a buenas horas mangas verdes

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From the phrase "a buenas horas" (it's high time/it's about time) + "mangas verdes" (meaning green sleeves). The term "mangas verdes" goes back to the Santa Hermandad, a peacekeeping force in Spain, who wore short sleeveless jackets, under which they wore green shirts. This law-enforcement agency had a reputation for always arriving too late to solve a crime or catch a criminal, hence the phrase.


  • IPA(key): /a ˌbwenas ˌoɾas ˌmanɡas ˈbeɾdes/, [a ˌβ̞we.nas ˌo.ɾaz ˌmãŋ.ɡaz ˈβ̞eɾ.ð̞es]
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a buenas horas mangas verdes

  1. (idiomatic) about time, better late than never