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abut on (third-person singular simple present abuts on, present participle abutting on, simple past and past participle abutted on)

  1. (transitive) To border on.
    His land abuts on the road.
    • 1919, Katherine Routledge, The Mystery of Easter Island[1], Cosimo, Inc. (2007), →ISBN, page 24:
      The fronts of the houses abut on the pathway, which is about four feet wide, and are unequally places, following the contour of the ground.
    • 1942, Francis Ernest Lloyd, The Carnivorous Plants[2], →ISBN, page 97:
      The stalked gland (14 — 12-15) has a capital of usually 32 cells radiating from the centre and standing out like an umbrella top. These cells all abut on a central short cell resting on the top of the long stalk cell.
    • 2007, Andrew Barker, The Science of Harmonics in Classical Greece[3], Cambridge University Press, →ISBN, page 209:
      Now the two bounding notes of an enharmonic tetrachord of the relevant sort will indeed both be the lowest notes of pykna when the tetrachords are put together in conjunction; but the higher of them can never abut on a pyknon in the case envisaged here, where the tone is introduced to disjoin the tetrachords.