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abthain (plural abthains)

  1. Alternative form of abthane
    • 1837, William Forbes Skene, The Highlanders of Scotland - Volume 2:
      Charter by David II. to John Drummond, of the office of Baillierie, of the Abthain of Dull, in Athol 1 ; and Charter by the same king to Donald Macnayre, terre de Ester Fossache, in Abthania de Dull, in vic de Perth
    • 1960, Regesta regum Scottorum, 1153-1424, page 186:
      Confirms to Matthew, archdeacon of St Andrews, the grant made to him by King David I in the abthain of Rossie (in the Carse of Gowrie); the grant which he has from Bishop Robert of St Andrews in the same abthain;