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Wookiee (plural Wookiees or Wookies)

  1. A member of a fictional race of tall, hairy bipeds in the universe of the Star Wars motion pictures.
    • 1985, Stephen King, Peter Straub, The Talisman, page 341:
      What's this guy tryinna [sic] disappear behind you, a Wookie? [sic]
    • 2009, Janet Evanovich, Plum Spooky, page 98:
      I backed it out to the dirt road, and the door to the double-wide opened and a big guy, more Wookiee than human being, filled the doorway.
    • 2009, Jaqueline Girdner, Murder, My Deer, page 115:
      Kevin whined, his Wookiee face showing hurt somewhere beneath the dark glasses.

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