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Etymology unclear. Related to Belarusian dialectal а́цю ‎(ácju, thank you), а́цiць ‎(ácicʹ, to thank), Polish dialectal aću, aciu ‎(thank you), although these may be Balticisms.[1] As frequently used words often undergo irregular phonetic changes, we might be dealing with a clipping of multiple words, as in other words for "thank you": Russian спаси́бо ‎(spasíbo) < спаси́ бог ‎(spasí bog, God save), Latvian paldies < palīdz Dievs ‎(may God help), Romanian mulțumesc < mulțănesc ‎(I wish (you) many years).[2] One suggested source is atjautà jùms ‎(sympathy to you),[3] although this is likely a folk etymology (compare dėkui).




  1. thank you
    • Ãčiū táu ùž tàvo méilę.
      Thank you for your love.


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