates are based on {{context}}.

re {{context}}[edit]

Since {{context}} claims to be obsolete, this layout page should probably reflect that status as well. Some explicit notes on how {{label}} differs from {{qualifier}} would also be desirable. --Tropylium (talk) 19:25, 20 April 2016 (UTC)