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abstract verb ‎(plural abstract verbs)

  1. Used other than as an idiom: see abstract,‎ verb.
  2. (Slavic grammar) A verb of motion whose motion is multidirectional (as opposed to unidirectional) or indirect, or whose action is repeated or in a series (iterative), instead of being a single, completed action. Abstract verbs are always imperfective in aspect, even with prefixes that are normally associated with the perfective aspect.
    (abstract) I went to the post office. (there and back, multidirectional)
    (concrete) I went to the post office. (and am there now, unidirectional)
    (abstract) I went to the theater and had an accident. (the event occurred during the trip there and back)
    (concrete) I went to the theater and had an accident. (the event occurred at the theater)
    (abstract) I like to fly. (repeated action) Polish example: Lubię latać. (infinitive: latać)
    (concrete) I flew to Frankfurt. (a single, completed action) Polish example: Poleciałem do Frankfurtu. (infinitive: (po)lecieć)