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Alternative forms[edit]


Variant of OMG, presumably from excited users accidentally hitting the Z key while attempting to press shift or from conscious imitation of such excitement. The earliest known existence of the term comes from the imageboard 4chan in 2004. The meme was spammed and eventually the name was given to the hidden board /z/.[1]




  1. (Internet slang) An emphatic form of oh my God.
    • 2007 August, Germaine Ong, “Sony Vaio VGN-UX38GN”, in GameAxis Unwired:
      I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said that my initial reaction to this machine went something like: ZOMG it's an overgrown Blackberry.
    • 2010, Shawn Collins, “Walking the Walk in Affiliate Marketing”, in Internet Marketing from the Real Experts, page 204:
      My fellow Tweeters were supportive, bless their hearts, but I know I was getting annoying constantly tweeting stuff like: "ZOMG I JUST BURNED 1K CALORIES!!11!"
    • 2012, Cate Tiernan, Darkness Falls[2], page 62:
      What was he doing pursuing me? He didn't seem happy about it, like, ZOMG, I met my soul mate and now my life can begin! It was more like he was being compelled against his will.
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:ZOMG.


Derived terms[edit]


  1. ^
    (Can we date this quote?), Various, “4chan/History”, in Bibliotheca Anonoma[1]:
    October 9 - Four boards are added: /ib/ (Oekaki Random), /ip/ (Oekaki Pro), /v/ (Video Games), and /tech/ (Technology, discussion board); one board, /n/ (Trains) is deleted. The oekaki BBS board, /i/, is deleted to make way for the two new oekaki boards. Around this time, /z/ (ZOMG NONE!!1), a user-moderated board which utilizes the “Idiot King” model from SA’s FYAD, where the userbase has to vote for its mods, is created. The board features flashing backgrounds, annoying embedded music, and legendary posts. Their first moderator was Soviet Russia !lM51PoudCg) .