aan het

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Mostly abbreviated to aan't.


zijn + aan het + infinitive

  1. Aan het is part of a construction in Dutch to form the continuous aspect. The construction is set up by using the regular conjugation of the auxiliary verb zijn (to be), followed by aan het and the infinitive form of the verb describing the action. Below are a few examples:
    • {ik ben aan het eten — I am eating} as opposed to {ik eet — I eat}.
    • {ik was aan het eten — I was eating} as opposed to {ik at — I ate}.
    • {hij is aan het lezen — he is reading} as opposed to {hij leest — he reads}.
    • {ik ben de afwas aan het doen - (lit. I am the dishes doing) - I am doing the dishes} as opposed to (ik doe de afwas - I do the dishes).