oh my God

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oh my God

  1. Said in supplication.
  2. (potentially offensive) An expression of anger, frustration, excitement, shock, awe, dismay, etc.
    • 2001, “We Right Here”, in Earl Simmons (lyrics), The Great Depression, Ruff Ryders Entertainment:
      Creep niggas like a seal
      Tote the steel
      Stick a nigga, make him squeal
      "Oh, my God!"
      Those can't be the last words of ya man
      Damn, ya man was so hard
    • 2007 September 28, Graham Linehan, The IT Crowd, Season 2, Episode 6:
      Jen: Douglas has asked me to be his PA.
      Moss: Oh. My. God! Well, that is something and a half. His PA? How... Whoa! His PA... Shut up! His PA!
      Jen: It means "personal assistant".
      Moss: Thank you. Right, OK.

Usage notes[edit]

In different contexts the offensiveness of this phrase can vary from blasphemous to mild, with a greater degree of variety than comparable phrases due to its invocation of deity. Common euphemisms are oh my gosh, omigosh, and oh my goodness.

Likely to be offensive to devout Christians and Jews, due to invoking God's name in vain.

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