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Yemen +‎ -ize


Yemenize (third-person singular simple present Yemenizes, present participle Yemenizing, simple past and past participle Yemenized)

  1. (transitive) To make Yemeni.
    • 1982, Abdul Rahman al-Haddad, Unesco, Cultural Policy in the Yemen Arab Republic, United Nations Educational
      The most difficult problem that faced the revolution in expanding schools and developing education, however, was the problem of Yemenizing curricula and training qualified teachers.
    • 1988, External Mid-term Evaluation Improving the Efficiency of Education System II
      To what extent is the project likely to provide results useful in the effort to Yemenize the teacher corps?
    • 1989, Yemen Arab Republic: Development Needs of the Education Sector
      This output would be insufficient to Yemenize the preparatory and secondary teaching force by the end of the decade.