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From a facetious mispronunciation of the phrase oh my God intended to mimic the speech of someone wearing an orthodontic retainer.[1][2]



  1. (slang, humorous or sarcastic) An exclamation of excitement, surprise, amazement, or shock.
    • 2012, "Livin' A Teenage Dream", X-Press Magazine, Issue 1341, 24 October 2012, page 11:
      PLUS (please brace yourselves, fangirls) he's coming to play at the Perth Arena in a few months – ermahgerd.
    • 2012, Travis Homenuk, "Let's all run for mayor", The Sheaf (University of Saskatchewan), Volume 104, Issue 8, 25 October 2012, page 16:
      Here's a scary thought: I'm a Canadian citizen over 18 years of age and I have lived in Saskatoon for more than three months and in Saskatchewan for more than six months. What does this mean? I can run for mayor. Ermahgerd!
    • 2013, Robert Epstein, "Being Modern: Macarons", The Independent, 3 March 2013:
      Is that an Alber Elbaz pink-bubblegum macaron you're eating? Ermahgerd! You are so last year.
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:ermahgerd.



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