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Yanshuei District Office, Tainan City

Alternative forms[edit]


From the Tongyong Pinyin romanization of the Mandarin Chinese pronunciation for 鹽水 (Yánshuěi).

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A district of Tainan, Taiwan.
    • 2006, Taiwan Yearbook[1], Government Information Office, OCLC 53438230, page 314:
      In Yanshuei Township 鹽水鎮, Tainan County, for example, huge numbers of beehive rockets are set off in gratitude to the 3rd century general Guandi 關帝 whose spirit is believed to have protected local people from a[...]
    • 2009, Taiwan Business Topics[2], volume 39, American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei, ISSN 1818-1961, OCLC 145405772, page 65:
      In some smaller towns in Taiwan, the Lantern Festival has taken uniquely local forms, including the gentle floating sky lanterns of Pingsin, Taipei County, and the high-intensity beehive rocket displays at Yanshuei in Tainan County.
    • 2010, Lesley Reader, Lucy Ridout, First-Time Asia (Rough Guides)‎[3], →ISBN, OCLC 769972293, page 321:
      January/February Lantern Festival. Nationwide celebration marking the end of the Chinese New Year festivities that varies from area to area but reliably includes fireworks, paper lanterns, lion and dragon dances. It is especially picturesque in Pingsi, where paper lanterns are launched into the sky and in Yanshuei near Chiayi where huge fireworks the size of trucks are part of the fun.
    • 2016, “FESTIVALS YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS!”, in Travel Weekly[4]:
      The Yanshuei Beehive Fireworks Festival in the south of Taiwan is the third largest folk celebration in the world. A parade of palanquins circling the city, setting off thousands of rockets that create a deafening bee-like buzzing sound. This ‘baptism of fireworks’ is supposed to ward off troubles and bring good fortune for the year.
    • 2019, George Liao, “Street exhibition lights up old Yanshuei in S. Taiwan”, in Taiwan News[5]:
      Taiwan’s southwestern city of Tainan has decorated six old streets and alleys in the historic town of Yanshuei with works of art lit at night, to extend the brand benefit of the annual Yuejin Lantern Festival, according to a CNA report on Sunday (Nov. 24).
    • 2022 January 21, Crook, Steven, “Highways & Byways: Charming antiquity: Tainan’s Yanshuei District”, in Taipei Times[6], archived from the original on 20 January 2022:
      Like Taiwan’s other old settlements, Yanshuei used to be a walled town. The defensive barrier is long gone, but there’s a reminder of the gates through which humans, horses and bullock carts entered and left in the form of street names.