Winter Finding

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Proper noun[edit]

Winter Finding

  1. (paganism) A festival celebrated in Heathenry which marks the beginning of fall, held on the autumn equinox.


  • 1985 The Wisdom of the Runes, Michael Howard, Rider & Company, →ISBN, page 133.
    Winter Finding.
  • 1998 The Norse Tradition a beginners guide, Pete Jennings, Headway, →ISBN, page 70.
    Asatru: Sheddingmoon Bede: Halegmonath Roman Date: Sept 23 Festival: Winter-Finding Theme: Harvest end.
  • 2006 Everything you need to know about Paganism, Selene Silverwind, David & Charles, →ISBN, page 106.
    Winter Finding; is also referred to as Harvest.