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From the Wade–Giles romanization of the Mandarin Chinese pronunciation for (Yeh⁴).

Proper noun[edit]

Yeh (plural Yehs)

  1. A surname.
    • 1904 June, John C. Ferguson, “Educational Benefactions of Wealthy Chinese.”, in The East of Asia Magazine[1], Shanghai: North-China Herald Office, page 24:
      THE most conspicuous example of a single gift to modern education in China by an individual is that of Mr. Yeh Ching-chong of Shanghai. Himself a man of humble origin and scant education, he came from Ningpo (Chinhai) to Shanghai in his youth and shared in the splendid prosperity of this rapidly developing city. [] He left an enthusiastic supporter in the person of his eldest son, Mr. Yeh Sung-ching, who added another Tls. 100,000 to his father's gift and thus made possible the completion of handsome buildings without the necessity of withdrawing too much money from the permanent endowment.


  • According to the 2010 United States Census, Yeh is the 5046th most common surname in the United States, belonging to 6958 individuals. Yeh is most common among Asian/Pacific Islander (92.8%) individuals.