accessory breathing

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accessory breathing (uncountable)

  1. A manner of breathing in an organism that supplements or temporarily replaces the principal manner of breathing.
    accessory breathing muscles, accessory breathing organ
    • 1970, William Stewart Hoar; David J. Randall, The nervous system, circulation, and respiration, page 402:
      Figure 15 summarizes his work on the factors controlling breathing in the yarrow, Erythrinus, a teleost which uses its air bladder for accessory breathing.
    • 2007, Leslie Kaminoff, Yoga Anatomy, page 13:
      Considering the degree of muscular tension that accessory breathing entails, the net payoff in oxygenation makes it a poor energetic investment.
    • 2008, Leon Chaitow; Joseph Pizzorno, Jr., Naturopathic Physical Medicine, page 387:
      Reflexively mouth breathing and accessory breathing are associated